Chuck Was Mastered by Heroin Addiction


True Stories of Addiction: Chuck

Chuck knew from an early age what getting into drugs could do to his life. His plan was to avoid drugs and Alcohol at all costs so he can make something out of himself. However, he didn’t know how to process his emotions and he became very angry at the fact he wasn’t able to stay calm in situations that should not bother him. He talked to his father about his anger issues but his father disregarded it and believed it made him a man and didn’t look any further into his emotional problem.

Since his father didn’t see a problem, Chuck started seeking escape elsewhere and found it in Marijuana and Alcohol. But Marijuana and Alcohol were just a crutch, and the real havoc started when Chuck went to college and was introduced to harder drugs like LSD, Cocaine, Xanax and other Prescription Drugs.

Introduced to Heroin

Chuck was dabbling with all sorts of drugs, but didn’t find his master until he was introduced to Heroin. For a moment, Heroin gave Chuck everything he has ever wanted along with removing the feelings of inadequacy. Although Chucks plan to never used drugs failed him, he can look back and see that the disease of addiction was there way before the drug experimenting happened.

From the outside, Chucks life looked great, but inside him, everything was falling apart. He didn’t realize he was addicted to Heroin, so he kept trying these external things to fix an internal problem.

One of the external things Chuck tried was detox. While he was in detox, the facility had him call his dad to let him know he was using Heroin intravenously hoping his father would give him the help and support he needed to recover. Chuck called his dad and was so sad to disappoint him but knew he needed to speak up about his problem so he could get the help and support he needed.

Chuck’s dad helped get him into a facility and he was introduced to the 12-steps. When Chuck heard of the 12-step program, he was ecstatic because someone finally showed him a solution to his Heroin problem. However, Chuck chose not to work the 12-step program and ended up burning every possible bridge with his loved ones and was left homeless in a county he had never been to before.

Because he was homeless in a county unfamiliar place, he went to a homeless shelter and reached out to the other individuals in there for help. After some time, Chuck was able to put together 11-months of sobriety. He was working the 12-steps and got a sponsor, but he did not create a relationship with a Higher Power like he needed in order to stay sober.


Chuck was talking to his sponsor and thought because his drug of choice was Heroin, he could still drink and live a normal life. Chuck ended up getting a beer, decided he didn’t really like alcohol but he loves Heroin and was high within 10-minutes.

Finding Recovery After Heroin Addiction


Chuck did not want to live the life he was living and went back to his old sponsor for help. This time, Chuck knew he needed to take the 12-steps seriously and find a Higher Power that will keep him sober and sane. He now has his life back.

Chuck has a car, girlfriend and an apartment but what recovery has truly given him is self-respect, his sanity and his father. Chuck believes the only bet in life that pays off for those addicted to drugs is getting into recovery and taking it seriously.

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  1. Why does it all come down to money?! I’m crying, kicking & screaming out for help but nothing by the time I get help I might be dead & worsely my 10month baby won’t know me as mummy. (although I walk 2mls everyday to see him & stay with him at wk ends) I think death might feel more easier than this. I hate drugs now but I’m stuck on this poison until someone can help me. I want to live FFS!

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