Mike’s Percocet Addiction and Drug Rehab


D.A.R.E and Weed Effects

From the beginning, Mike’s drug and Alcohol use was over the top; it was all or nothing. He shares with us that if he was to start his night out on Ecstasy, he would not stop until all of the drugs around him were gone—usually early the next morning.

Remembering times from his childhood and being part of the D.A.R.E. program at school, he explains that although he thought drugs were bad, there was an exception; for Mike, all drugs were considered dangerous except for Weed.


The first time Mike smoked Marijuana, his perspective on the world around him changed. He went from living a life full of fear to a life that resembled magic and endless possibilities.

As time went on, Mike became involved in the night-club scene and started listening to electronic music. Being involved in a hard party environment, his experience with drugs was taken to another level.

Parties and Club Drugs

In high school, Mike moved on from Marijuana and started to use Club Drugs. On a regular basis, he was drinking alcohol and using drugs like Ecstasy and Acid. Mike’s clubbing and love for electronic music, was where he felt included and accepted for the first time.

Additionally, the nightclub environment and people he surrounded himself with played a large part in his ability to construct a self-identity. From his point of view, his drug use was only positive and beneficial in all areas of his life.

Some of the benefits that temporarily came from Mike’s drug and Alcohol use were having a bunch of friends, a girlfriend and receiving recognition as well as attention.

Even throughout his time in college, Mike was unable to see any consequences that were resulting from his partying and substance abuse. For this reason, Mike had his judgments about people who went to jail or were IV drug users. He thought that people who were addicted to Heroin were stupid or weak.

Heroin and Crack Cocaine Addiction

Although Mike was under the impression that he was different from other drug addicts, he was soon proved wrong. While working at a restaurant, one of his coworkers offered him a prescription Percocet pill. Mike explains that after using Percocet, he experienced something like never before—he felt like Superman.

Percocet made Mike feel confident and took all his physical and emotional pain away. From that point on, his addiction and drug use became a never-ending search for oblivion.

Losing his job, Mike was forced to move back to his hometown to live with his dad. He searched but was unable to find Percocet and was offered Heroin. At first, he rejected the offer, but later he accepted after he was told it was no different than Percocet.

For the next few years of his life, Mike was addicted to Heroin, unemployed and living rent-free with his dad. He also found himself scamming his dad for money and spending it all on Heroin and Crack Cocaine.

Given a chance to get away from drugs and all his problems, for his birthday, Mike was offered a chance to visit his mother in Arizona. To him, this was his chance to get away from the drugs and all his problems; however, his plan to live with his mom and get off of drugs turned out unsuccessful.

Drug Rehab, 12-steps, and Spirituality

Mike’s substance abuse and addiction led him to a place worse than ever before. Desperate, Mike asked for help and his mom sent him to a drug rehab in Arizona. In rehab, hopeless and confused, Mike told his counselor that he didn’t want to do drugs, but he couldn’t stop. His addiction counselor helped push him to a better way of life through encouraging prayer.

For Mike, spirituality was practically non-existent. If science could not explain something it was not real. With prayer, he was able to find acceptance with his addiction and with the fact that drugs and Alcohol no longer work.

Mike went on to find a sponsor in a 12-step program and decided to work the 12-steps. From his experience, he shares that a person doesn’t have to make the mistakes that he did in order to get into recovery. His willingness enabled him to find a life free from drugs and true happiness in recovery.

Mike found a way out of the chains of addiction and you can too. If you or someone you love is suffering from substance abuse problems or drug and Alcohol addiction, there is help available. Reach out and call (866)578-7471 to talk to someone who can help.

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  1. What an inspiration to us all that prayer can work! I was kind of like Mike in that I didn’t believe something unless it had scientific facts backing it up. But I’ve had some miraculous things happen through prayer myself.

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