Can an Intervention Save My Life? 

An intervention is an enlightening process following a face to face meeting of friends, family members, and loved ones with the individual who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. This process can be professionally guided or conducted with just the knowledge of how an intervention is done. When an individual is struggling with a drug addiction or a life of alcoholism, just like Tommy in the video above, they are most likely in denial about their disease and reluctant to seek the professional help and treatment they need. They may not recognize the harm their addictive behavior and actions have on themselves and their loved ones, family, and friends. An intervention will help the struggling individual make a direct connection between their drug and/or alcohol abuse and their rising problems they are facing in life. The reason an intervention is so helpful is that it will present the struggling person with an opportunity to seek the treatment they deserve and to make a drastic change in their life before things get worse.

How does an Intervention Work?

A considerable amount of the intervention process is giving helpful information to the struggling individual, their family, friends and loved ones. It’s vital for all who love the drug and/or alcohol user to come together, support each other and share information on why they want him or her to get the help they are in dire need of, just like what Tommy’s family and friends did for him. Once all loved ones are ready to confront the suffering drug and/or alcohol addict, a direct meeting will be scheduled.

Can an Intervention Specialist Help?

Turning to a substance abuse professional such as an interventionist, drug and alcohol specialist, psychologist, or therapist can help you establish a successful intervention. It’s recommended to go straight to an interventionist because they specialize in helping struggling individuals, like your loved one, to get the treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism they so deserve. An interventionist will put together all possible information about the drug and alcohol abuser, offer direction, and will recommend the best probable method for what type of treatment plan would be best for the struggling abuser.

There are many times where an intervention will be conducted without an interventionist, however, having someone who specializes in interventions may be the best approach. An intervention can occur in the professional’s office, a home, a hotel room, or a friendly, loving environment where the alcohol and/or drug abuse can and will be comfortable. It is advised to for the interventionist to attend the actual intervention process if the struggling addict has:

  • A history of violence
  • Been taking mood-alerting substances
  • A serious mental illness
  • Shown or recently talked about suicide

If none of the above are a worry or you haven’t seen your loved one in some time, it is still advised to seek professional help to get all that is needed out of the intervention.

Can intervention be successful?

An intervention can indeed be successful; Tommy’s was. It helped him realize the damage he is causing himself and his loved ones and got the professional treatment he deserved. When an intervention is done with a professional interventionist, statistics show 90 percent of struggling individuals make the decision to get the help they need.

Who comes to the Intervention

As stated previously, interventions are known to be more successful when directed by a professional interventionist. The professional will then help you decide who would make the best fit to join you in the intervention process. Interventions usually involve spouses, friends, children, parents and co-workers. It is vital to exclude anyone you think will do more harm than good in the intervention process. It is critical to make sure the people you chose have the right intentions on confronting the drug and/or alcohol addict.

Where do you begin?

If you feel like an intervention can save your loved one from the depths of addiction, just like Tommy’s family saved him from his, give us a call. We can help you make the right decision on how to move forward and get your loved one treatment. Recovery is possible, anyone can achieve it if they want to. It may take that extra push with an intervention but it is possible. Give us a call for more information on interventions and treatment: (866) 578-7471

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