Fighting Alcoholism with Meth Abuse

12-Step Meetings Will Save Your Life in Recovery

A 12-step meeting is a place where you will find others just like you- people who are working on their recovery and doing their best to stay clean and sober each day. When attending a 12-step meeting you will soon realize there are individuals of all race, religion and age, there is no discrimination. Not only will there be diversity, there will be individuals living in honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. It will soon become difficult to find a place with more courage, morality and support than a 12-step meeting.

Meetings aren’t what the media portrays them to be. They are a vital resource for individuals trying to recover. 12-step meetings are effective and millions of people have saved their life because of them. They are also free and available in almost every city and country. If they are available in so many places, they must work, they worked for Ron. But how?

Why 12-Step Meetings Work


They work if you apply the principles in your life. There won’t be people telling you that you suffer from alcoholism and addiction either. It is your choice to decide whether you have a problem and want to stop. Attending these meetings will help you make your decision because you will hear others share their stories and you start to hear similarities in the stories being shared and your life.

It will help you open your eyes to your addiction or alcoholism, also, you will start to see that addiction doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anybody. No one likes to admit there is a problem, but as soon as you do, you have the chance to find recovery and will be surrounded with people who understand what you are going through and want to help.

The individuals you will meet in a 12-step fellowship will have gone or are going through the same feelings as you. Being surrounded by such people will help you grow in your recovery and show that you are not alone. You will become stronger daily because you are surrounded by a group of individuals who are trying to better their life- just like you. It is a common reaction to try and take on your addiction alone. However, alcoholism and addiction is a disease where isolation is common in all trying to recover. To prevent isolation 12-step meetings will give you an outlet to ask for help. You will start to believe recovery is possible.


Recovery is possible, Ron did it. You can to! You will start to believe this overtime because you will see other people who have recovered from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. It will eventually give you the assurance that you can change your life. When you need to know, the individuals who have recovered in 12-step meetings didn’t do anything other than follow a few steps and traditions to change their life. If you follow the steps and traditions, you too will recover. A meeting is all around a safe place to go.

12-step fellowships are a safe place when you want to get out of harm’s way. If you had a bad day, get to a meeting and spend the hour reflecting on the good times and listen to others share their experience, strength and hope. At the end of the meeting you will walk out feeling 100 percent better and more motivated toward your recovery. If you are looking for a place of hope, safety and guidance, get to a 12-step meeting.

You can Recover


The 12-step program is not only about stopping using and abusing drugs and alcohol. The first step is the only step that even says, “alcohol” or “drugs” in the steps. The remaining eleven steps are about how to create a meaningful life where it is easier to live without drugs and alcohol. They are about how to be happy, joyous and free.

The steps are guidelines of life. Of you work them, they will help you identify behaviors and characteristics that make you want to drink and use. When you learn what those traits are, you can them move on and learn a new way to live without those characteristics. The 12-steps encourage self-change.

Ron had been struggling with addiction for most his life. Nothing seemed to work when he tried to stop. It was not until he was in jail and was introduced to the 12-step fellowship he grasped ahold of his addiction and could move on and better his life. He encourages the program and believes it can save your life too.

Recovery is something that you can attain. It just takes a bit of hard work and dedication. Get up and get to a 12-step meeting today and watch your life change before your eyes. Ron did it. You can too.


  1. Wow, this is incredibly commendable. A place of self realization, place of joy and happiness and freedom. This is what is needed for people doing drugs and alcohol, they also need to be surrounded with close associate for quick recovery. Kudos to 12- steps principles meeting.

  2. This is a two in one battle. Thanks for always posting these inspiring stories. People sure learn from this. I’m glad he’s in a better shape now.

  3. This is very good post and the way you publish it is very interesting. Especially the world “Recovery is possible”. The truth is very hard to recover from addiction, but nothing is impossible if we want to.

  4. I believe if more addicted people understand they can get help the numbers will reduce. Some of them feel like they don’t have hope and just give up entirely.

  5. I have read many testimonies on the 12 steps and I am convinced that it is an effective recovery method. I will be recommending it widely to people in my life that I know have drug problems.

  6. This is a good one for any one going through alcohol addiction. Seeing people who have passed through such will help build more confidence.

  7. The supportive environment in the 12 step meeting is one of those things that helps a lot when looking to kick an addiction. Thanks for the information and I hope more people get to know about this life changing recovery technique.

  8. What I like most about the 12 step process is its understanding approach to tackling addiction. It doesn’t portray the addict as a bad person which is really helpful.

  9. Ron’s story is actually not unique to him. This is because for many people alcohol or marijuana usually acts as their gateway drug to more hard stuff.

  10. This 12 step thing is very unique and logical. The addicted guy should really follow this one to come out of the addicted life.

  11. Finally I about a great article . Every one sharing their drugs related story but no one talking about recovering from drugs is much harder than getting into the drugs.

  12. As a teetotaller I do preach against drinking of alcohol in any given chance. People should stop abusing alcohol because of injury to their health which can be live damaging.

  13. It is true that meetings are vital resource that drug addicts need to recover . It’s just so unfortunate that the media is preaching the opposite. I will encourage to my cousin to try this 12- step meetings. This article is really an eye opener and I hope a lot of people who want to recover from drug addiction habit will make use of this important resource

  14. I have been thinking about recommending the 12 step program to some of my friends who are addicts. After reading this my resolve to do so is stronger than ever. Thanks.

  15. Ron’s story should serve as an inspiration to anyone out there who feels like they are forever a slave to their addiction. With the 12 step process, no addiction is insurmountable.

  16. I can totally understand how these 12 step meetings can leave a person feeling 100% better than before. It is very therapeutic and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the program.

  17. This is not the first time I am hearing about the 12 step meetings. If the testimonies I have heard are anything to go by, they must be very effective.

  18. I am glad for Ron since the 12 step meetings quite literally saved his life. There’s no telling where he would have ended up had it not been for the meetings.

  19. Thanks a lot sharing this message about things we need to know about alcoholism and xD. One who is into alcohol gets to know when he or she is swimming around the pools of alcohol.

  20. Being in contact with people who are going through the same struggles as you creates a sense of helpful community which is integral in hastening the recovery process. I think that is what makes these 12 step meetings so effective.

  21. I am happy to see you point out that these meetings are nothing like what the media portrays them to be. Having attended them myself I can say they are very effective for those going through addiction.

  22. It will be worthwhile to find others like being in the meeting and learning together about alcohol and its dangers, and how to avoid being obsessed with alcohol.

  23. Admittedly, I have always been skeptical about these kinds of meetings. However, I have been doing some research and from what I gather they can be life-changing.

  24. I like the all-inclusive nature of the 12 step meetings. They cut across people from all walks of life regardless of their gender. age and even religion. That is very encouraging.

  25. The power of 12 step meetings should never be undermined. Literally millions of people have made a full recovery from addiction thanks to the meetings. Thanks for spreading the right information with your articles and I hope you continue with the same.

  26. People going through addiction already have a hard time as it is. The 12 step meetings provide a safe space where they can freely share their experiences with others without the fear of being ridiculed or judged. I am in total support of the 12 step meetings.

  27. The submissions of this man is true because it will help in overcoming addiction. Thanks for this piece of information.

  28. I never knew the bit about the 12 step meetings being free and available in most cities. If that’s the case no one should have an excuse not to try them out especially if you are constantly battling addiction and drug abuse.

  29. Having people around will help to overcome addiction. Especially those who care about you and your well being.

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