A Mothers Recovery Story from Opiates


True Stories of Addiction: Melissa

Melissa felt very misunderstood from an early age; she felt as if she never fit in with the other kids at school or had a place in life. She was always searching for an escape, but didn’t find the escape she was looking for until her older sister introduced her to drugs and alcohol. When she took her first taste of drugs and alcohol, she didn’t have a profound feeling of acceptance, but rather Melissa just knew that this was going to be easier to obtain than the love and security she was searching for.

Introduced to Opiates

Melissa was going through life and everything seemed fine until tragedy struck her at a young age. When this tragic event occurred, Melissa was confused and wanted the world to stop just so she could try and figure out what truly happened. That wasn’t the case though, the world was not going to stop, and in all reality life started moving very quickly for Melissa when she found Opiates to take her out of the hell she was living.

When the Opiates were in Melissa’s system, she was able to pretend reality was not reality and life was going to be okay no matter what comes her way. The Opiates took Melissa so far out of reality she did not realize where she was going and what she was actually doing. She surrounded herself with unsafe people unsafe environments, not caring that her life could be taken from her at any moment.


In this unsafe environment Melissa was living in, she was introduced to a man and shortly after became pregnant. Her childhood dream of becoming a mother was happening in all the wrong ways. She knew she needed to stop the Opiates for the sake of the child growing inside of her, but did not know how. Melissa was not sure she even wanted to stop using, but reality set in and she was shipped off to a treatment program in Iowa.


Melissa completed a three month stay in a treatment center and she found hope. She was ready to become a mother and live a happy life, but when she returned home from the treatment center she didn’t find happiness: instead she found Opiates once again. Since Melissa couldn’t stop using she knew as soon as she had that baby there were going to be many consequences. Melissa’s daughter was born and as soon as she saw the baby’s father drive away from the hospital to start his life with their daughter she knew something needed to change.

Giving up Opiates for Recovery

She stepped back into recovery and the 12-step program in hopes of saving herself from the vicious cycle of addiction. She took suggestions, worked the steps and made sober friendships. Her life was good and she proved that to her daughter’s father and got to have her daughter back in her life. Recovery didn’t only give Melissa her daughter back: recovery gave her a sense of freedom and peace.


Melissa is about to celebrate five years of continues sobriety thanks to the work she put into the 12-step program. She was once so hopeless and believes it is a miracle that she is alive, happy, sober and with her daughter. Recovery was the hardest thing Melissa had to do but so thankful she put in the effort and did it because without it, she wouldn’t have a life, who knows if she would be living.

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  1. As I have been saying. A person being neglected have a high chance to use drugs just to cope up with with they feel. We need to try to accept and help those around us, we may never know what kind of struggle they are into.

  2. I really love hear that quotes “There is a life after drugs and alcohol”. It’s definitely true, but need very good effort to came out from that darkness.

  3. Love and sense of belonging help a lot. When a child feels deserted, any can come up. As parents, let us always give adequate time for our children.

  4. Readiness to get out of drug and alcohol addiction is the first step. The rehabilitation center are also doing fine in this regard.

  5. She was in very tough situation as she was pregnant at that time too. but good to see now she is in better position. Best wishes!!

  6. This is a very good news and yes even moms are into this. In my vountry a mom was forced to push drugs to have money. She ended up as an addict and dead. I wish she got help like in this story. I guess its a war when you are in drugs. Some lives while many dies.

  7. Being comforted by an addict complicates issues. Look at what the older one did to the innocent sister. Thanks for sharing this story

  8. This is a pathetic story of Melissa’s substance abuse. Thinking that it’s cheaper to obtain drugs and alcohol is misleading and more dangerous compared to living a drug-free life. Always avoid further bad company that can lure someone to substance addiction.

  9. Melissa story is just like the story of myriads of people who got introduced to drugs by family members. Addiction is a tough thing to overcome. I’m just glad this young woman went clean and became sober. It’s not always easy to turn away from drugs. kudos to this strong woman

  10. I have watched her testimony on youtube and it was a tearful one. I just admire how the way he struggles to recover. I wish her good life and her kids.

  11. Opiates is another real dangerous one. It’s mess up one’s entire being especially when addicted. I’m happy she got the help she needed.

  12. Thanks to God for the 12-steps program which changed Melissa life. As human, we should try and give ourselves a little high self-esteem, it really helps. Low self-esteem or feeling odd results to what Mellisa turned out to be. We must be careful for every solution we look for when faced with challenges.

  13. I am happy you gave up opiates for recovery, knowing the damage it was doing to you and the distance it created between her and her daughter. Thanks Detox to rehab for giving her another chance at life.

  14. Oh my God! Melissa did risk her life and that of her baby because of drugs. I am filled with joy that her and her baby didn’t die, and she has made her way to full recovery from drugs. The Lord is your strength Melissa.

  15. Like I always say, drugs always give this temporary solution that gets most people addicted. It’s good to know you are better now

  16. Very bad that her elder sister introduced her to the world of drug abuse, instead of advising her to stay faraway from drug which can take a toll to her healthy life.

  17. Thank you for sharing your story, very emotional and intriguing. Following the wrong crowd you tend to do the wrong things, thank you for getting sober for your daughter. Stay strong.

  18. Thanks for sharing this interesting and educative post. Being addicted is a process that could destroy someone life but there is a life if one should seek and take adequate recovery process

  19. Really…..self confidence or rather self esteem is a big thing
    Parents should help their children build this
    And also train them to not underrate other people…..as we are all human beings

    This is the Genesis of the issues… beware

  20. Mellisa after you got treatment and you go home,but you still have desired and back to the drug it’s worst,after you.completly 12 steps program you like alive,and have second chance for you and your doughter ,I proud of your struggle

  21. Mellisa after you got treatment and you go home,but you still have desired and back to the drug it’s worst,after you.completly 12 steps program you like alive,and have second chance for you and your doughter ,I proud of your struggle of

  22. She stayed strong and fought for her health and life. It is the best feeling to see yourself out of drugs. Drugs ruin ones purpose of life.

  23. Reading about Opiates isn’t something that one should try. Kudos for giving up the opiates for recovery.

    Thanks for sharing

  24. This story is very touchy and emotional. This story is impactful. Addiction is a general disease that needs immediate solution for this generation.

  25. Addiction is a very terrific situation to deal with. She finally walking through, through the help of 12 step program should be applauded. That almost denied her access of enjoying motherhood

  26. More reason we see people running here and there especially in Africa is because of drugs such as opiates, coke and host of others. People should do away from these drugs to live a better life.

  27. I feel really sad for her. She was facing a hard time in her life and what’s even worse is that she was pregnant. However, I do feel happy that she was introduced to the recovery program that might help her. There are many people who relapse after recovery and this can be a hard thing. I myself relapsed back to addictive behavior and I am still addicted. Addictions are really hard to beat and only people who are addicted can understand this.

  28. The opiates provided Melissa with an escape from reality that she liked. However in the end she realized that she couldn’t run away from reality forever and that’s when she changed.

  29. I can understand the kind of pain Melissa had to endure for most of her life. I fully support her decision to eventually go clean. It’s a new leash of life for her.

  30. Very few people can pull off staying sober for five years after a life of addiction. Melissa sure is one strong woman! Hats off to her.

  31. A life taken over by drugs is akin to being a dead person walking. Melissa realized that and changed. Things are much better for her now.

  32. The freedom that Melissa got by being sober is worth more than anything money can buy. I am truly and genuinely happy for her 🙂

  33. The addictive power of opiates is nothing to scoff at. To have kicked the habit and stayed sober for years is an achievement in itself.

  34. The company she kept during her addiction days played a huge role in making her fall even deeper into addiction. It is a miracle that she made the recovery!

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