Addiction Took My Kids From Me

grateful recovering addict

Christin grew up as a military brat moving from one place to another frequently. At eight-years-old, her parents got a divorce and it had a huge impact on her. After the divorce, she moved with her mother and sister to Michigan and the difficult times started. Christin would flip back and forth between her father and mother’s house because she was never really happy with living at either home.

After Christin’s mom got into a serious relationship with a man that Christin didn’t get along with, she began to rebel.

She started having sex at 13 got pregnant by the time she was 14. Knowing that she was too young to have a baby, she had an abortion.

At 15 Christin met a man that she thought was the love of her life. She got married, got her high school diploma, got pregnant, drinking alcohol and had a miscarriage all that same year.

Her husband joined the military and cheated on her while he was in basic training. This proved to be a devastating experience. While still trying to heal from the loss of her child she also had to struggle with infidelity from someone she thought loved her.

The stress and hurt caused Christin to snap. She went after her husband with a butcher knife and had the police were called. She didn’t get arrested but did separate from her husband temporarily.

They eventually tried to work things out by moving to Fort Hood. She was pregnant again within just a few weeks. At nine months pregnant, her husband was dishonorably discharged from the military.

Christin knew it was too much for her and asked her mom to come to help bring her home. After moving she tried to better herself and become the best mother that she could. She had three jobs and was going to school for elementary school education.

The Beginning of Addiction

At 19 years old, Christin started hanging around with the wrong people. She started smuggling crystal meth from Mexico to California. She soon found herself using and becoming addicted. She started dating her dealer and using the drugs that she was delivering to.

At this point, drinking responsibly was the last thing on her mind.

During her addiction, Christin started doing frug deals with a girl who was an informant for the police. For 10 months she was under surveillance. At this point, Christin knew that things were taking a turn for the worst. She was fearful her son would be taken away from her by the state so she gave her parents temporary custody.

At the same time, she found out she was pregnant again. When was arrested, her parents decided that they wouldn’t give her any help because they wanted her to fix things on her own.

She called her parents every day while she was in jail. A week before she was supposed to give birth, they finally decided to help her if she went to rehab. Christin agreed and was able to give birth to her baby outside of jail.

After the baby was born, she went to the rehab facility with her baby. Her family came to visit and determined that it wasn’t an environment they wanted their granddaughter in. They invited Christin to come to their house with their daughter and go to meetings on a regular basis to maintain her sobriety.


Addiction’s Destruction

Christin thought she had a handle on her drug and alcohol addiction, she quickly learned that wasn’t the case.

Even though she had decided that she didn’t want to get into a relationship, she didn’t want to be alone. She started dating a girl from one of her meetings and quickly found herself relapsing. She left her parents house and was living with the girl and her baby.

Her girlfriend was a stripper and at night she would take her baby to a babysitter and leave her there for days on end.

At the strip club, she started manipulating men out of money and eventually robbing them.

She met a man and told him that she didn’t want to be with a woman anymore. He was much older than her and she thought he was the love of her life.

She stopped doing meth for a short time and got pregnant again. She started bringing him around her family and her parents didn’t approve of him. He was the same age as her mother. It turned out that he ended up having a second family.

After that failed relationship, she started dating a very violent man. She couldn’t get help from anyone because they didn’t believe her stories.

She started shooting up to deal with the physical and emotional pain. Her parents stepped in and told her that enough was enough.

Alive and in Recovery

After seeing the condition that she was in, Christin’s sister offered to pay for her to go to rehab to get the help that she needed.

Christin agreed and ended up going to Teen Challenge in Casa Grande. But because she wasn’t ready to make a change in her life, the rehab didn’t work.

Eventually, she decided that she wanted to be able to get help on her own. In October of 2015, she went to Native American Connections to get the help that she needed for recovery from alcoholism.

Unfortunately, she ended up going back with the guy she was with and ended up losing the rights to her other daughter when she was 10 years old.

Her family came to get her, and she started to rebuild her life. She stayed with the people who adopted her first daughter for nine months. Then she was able to get out on her own.

She was able to get the help that she needed and bettered her life. She now gets to see her kids on a regular basis and is rebuilding the relationships that she damaged years ago.

She is now a model, has her own clothing line and is creating the life that she always wanted for herself. She’s grateful for each and every day that she gets to live and breathe free from addiction.


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  1. Miscarriage, cheating husband and no help from parents in need. No one can imagine the pains of Christin at times. The best thing in Christin life is breathing life free from any addiction

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