Never too Late: Charles’ Journey out of Alcoholism

The Beginning of Alcoholism

Charles struggled with an Alcohol addiction for many years. His story is testament that it is never too late to get the help you need and turn your life around.

Back in junior high school, drinking was always a fun thing that Charles did with his friends. There was always some social activity to attend that involved drinking. He was either drinking after school with buds, after football games or at parties, and the list goes on.

Eventually, Charles started to miss out on things because of his drinking habit; he couldn’t drive places because he was intoxicated. Because of this, Charles started to make excuses for his absence and lying about the reason.

Instead of telling people that he had been drinking, he projected his issues onto others. There was always some reason outside of himself that was causing his woes and shortcomings.

Hiding Drinking and Denial

Charles lost a romantic partner who meant a lot to him, due to his drinking problems. He would hide his drinking from her, and say that he would change when she confronted him about it.

Even though he wanted to be better, the devil of addiction was on his shoulder. Once it takes hold, it is nearly impossible to escape it’s grasp out of sheer will power.

Charles was in denial of his drinking problem. It’s difficult to see the reality of Alcoholism when you are in the middle of its fog.

It is a natural defense mechanism to certain problems that seem too big to confront, and denial is a powerful thing. He needed help, but he wasn’t ready to admit it yet.

Giving into Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery

For years, Charles made excuses for why he couldn’t get proper treatment. There was always some reason; he would lose his job if he took the time off, or no one could take care of his cat during his time away.

He went to meetings here and there, and finally something clicked. A woman helped him see that his drinking was the ultimate issue to deal with. She helped Charles realize that Alcoholism eventually kills and when that happens, all is lost—the job, the cat, everything.

This is when he finally went into treatment, at fifty years old. Slowly, he started to give himself over to recovery and then change began.

No matter how long a substance abuse problem has persisted, it is never too late to turn your life around. If you are struggling with Alcoholism or any kind of drug use, you don’t have to hide it anymore.

Sometimes you just need to talk to the right person to realize that it’s okay that you have a problem and need help. You are only human, and it’s okay to get the support you need. To speak with someone who wants to help and who won’t judge you about your drinking or drug use, call (866) 578-7471.

  1. The title itself is very motivating at the top. Because as Charles recovered at very late age, but it is better than nothing i.e. not to be recovered.

  2. Form the time he was in junior school he was into this addiction and thinking and achieving this in tis age is itself a great battle to win.

  3. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something.

  4. Mr. Charles life story is very good for motivation if you read it carefully. The point I can learn from his story is we should never give up’s on anything, before we get it.

  5. No, it is never too late to hit the change curve at all. The longevity of our life depends on that single positive decision at times. Thanks Detoxtorehab.

  6. I am so happy for him, being sober is not easy at all, very inspiring story. Detox to rehab thank you for this amazing story.

  7. This is one of the most inspirational and encouraging content . This will do a great job in encouraging even the old that feels there 8s no way out for them.

  8. I’m just imagining the act of alcoholism. Charles experience is a challenge to those out there that there is still something worth finding. Just recover first.

  9. A wonderful Story!
    Drug addicts should be informed well to realize the negative effect of excessive intake or Abuse of these Drugs.

  10. I appreciate the fact that a woman helped Charles see the positive things that can come out of dropping drug addiction habit…this story shows that it’s never too late to start something new..I’m really glad Charles made the right decision at the end

  11. I am glad he’s one of the lucky people to have made it. Too much of alcohol isn’t good for the health

  12. It is never too late. However the earlier the better. Since addiction or in this case Alcoholism carries health issues. Stopping late is cool and all but the damage has been done. Again start early or do not drink at all.

  13. I’m glad that he found someone who convinced him to turn his life around. Fifty is still a good age and he can still make something good for himself. I hope more people will get help with their addiction.

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