Joey’s Recovery Comes From Willingness


Addiction Recovery From Willingness

Joey had an amazing father who worked with the Fire Department and a mother who had a career that put food on the table for Joey and his siblings. He always played the good kid role at home but as soon as he went and hung out with friends, the real Joey would come out. He would vandalize homes, smash windows and steal from stores. But what he found out what he really enjoyed doing when he was introduced to alcohol and Marijuana.


Joey loved the effects produced by alcohol and Marijuana so much that he started looking for something more. His abuse went from alcohol and Marijuana to Cocaine and Prescription Drugs. However, after a while of constant Cocaine and Prescription Drug abuse, Joey decided he wanted more.

Unfortunately, he found that ‘more’ when he started abusing Heroin and Meth. Joey loved the drugs more than he loved himself and chose them over everything that ever truly mattered in his life.


Joeys life became a miserable cycle of using drugs and going to jail. He was even on two separate probations to try and keep him on the straight and narrow path, but nothing seemed to be working. His love for the Heroin and Meth was too strong to break it had seemed. Before he could change, he needed to realize he was worth something better than what he was living.

Finding Recovery in the 12-Step Rooms

He didn’t realize his worth and ended up doing a lot of things that he is shameful about to this day. If it wasn’t for the terrible things he had done and going back and forth from jail, it is unlikely he would have been introduced to the 12-step program.

After a long time of living a terrible life consumed and ravaged by drugs and alcohol, Joey decided it was time to reach out and find help; he was able to get himself into an outpatient treatment program. His outpatient program didn’t last long though, because he decided to get himself kicked out.

Luckily, his probation officer was not going to take any more excuses and told Joey his only option was to go back to treatment and try and better his life.


So, Joey did just that and ended up getting back into a sober living where his life changed forever. Today, Joey can’t imagine what his life would be like if he was still using drugs and alcohol. Sobriety comes naturally for him now. He believes the best part of sobriety is helping others who are fighting the same battle and watching them regain their life back.

Joey is extremely blessed for his life today and couldn’t imagine living any other way. He wishes he could help everyone struggling with addiction and alcoholism and wants to let the struggling people out there know, you can recover if you do the work.

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  1. Happy to hear Joey found help. His message is true, if you do the work, you can succeed in your battle with addiction.

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