Addiction and Low Self Esteem

True Stories of Addiction: James

Alcohol and drug addiction does not discriminate. It attacks people of all ages, genders, race, or religion. There are a multitude of reasons why one my turn to drugs, which then turns into a full-blown drug addiction.

In order to treat addiction properly, one may need to get to the root of the problem. Low self-esteem is one of the leading causes on why people go to pick up drugs and alcohol in the first place. The combination of drugs, alcohol and low self-esteem will affect the abuser both mentally and physically. Low self-esteem usually stems from how an individual will view themselves as a person.

Where Do Self-Esteem Issues Come From?

When getting treated for addiction, you must treat your low self-esteem as well. You will be more than likely to return to drugs and alcohol if the root of your problem is not taken care of.

When struggling with self-esteem issues one may view themselves as not worthy, ugly, not skinny enough, or not smart enough. Self-esteem issues usually go back to when you were a child. Child abuse, divorce, not receiving attention, or being a victim of sexual abuse are some of the many reasons an individual would chose drugs and alcohol as their escape.

Why Would You Turn to Drugs and Alcohol?

Drugs and alcohol make people feel powerful and invincible. When someone people with low self-esteem try’s drugs and alcohol it will allow them to escape from their pain and give them a way out, an escape from reality.

This will temporarily remove the self-esteem issues and make them feel better than they ever have. However, these feelings of awe don’t last forever. As soon as addiction takes over their life the self-esteem issues will return and they will be worse than before.

Treatment for Self-Esteem and Addiction

The majority of individuals struggling with addiction and self-esteem issues have a constant feeling that they are not loved by others. In order to recover, you will need to completely change the way you think and feel.

People with self-esteem issues may also feel they are useless and don’t deserve to have the life they do.

With this problem, getting gout and helping another person will be effective. It will make them feel worthy of life because they just helped someone else with theirs. The main goal is to get the suffering individual out of their head. Rehabilitation and 12-step meetings are a great way for people with drug, alcohol and self-esteem issues to recover. Talking with other people who have gone through the same thing will show them that they are not alone on the journey to recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and low self-esteem give us a call. We will put someone on the line who has been through what you are feeling and going through. This will allow us to figure out your best treatment options. We want to help you recover. Give us a call.

  1. Yes! having a low self-esteem might fall into substance abuse. That is why interaction with those around you will go into great lengths. We need to try to be vigilant of those people around us. Low self-esteem person will try to avoid any interaction, but human as we are, everyone of us has our own weaknesses. It is our humanitarian duty to help those in need.

  2. You’re right, low esteemed people feel inferiority complex which led them to get addicted to get high to kill their low tendency. But that’s bizarre indeed cos they are killing themselves via alcohol and drug abuse.

  3. Broken family is a very very serious problems for the kids. It’ii attack the emotional of the children and make them lost of control. That’s way it’s very important to keep our family safe and happy.

  4. Good question why drugs and alcohol? well there is a million reasons for this. For me as I always say addiction is not cool. However, not all things leading up to it are bad. At times they just wanna belong but they found the answer on drugs or alcohol.

  5. I love how the nail was hit on the head in this article and chapter. Low self esteem is the major culprit when it comes to drug abuse and addictions. I’m glad the light keeps spreading.

  6. This is why parents have to be up and doing as regards their wards actions and inactions. Once it is noticed that a child is suffering from low self esteem, let us help such a child out before he or she gets out. The approach of the outside world will be dangerous.

  7. ı agree drug addiction is no respecter of age, sex or race. Though I am not an expert, I believe depression may also lead to drug addiction.

  8. Inclusive of low self esteem. I believe there are also other factors that leads to drug addiction. The major thing is to find help for such people and I believe that the 12 steps program/ meeting would be the sought of place where these set of people can get the desired help and recovery.

  9. Many reason why people turn to addiction. One of these is low self esteem. Its really hard to deal with this condition, you cant express what you want to say, cant show your true self to others, dont have confidence that you can do something and people judging you instantly without understanding where you coming from. People who suffered from addiction should talk to someone whos ready to listen.

  10. It is very important to believe in one’s self because if you don’t, one will be going after an external influencers. This can lead one to untimely death.

  11. Self-esteem issues usually go back to when you were a child, what did we face while we were growing up? This really is a pointer to how we living now.

  12. Thanks for this stories, they are very touching and inspirational. We must learn to love those people living with low self-esteem and help them get their confidence back.

  13. Tou have low self esteem and you thing doing drugs is the way our, my dear it all temporary. That’s the shocker and the earlier you believe the longer you live

  14. I couldn’t agree more that low self esteem is one of the main reasons people get into drugs. The article is very spot on on that.

  15. We can’t use drugs buil our self esteem it doesn’t work. You tend to be addicted to the drugs because it just works temporarily and you find yourself back to normal

  16. Alcohol and drugs are both no respecter of anybody. The young and old ones can get addicted to it. The truth is to abstain and when deep into doing drugs, try and seek for help. Thank God that James got helped. Close associate should also try and show some love.

  17. Sometimes simply talking to a therapist or a loved one you trust can help a lot with self esteem related issues. Doing things that boost your confidence also helps a lot

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