Ronny’s Life After Pain Killer Addiction

Identity Struggle Starts a Downhill Spiral

Ronny always felt different from the other kids. When he got older, he realized that he had sexual feelings for boys instead of girls. His family is Mexican and Catholic, it was hard to accept homosexuality in their culture. His mom didn’t take the news very well, which created a lot of stress.

He later started a relationship with someone he thought was the one, but things began to go south. Ronny got into a car accident and was prescribed Percocet, which he got hooked on.

At the time, he didn’t realize it, but his boyfriend’s family was deep into drugs. They were always arguing about pills, and Ronny didn’t understand why.

Addiction Sinks its Hooks In

When Ronny’s prescription for Pain Killers ended, he started to experience withdrawals. He didn’t know then what was happening and thought he was just getting sick. His boyfriend’s mom recognized it, so she gave him one of her pills.

That is when it clicked for him. Ronny thought that Percocet was something that could always make him feel better.


Abusive Relationship Pulls Ronny Deeper into Addiction

His boyfriend had become physically and emotionally abusive. Ronny worked in radio and TV, and his boyfriend didn’t like the idea of him on stage and hosting. So, he would make sure that Ronny had a bruise on his face so that he couldn’t go to work and be in front of the cameras.

Ronny turned to Percocet to help him to cope with the pain of this abuse. At this point, his use of drugs escalated as he started taking Oxycontin as well.


He started to pawn all of his valuables—cameras, mics, computers, anything. He lost his relationship and his best friend. He didn’t go to his grandmother’s funeral because he was busy trying to get high.

Ronny Steps into Recovery by Chance

One day at school, Ronny was handed a flyer about removing the stigma of addiction. This is where his life started to turn around. He reached out to a few places and things took off for him from there. He realized how many resources are out there.

He wound up on Methadone for a long time. He wanted to go to rehab but was afraid he couldn’t detox from Methadone. Eventually, he powered through and got into rehab. Those three months completely saved his life.


In rehab, he realized that he could do whatever he wanted. He found himself again, in sobriety, rediscovering hope through the new supportive community of recovery.

Ronny didn’t know that he was going to get addicted to those prescription Pain Killers when he started taking them. Regardless, things got out of hand and eventually, he found himself lost in the cycle of addiction. Asking for help liberated him out of his pain and suffering.

If you or something you love is going through something similar, regardless of the substance, there are resources out there for you too. You don’t have to keep living this way. Even if you feel lost and hopeless, change can happen. Believe in the possibility of a better today. Call (866) 578-7471 to talk with someone who can connect you with the resources you need to recover.

    1. There are resources out there to boost addiction recovery no matter the Issue one is facing.Nice story shared by Ronny!

    2. Sometimes this live doesn’t give us what we want but, it is left for us to make a meaning out of it. Glad Ronny got the desired help and is now sober.

  1. Parents should not neglect the welfare or the things that concern the children. I am happy for Ronny for opening up and seeking for help. We should not die in silence.

  2. It’s so sad that someone like ronny got stuck in something like this . He was caught up in the wrong place but it is really amazing having him come out to sgare5.

  3. This story is very inspirational and positive for all people who are suffering from drugs and alcohol. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  4. Though everyone face some difficulties at one point of life journey but Ronny’s pathetic. From homosexual to addiction, thanks to Detox Rehab programme.

  5. This is why we must be careful who we associate with. I am not saying picky or too choosy just careful. In her case it lead to addiction? Inspiring yet a cautionary thing as well,

  6. Ronny Story touched me so deeply and I was quite saddened by the way thing got bad for him. But thanks to you guys Ronnyis just having the best life any-other person will have.

  7. This is tough. Being abused just because you love what you are doing. Good thing Ronny was able to get away from such person. Good Job on your recovery!

  8. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something.

  9. His recovery is just by chance and he would be lucky to have it. Being into pain killer addiction is quite awkward, still nice that he recovered.

  10. Ronny needed to see life from another world and he did. Now he knows how well to weigh his options and knows sobriety works like magic too.

  11. Use of pain kIllers can be very addictive and the childhood of a person have great effect on his future. Very glad for Ronny for finding his way to recovery.

  12. Ronny’s story is very inspiring. I really feel bad for his situation while reading this article but had a change of heart of being happy in the end for him as he walk the path to recovery. More so, good parental care and guidance is required for every child.

  13. Ronny you have your whole life in front of you, you have made your mistakes and I believe learned from it too. Now that you are sober, make the best out of your life and live it to the fullest. I wish you luck.

  14. I really feel for him ..getting hooked on a drug prescribed for you by a doctor is quite common..the fact that his boyfriend family are into drug is also a messy thing..well, regardless of how he got into drugs, the good news is he is staying sober..hope he continues along that path

  15. It’s very hard to even know one is misusing a proscribed drug until a professional tells one. Happy he finally got the needed help

  16. This Is really easy you know, even when drugs are prescribed, one can still overdose on it. Life is really sweet when one live a free life of drugs

  17. The flyer handed to Ronny really had a way to impact him out of the pain killing addiction. Nice one, Ronny!

  18. His south experience really affected him and that led to the breakdown. Thanks to the flier handed to him. Nice one, Ronny for picking up

  19. Ronny had a mixed youthful life due to homosexuality which made him getting acquainted to a drug addict boyfriend. Its nice after some time he rediscovered his career and rehabilitation took place in his life.

  20. Abusive relationship has a great negative effect to life. I hope Ronny get over this addiction. Its good for parents to monitor their Wards and always available for them when crisis arise.

  21. No matter what one is battling with, speak out, never die in silence. Parents should see their children’s welfares as priority.

  22. Its a big moved asking help from others, thats what other people cant accept that they need help. Detox rehab really change lives.

  23. Parents have to find a way of getting closer to their children so that they can see them as their friends. Thanks God he has been able to get through the huddle.

  24. Certain medications have the potential to become addictive. I think Ronny was quite fortunate that he found that flyer that led him to rehab. We need more people to raise awareness about medications that can cause addictions because there are many people who become addicted to prescription medications. It is good to see that Ronny recovered.

  25. I’m sure it’s very common for heavy substance use to stem from unaccepting parents based on sexual identity and abusive relationships . So proud of Ronny that he marched through adversity and is thinking positively towards the future.

  26. Parents should try as much as possible to give enough attention to their kids. People should learn to say no to abusive relationships

  27. This is so serious and sad to hear about his addiction to pain killers. So Happy for Ronny for asking for help. It’s very good to seek for help in delicate plight.

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