The Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

The Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

“There was kind of like a lot of traumatizing events that I have had that you know it kind of just really like made me think differently about loved and I guess myself,” Mercedes said.

Childhood trauma occurs in individuals who have experienced significant damage to their soul, just like Mercedes. This can take place in children who have lived through a stressful event such as a divorce, mental abuse or physical abuse. This type of trauma can occur any day a child is challenged with stress that surpasses their capability to cope.

For this reason, childhood trauma and its costs are extremely subjective.

There are children who have suffered with trauma that experience long-term and vital consequences of the trauma, resulting in substance abuse or PTSD. In a lot of cases they don’t know how to work through their trauma unless guided in treatment.

Trauma, can happen to anyone however, certain issues might alleviate the impact trauma can have on an individual. For instance, children who come from loving homes may be more capable of processing traumatic events where children in less stable living conditions could develop PTSD later in life.

“Growing up there was just … a lot of fighting augmenting in my house,” Mercedes said.

Alcohol and Drugs as an Escape

Childhood trauma could possibly weigh in to the development of trauma related consequences such as alcoholism and addiction. Experiencing trauma increases the possibility than an individual will suffer from depression, PTSD and alcohol or drug addiction. The most common forms of childhood trauma can include to witnessing a tragic event or abuse.

“My mom working a lot it just kind of gave me freedom to do what I wanted to do,” Mercedes said.

Many individuals who experience childhood trauma turn to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. Several substances, like alcohol and Heroin, can make the individual feel empowered, calm, or numbed from the pain. All those feelings are usually rare during sobriety for the individuals who suffered childhood trauma.

People who have experienced childhood trauma may rely on simulants so they have the liveliness and motivation to achieve what they feel they cannot complete without the drug: Benzodiazepines, so they can feel release from continuing anxiety; Psychedelics so they can get on what they may think is spiritual journey; Opioids, so the individual can feel euphoria that he or she has come to believe is not obtainable to him or her in a sober state of mind; Marijuana, so they can feel tranquil; Alcohol, so it is easier to connect with others in social settings.

“I just remember the next day waking up with bruises on me and thinking wow that was fun let’s do it again,” Mercedes said.

Some people who have experienced childhood trauma have needs that they feel are met by alcohol and drugs, which will open the door to alcohol and drug addiction. The reliance on drugs and alcohol will eventually lead to addiction or alcoholism in individuals suffering from childhood trauma. Before the original childhood trauma issues can successfully be treated, the alcohol or drug addiction needs to be recognized and treated first.

Drug and alcohol addiction is often seen in individuals who have experienced childhood trauma. Approximately 25 percent of children and adolescents have experienced trauma. Also, trauma in the beginning stages of life increases an individual’s vulnerability for alcohol and drug addiction. However, people are also more vulnerable to all forms of addiction if they encounter trauma of any kind.

Childhood Trauma & Addiction can Happen to Anyone

Childhood trauma and drug addiction could occur in anyone, regardless of gender, race, creed, or religion. However, an individual is to be more likely to experience alcohol or drug addiction if individuals in their family are also addicted to drugs or alcohol. Friends who are suffering with addiction may possibly also increase an individual’s vulnerability for substance addiction because they can be influential, even more so when someone is already overwhelmed with low self-confidence.

A dual diagnosis of co-occurring substance addiction and childhood trauma can be very difficult. The best kind of rehabilitation for these two conditions combined is repair that is individually intended to target both childhood trauma as well as alcohol and or drug addiction. This treatment would involve counseling, therapy, group therapy or medication. Medication may be used to help symptoms of childhood trauma such as anxiety or depression.

An individualized treatment plan is made for the suffering person to utilize on a daily basis. It is the key to recover from childhood trauma and drug or alcohol addiction.

There is Hope

There is hope for individual who has undergone childhood trauma and substance abuse addiction. Although this co-occurring disorder may seem like it can’t be beat- it can. It is important to seek treatment immediately. Let us help you! Call today for more information on how we could help save your life from the depths of addiction.

“This is all I have ever dreamed for,” Mercedes said.

  1. Otis a pity and a shame that some children have to go through any form of trauma that eventually leads to addiction, I think more awareness needs to be created so as to keep them inform.

  2. When someone get trauma in their childhood, this is will effect mental and physical as well. The support from family is really needed in this case. It’s hard to recover from this trauma, but with good handling it’s can be possible.

  3. Childhood trauma occurs in individuals who have experienced significant damage to their soul, just like Mercedes. This is something that had claimed many lives. Thanks for sharing this nice piece with the world.

  4. Many associate childhood trauma with child abuse, but other stress-inducing and traumatic experiences linked to an elevated vulnerability to addiction include neglect, the loss of a parent, witnessing domestic or other physical violence, and having a family member who suffers from a mental illness. thanks for sharing this blog.

  5. Childhood trauma is a very severe thing, because at that age anyone is too young to tackle those situations. It is very well said that more than addiction at any age, this kind of addiction at childhood needs quick attention to come out of it.

  6. Yes drugs and and any form of addiction provides escape but the thing is often if not all the time it is temporary. It is all fun and games until it is not anymore. The illusion of this is what makes addiction so dangerous.

  7. Sometimes, we don’t just judge people just because they have done bad. We also need to understand where they are coming from and what made them do it. Let her story be a lesson to everybody, that there is hope. Be kind and forgive yourself.

  8. Your assertion here is right childhood trauma play a very heavy link with addiction and this is why children should be checked up by their parents especially during the growing years

  9. Childhood trauma is a situation that would mess up one’s existence if it isn’t handled properly. We all need closure and proper attention most of the time, it’s sad she chose another type of closure and got addicted. I really hope she’s feeling way better presently

  10. This statement is no lie that Many individuals who experience childhood trauma turn to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. Sometimes i wonder why they do that because it doesn’t work.

  11. I am totally agree with her, sometimes you get due and felt stress due to the family situation like she mentioned divorce and many things. Parents should cope up atleast in initial stage . Because a child will whatever see he will also pretend to do.

  12. Every child needs care and attention. I want to appeal to all parents to always create time for their children because they go through stress that they themselves can’t cope but when parents are available they can help them.

  13. Being in trauma isn’t a good experience because one will not be able to think straight unless found help. Children should always ope up to their parents.

  14. Addiction of anything is very bad habit , People should understand addiction of alcohol and drugs are very harmful for our body and it may lead us to death also.

  15. There is nothing like having all the attention one needs at the early stages of life especially from parents. The consequences of not giving the younger ones of the family the care and attention and shower of love needed can lead to damage in mind and soul and which will in most cases traumatize the peaceful state of the outside world. Trauma surely can lead to drug use and addiction but when there is close attention, it can help prevent the sad story.

  16. Childhood trauma and addiction will surely go hand in hand because if you were abused as a kid you will look for a way to make you forget the pain and bring joy to you, that was what happened to Mercedes. Thank God she is clean and free from addiction.

  17. This is such an educative piece. I now know that childhood trauma can be of different types depending on the kind of home the children are from. No matter how difficult it could be, it can still be treated

  18. Getting intoxicated by drugs and waking up with bruises and still saw it as fun was really heartbreaking. Really glad and happy they finally found help. Young men and women really needs to be enlightened on drugs addiction and abuse.

  19. I want to thank Detox to Rahab for this informative write up.Childhood trauma are one of the things that are common apart from addiction especially sexually abuse.

  20. This is just too big for Mercedes to handle, so sorry for her. It is said that “when two elephants are fighting, it is the grass that suffers”. Most children ended up with band gang when they don’t find love and comfort at home. Parents should be guided with what they expose their children into.

  21. Wow….such an enlighten pieces
    Children trauma and addiction does more harm than good.
    Parents should know this and adjust their ways
    Let them go through what they can cope with
    Anyways children there’s still hope,be strong

  22. I do agree that someone may get into alcohol or substance abuse as a way to escape the experiences of trauma they endured as a child. It’s for that reason that every child deserves to be raised in a loving and supportive household.

  23. Many times, neglect can also drive a child to get into drugs. They use the drugs to fill the void that the parent is unable to fill.

  24. Everyone had different experiences growing up and offcourse it had different effects on us. I just hope parents learn from this story and make appropriate changes.

  25. Childhood is so intricately linked to addiction that it’s scary. The government ought to step in and do something especially for children who live in abusive households.

  26. In the case of Mercedes, it is clear that the neglect from her folks is what drove her to addiction. It’s a sad turn of events but at least she got better in the end.

  27. Every one has their own trauma and wounds. Hopefully they can deal with it in a positive way. I mean have the courage to seek for help asap.

  28. Wow, this is my first time of hearing about childhood trauma. As parents we do owe our children the responsibility of catering and looking after them. We also have to be sensitive enough to know when our kids are going through any kind of negative phase so they won’t end up seeing alcohol or drugs as a means of solace.

  29. A child who experienced childhood trauma like divorce when growing up can end up taking drugs as a way out. This happens all the time. Parents need to understand the effect their act have on their children.

  30. Childhood trauma is simply common to humans. In as much as we try to avoid it, it keeps surfacing. Cos their is presence of divorce, physical molestation, rape and xD.

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