Debbi Finds Help for Drug Addiction

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Debbi describes her experience growing up as a very unhappy childhood, which at some point turned into developing a drug addiction. Living in San Francisco, California, her home was part of the upper middle class and she attended a Catholic school. She was an only child and her mother struggled with Alcoholism.

After getting drunk for the first time when she was about 13-years-old, and afterward, she tried out Marijuana and LSD. The first time Debbi used LSD, she fell in love.

She was able to fully escape and be in full-flight from reality. She was free and in control and nothing could stop it. Feeling free and enjoying life through substance use and drug addiction, in time led her to try harder drugs.

Drugs To Escape Reality

At age 14, Debbi tried speed, more commonly known as Crystal Methamphetamine. Around this time, she met her husband to be, who was one of the biggest drug dealers around.

Being in the world of hard drugs, it’s no surprise that Debbi was introduced to Heroin. She describes her experience with Heroin as being “for her,” and that, according to her, “It resonated with me.”

Considering that her husband was a drug dealer, they never struggled with money. Debbi explains that she never had to get dope sick because drugs were always around. But she herself is painfully aware, that all good things come to an end.

Eventually, her partner was arrested and went to jail. At this time, Debbi was not equipped to being on her own; she was addicted to Heroin, desperate, and now a single mom. She had run out of resources to keep up with her addiction and life—she was at the end of her rope.

Jail Diversion Program: Waldon House

Debbi was arrested in October of 1974, and she spent the remainder of the year, even Thanksgiving and Christmas, in jail. When she was in jail, she met a woman who informed her about a place called Waldon House.

Debbi continues to explain how the woman said if the judge offers her diversion, to do the diversion at Waldon. Waldon House is a mental health and substance abuse treatment program in San Francisco that was founded in 1969.

In January 1975, Debbi went into the program at 21 and spent nearly two years at Waldon House working on herself and her recovery. From the hard work she dedicated to herself in the Waldon House program, Debbi learned how to stay free from drugs and Alcohol.

Getting arrested and going to jail was the start of Debbi’s freedom from drug addiction and a new life. She had peers that supported her and a family of her own.

Parenting In Recovery

Debbi explains to us that while she was in early recovery from drug addiction, she couldn’t think about her kid. She goes on to explain the importance of thinking only about yourself when you get into recovery.

Every day, Debbi would tell herself to ignore all outside distractions and concentrate on getting better or she wasn’t going to make it. As a result, she followed the rules and did the work necessary to get healthy.

When she started her recovery, she was at risk of losing her son because of her addiction. After two years and six months, Debbi won back custody of her son and started working for the program she recovered in.

The commitment to recovery and long-term treatment gave Debbi her life back and gave her son a loving and supportive mom. Throughout recovery, she has been faced with some hard and heavy choices, but the crossroads never stopped her from continuing to give back and live a sober life.

For many people experiencing the consequences of drug addiction, giving recovery a chance may seem unrealistic. If you are suffering from drug and Alcohol addiction or you know someone who doesn’t know recovery is possible, reach out—there is hope.

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  1. Thanks to the woman who told Debbi about Waldon House program. This is good to know as she’s recovered. Parents should be extra careful with anything they do in front of their children. Nice one

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