The Path to Sobriety

True Stories of Addiction: Vicki

Vicki’s story starts with her parents, both of who suffered from the disease of addiction. She lost her mother many years ago to the disease, and her father only a few years ago.

Vicki was first introduced to Alcohol when she was with her grandma, drinking wine at a restaurant, and she fell in love. She loved the way that Alcohol had made her feel, and soon, she started stealing more Alcohol from her grandfather, putting it in her Wonder Woman thermos, and taking it to school – she was in the sixth grade.

By the time she was 17, she was binge drinking constantly, and using drugs if people around her offered her some. She didn’t start buying her own drinks until she was in her early 20s, when she entered the bar scene.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Vicki was that girl, the one that was taking her top off, throwing up, starting fights and getting thrown out of the bar. Needless to say, she was drinking and driving all the time, but surprisingly, only was stopped by an officer once.


When she acquired her DUI, she didn’t see it as a sign for her to change, but rather, she blamed everyone from the police officer that gave her the ticket, to her boyfriend at the time who didn’t want to drive. This wasn’t the first time, nor was it the last time she had ever driven while under the influence. It was just the only time that she was caught.

Vicki knew that she had to change this cycle of addiction for her three children, but she didn’t know how. She believed that no one could ever understand, let alone help her out of the hole that she had dug for herself. Vicki ended up staying in a basement for 2 years, filling herself up with drugs and alcohol.

The turning point for Vicki came about when, during her time in the basement, her eldest daughter, who was eight years-old at the time brought her food. Vicki wasn’t eating a lot during this time, and so her eldest daughter would routinely bring food on occasion.

When her daughter had returned to pick up the dishes, Vicki had nodded off, face first into the food. Her daughter had believed that her mother had died and was in hysterics.

It was after this eye-opening moment that she finally decided to stop living the life that she was and to finally get the help that she needed.

Living in Sobriety

Vicki ended up going to a state-funded treatment center; she was hesitant, but willing as she knew that she couldn’t keep on living the way she was. She went to meetings, connected with other people, and went into aftercare. Soon, after the fog over her had started to lift, she realized that she did not like the way she was living her life and dedicated to living in sobriety

She ended up divorcing her husband, but lost custody of her children for nine months due to her past. Losing your children can bring anyone down, but Vicki knew that she had to keep moving forward. She didn’t stop and she got a job, her own apartment and ended up graduating college in sobriety. She also regained custody of her kids, who now have a great relationship with her.

There have been hiccups along the way, and she has had to go back into recovery in 2009, but she hasn’t let this keep her down. She knows that mistakes happen and that addiction is a disease without a cure: you have to work on it every day.

Today, Vicki is recovering with her spouse that is in recovery. There are those days that she feels down, but she has learned how to accept life and stay strong during those times.

  1. Your journey was so hard,but you have chance on your life,I am glad to hear that your old sister still care about you,even you are stay alone your family still support you to get sober

  2. It seems quite clear that she had to go through all these things and we can safely blame her addictive behavior. I have also observed that most of the addicts have started drinking alcohol at a really young age and they continue this habit till their adulthood or until they seek help. I am not at all surprised that she lost the custody of her children due to her destructive past. However, it is good to see that she is recovering right now.

  3. Her addiction shows that people in addiction not only suffer from addiction but also get to bad habits. In order to fulfil their addiction, they do whatever they can to get those stuffs.

  4. What I have learnt here is that the path to sobriety isn’t easy, not compulsory a fun fare especially not taking the proper program. I think this piece really feels good

  5. You can do anything unthinkable when you are under the influence of alcohol. Thank God for her daughter whose action action actually propelled her to think of recovery.

  6. The road to recovery is not easy to ply but it very important especially to those who are addicted. It provides them the opportunity to enjoy their lives and be useful to the society.

  7. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.Addiction is not the solution of any kind of problem.People should try to understand that.

  8. It is really sad to read about Vicki losing both her parents at a tender age and all she went through. Being sober and getting treatment was the best decision she made not just for herself but for the sake of her kids too.

  9. Alcoholic drinking turned out to be hereditary for her, but doing drugs got to be the nail on the coffin. Thanks to Sobriety there’s a massive turnaround. I’m glad.

  10. Stories like these are inspirational and yet can be a cautionary tale. Being Sober is half the battle won. The question now is relapse. Well either it fails or not it is up to her.

  11. Having a reason to stop an addcition is the beginning of sobriety. Vicki had to be with her kids and maintaining this sobriety is the only way she can have a good relationship with them. I am glad she has decided to remain so.

  12. The path to sobriety is always a tough one, I admire Vicki’s life, her journey to sobriety and the determination to forge ahead even with all the hiccups along the way. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing this inspirational story.

  13. I know it’s very difficult when you doesn’t get solicitude. Someone said if life give you second chance come up with new energy and change the things. You did brave girl. Thanks for inspiring us.

  14. So sad story about Vicki. Loosing her parents is something not too good at all. I am happy for her that she’s now recovering and I hope she wouldn’t go back again.

  15. This story is particularly touching and emotionally packed. However, addiction can be tackled by overcoming one’s fear. Congrats to Vicki for the break through!

  16. Vicki story is a soul saving messages, it is better not to be addicted because been addicted and recovery from it, takes time.

  17. Once beaten twice shy so say an adage. Experience makes one to change for the better. If truly one is so desirous, he or she can be successful. Abstinence from illicit drugs can perform the magic!

  18. I like that Vicky is now in recovery together with her husband. This is the best decision that they could have ever made for the sake of their child.

  19. Nothing is worse than your daughter having to take care of you because of your addiction. Who’s left to take care of your daughter then? That must have been rock bottom for Vicky.

  20. That eye opening moment with her daughter was probably a blessing in disguise for her. She would still be an addict today if it were not for that incident with the daughter.

  21. I can’t blame Vicki for becoming an addict. When your parents are addicts and your grandma introduce you to alcohol at a very young age, you feel this is normal. Whatever you get introduced to in your formative years sticks with you. I really feel for her..having such a terrible childhood sucks.. I’m glad she is getting all the help she needs..I just hope she doesn’t go back to her former life

  22. I am not at all surprised that she lost the custody of her children due to her destructive past. thanks for sharing this blog.

  23. Sometimes, it takes a really shocking event to make one person realize that she or he needed to change, and change now. For the love for her children. Vicki really worked on getting herself better, and even if there’s still some hiccups along the way, she’s determined to keep on going to get through those problems and live the best life that she can. I am very happy for her.

  24. The success of her rehabilitation only proves that we can do whatever we want as long as we put ourselves into it. Being able to fight off her addiction is a great feat.

  25. This is a cool piece for all because its an helpful one. The talk or dealing of sobriety is not an easy one. Addiction sucked if care not taken.. Thanks for sharing this good post.

  26. Addictive behavior is mostly caused by individuals themselves. Its sucked and bad seeing your daughter take care of you because of your carelessness toward getting addicted to something wrong.

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