Using The 12-Steps For Long-Term Recovery

True Stories of Addiction: Michelle Update

Michelle was featured about 7 months ago on True Stories of Addiction. Her story was engrossing.

She was raised in a strict house. Her mom was a teacher who didn’t let her do a lot of the things that normal kids do.

She began rebelling even though it angered her mom.

In a lot of ways, she did it to get back at her mom. “I knew that if I continued to do what I was doing it would anger my mom. And it was a way to get back at my mom,” Michelle said.

At 16 she ran away from home and was running drugs from Compton, California. Eventually she was caught by federal agents and ended up swallowing 17 hits of LSD. “It took a little less than a month to regain who I was [after taking the acid]. I prayed a lot,” Michelle said. Even though jail taught her a lot, she didn’t stop using once she got out. Even after she had her first child.

She continued to use. Eventually she tried Meth, which was the drug that really sent her off the rails.
Throughout her addiction she trafficked drugs, experienced homelessness and left her family all for drugs.

The 12 steps

Turning it Around, Turning Toward Hope

Today, she’s celebrating 18 months of recovery. We recently sat down with her to get an update.

When she eventually admitted herself in to get treatment, she was in Flagstaff, Arizona.

“It was real hell because I was at wits’ end,” Michelle said. “I left the Navajo reservation thinking there is no way of setting myself free from this unless I get help…My family was sick of me. I was sick of me.”

She went to the hospital in Flagstaff and told the staff that she needed help. “I checked myself in…I said please take me. I’m admitting myself right now just because I don’t know what will happen to me if I stay right here. I won’t be responsible for myself if you do turn me away,” Michelle said.

“So they admitted me. And I was ready. There was no other way—no other way to go,” Michelle said. Since that moment, she has lived in recovery. The 12-steps have really helped her stay on the right path. She has held a steady job for a long time and is employable again.

Achieving Greatness

Just recently, she got a job with the United States Government working with Indian Health Service’s adolescents in treatment facilities. “I know I need to give back what has been freely given to me,” Michelle said.

The last time she spoke with us, she was having trust issues with her daughter. That has changed and she’s going to visit her oldest daughter in Hawaii soon. Michelle is excited about the prospect of setting goals and accomplishing them.

One of her biggest dreams is to finish school. However, every now and again she experiences negativity from her years of abuse. But, as she puts it “I’ve come too far to believe the negativity my brain tells me,” Michelle said.

In regards to people who in active addiction, Michelle wishes that they get help. “Get help, don’t be afraid. You are not alone. Just take it one day at a time,” said Michelle.

  1. She was really in discomfort in her childhood due to a lot of restrictions. To remove that anxiety, she went to find pleasure in drugs but this was clearly a wrong decision from her. The story gives a message that parents should not be so much strict that things turn in this way. They should maintain a correct balance.

  2. I guess this is applicable not only on Drugs but for everything actually. It should be 12 steps to live by. I am going to see if I can apply it to my life. Very good lessons.

    1. Yes, there’s no need to be afraid the most important thing is to get help. So arise and get the much needed help you need.

  3. If this 12 long term program works, it’s better. A correct and lasting change cant be achieved in a day. Noce piece guys

  4. Commitment, courage, and hope are your stronghold to fight addiction. With these, it’s easier for you to be motivated to get out of it.

  5. What Michelle🤢🤢
    You did what you did to get back at your mum for depriving you of something she thinks is not good for you. This saddens my heart, little did u know u killing yourself.

  6. I can see why the 12 steps are very helpful, I think they are helpful not only to recover from addiction but also to improve other areas in life.

  7. Not trying to judge drug users but when I read their stories especially their pains of abusing drugs I keep running away from drugs I can’t deal

  8. As simple as these steps look, they actually are very effective. Anyone out there struggling with addiction should try them.

  9. You should do more follow up like this of the people whose stories you have covered before. It’s always good to know their progress.

  10. I feel happy whenever I see a successful recovery story like Michelle’s. It shows that with the right mindset any addiction can be overcome.

  11. Thank you for revisiting Michelle’s story after seven months. I am happy for her and to see that she is still on the right path to full recovery.

  12. A 12-step recovery plan starts with being honest with yourself and admitting the problem. It takes a brave person to step up to the plate and do this, so I definitely commend Michelle for taking these courageous steps to improve her life!

  13. I appreciate your courage and patience to fight addiction. The sooner we get rid of addiction, the better.

  14. These steps are the ways to a permanent recovery from addiction if properly handled. The victim must also be ready to give it all it demands.

  15. If our parents are preventing us from doing some things we shouldn’t see it as a shared wickedness. This is because we are the ones to benefit from it in the future.

  16. I’m happy for her …18 months of recovery isn’t an easy journey…getting a job with the United States government is a plus.. hopefully, she can get her life together and be there for her children..thanks for posting this

  17. Michelle’s story is so emotional. Recovery process can take different format for individuals. Thanks detox to rehab for sharing this with us

  18. It’s really Great to Read through Michelle’s Addiction Experience.
    She felt Sober and Knows she couldn’t gain recovery without getting Help.

  19. It’s wonderful Michelle didn’t limit herself to What has happened in the Past.
    She set Higher Goals and Wants to Help other People Get Recovery.

  20. The 12 step program really focus on long term recovery, a very very congrats to detox to rehab for sharing such a program and sharing the motivational stories with us.

  21. Well done detox for a job well done on helping people. And a very big thank you for educating us always. Keep the good work on.

  22. It’s very important to attend to those going through addiction. Many people need our kind advise and warm treatment if love. Michelle’s life is a blessing now.

    1. 12 steps, kudos. Jesus all the way. Nothing is too hard for God to do. Did it for Michelle and He will do for us all for He loves all.

  23. The most important part of the article is that she was able to recover and she’s now giving back to the society. May God heal others as well.

  24. Its really encouraging to see Michelle’s story of recovery. Despite the challenges faced, its very hopeful to share this story to the masses of how her life was able to turn around.

  25. This is a story of many people in our world today. Children looking for attention in a rebellious way. Thank God she admitted her helplessness and sought for help.

  26. These twelve steps of overcoming addiction are good. Thank God that Michelle also open up. I’m happy for you on your recovery. Continue to live a normal life. Congratulations.

  27. Michelle’s story is very overwhelming. But good things is that these 12-steps to recovery really help her find her way to a better life, moving forward.

  28. Amazing story! One major milestone on the way to recovery is to admit powerlessness and “check oneself in” just as Michelle did. Every other thing comes pretty much after.

  29. Good for her!!! Winning this battle is always appreciated. Correct me if I am wrong but this is the few times where I actually see the 12 steps enumerated. Plus points for that.

  30. Your recovery processed is amazing,you can only 7 months to get sobber,there was a lot of challenge on that process,but you can did it, happy for you

  31. The 12 step program has proving to be effective. Thanks to Detox for this wonderful experience for addicts to find ways out of their addiction.

  32. if you are a parent, let your child be happy. Guide him and teach him the right manners because the child who grows up with the right guidance of the parents carries it with him until he grows up.

  33. It is obvious that 12-step approach is indeed helpful. This goes a long way to reduce drug addiction in the society. Thanks go to Detox for this great impact.

  34. Willingness to change the present and future can really help a person fight addiction. Support of the family and friends should be properly established and acceptance from the community will be the continual factor for a person to change.

  35. I think step 1 and 3 are the most difficult one. I mean, we tend to be in denial state, and wants to control everything. We tend to forget that we can’t control everything and everytime.

  36. thank you detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really great and inspires most of the people.

  37. I genuinely do not think anyone would go through all of these 12 steps and not become a totally changed person. The bests steps to positivity yet.

  38. I feel more than happy for Michelle to get her recovery. Sometimes the recovery process like the 12 step program can be rigorous

  39. I feel more than happy for Michelle to get her recovery. Sometimes the recovery process like the 12 step program can be stressful to go through.

  40. These 12 steps are really a wonderful check list towards recovery. I am glad michelle took responsibility of her life and took a stand to make a change.

  41. Addiction can happen to anyone. Even Michelle who came from a hood home feel into the hands of addiction. But I am glad the 12 steps program guide aided her recovery.

  42. That’s one hell of an attitude being an addictive drug addict, but when it results to something too bad, the drug addict seeks sober and a healing from the above, we can only remember our grand creator during the time when things aren’t good just as smokers do seek rehabilitation to help them regain their senses.

  43. This is motivational and inspirational story, we might fall but there is endless joy in rising up, it will do one alot of good, not just oneself but the whole community of people

  44. I love that Michelle have very inspiring words for the addicts. Please get help as she has stated. it is a day at a time and you would get there.

  45. Solving a huge problem doesn’t magically resolved with one step, but taking that one step forward surely helps. As Michelle had said, taking one step forward, one day, maybe even a week, a year from now, it really doesn’t matter until one finds peace in seeking help for an addiction that they are finding it very difficult to overcome. The 12 steps program really helps them to achieve that goal, and they should use it as a guide on their road to recovery.

  46. The story gives a message that parents should not be so much strict that things turn in this way. They should maintain a correct balance. I am glad michelle took responsibility of her life and took a stand to make a change. Thanks for giving us this heads-up. Much useful.

  47. I have heard so much about the success of the 12 step program. It’s definitely worth a shot for any person struggling with addiction.

  48. Why is Meth addiction so common in the United States? Having said that, many people usually try pills and then they move on to try other drugs such as cocaine and Meth. Michelle’s mom was so strict, but still Michelle became an addict. This shows that strictness may never make your child walk on the right path.

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