Suboxone Detox Treatment Program

Last Edited: September 2, 2020

Patricia Howard, LMFT, CADC

Clinically Reviewed

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The Opioid epidemic is claiming American lives in truly astonishing numbers. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 91 people die every day from an Opioid overdose, including prescription Opioids and Heroin. Opioids are some of the most addictive and devastating substances. Whole communities have been swept up into this national health crisis.

Most people who have used Opioids for an extended period know that the withdrawal symptoms can be awful. Many people start detoxing alone at home and quickly relapse due to the severity of discomfort and symptomology. Opioid withdrawal has proven some of the most traumatic and torturous experiences possible.

Suboxone, brand name for Buprenorphine and Naloxone, has become a welcome substitute to Methadone for those withdrawing off Heroin and other strong Opioids. Suboxone works to mitigate withdrawal symptoms while not producing the same high as regular Opioids. Clients start on a higher dose of Suboxone and taper off the drug over a period of time. The time it takes to fully taper off Suboxone depends on the individual and his or her using habits.

If you are addicted to Opioids, find a detox center now. Below is a list of detox centers that offer a Suboxone taper.

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850 Woodruff Ln
Elizabeth NJ 07201
The Lennard Clinic (formerly Essex Substance Abuse) was founded in June 1984 as a nonprofit opioid treatment provider in the city of Newark, New Jerse...
687 Frelinghuysen Ave
Newark NJ 07114
American Habitare & Counseling, Inc. was founded in January 1998 in Newark, New Jersey. It took two and half years of relentless efforts by the owner ...
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Somers Point NJ 08244
Addiction Recovery Systems (ARS) is an organization specializing in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependence through the combination of outpatient...
319-321 Main St
Paterson NJ 07505
The Paterson Counseling Center is a comprehensive multi-faceted medical facility specializing in the treatment of conditions and symptomology associat...
912 1st St NW
Albuquerque NM 87102
Duke City Recovery Toolbox in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a unique resource for people struggling with substance abuse and addiction and their families...
2325 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe NM 87505
Life Link is a licensed Community Mental Health Center with more than 50 employees. From its humble start in the motel, The Life Link has expanded its...
1141 Mall Dr
Las Cruces NM 88011
ALT Recovery Group provides medication assisted treatment (MAT) to individuals in Las Cruces and its surrounding communities in southern New Mexico an...
928 Broadway
New York NY 10010
The Second Wind is a private psychotherapy practice founded by John Bliss LCSW CASAC and Marcia Poston LCSW CASAC in 1988. The practice began as a cli...
311 W 35th St
New York NY 10018
West Midtown Medical Group has over 40 years of experience in substance abuse treatment and has helped thousands of people to enjoy a life that is ful...
56 W 45th St
New York NY 10036
The Midtown Center is a comprehensive not-for-profit outpatient program for the evaluation and treatment of chemically dependent individuals and their...
116 E 92nd St
New York NY 10128
For over 30 years, Carnegie Hill Institute has been providing innovative and effective chemical dependency treatments. Located in the historic Carneg...