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WWelcome to Lauderhill, Florida, located in the Miami, Pompano Beach Metropolitan Area, home to some of the most incredible vacation spots Florida has to offer and even the home of Jackie Gleason, star of the hit show “The Honeymooners.” Though Lauderhill has spent much of its time being known as a retirement town, the city has flourished and kept its wonderful scenery.

What’s not wonderful is drug addiction, and it’s not just illegal drugs we’re talking about here. Addiction and abuse of prescription drugs is incredibly prevalent in Southern Florida, but luckily there’s plenty of help to go around.

One of the most successful detox facilities in Florida resides in the city of Lauderhill: Serenity House Detox. Numerous 5-Star ratings, dozens of success stories all while accepting several of the most popular insurance options make this an ideal location to begin sculpting your new life. The first step, however, is to begin rehabilitation and get better.

To get to this point, Interventions are often used to help bring a loved one who is suffering from drug abuse to see the pain they are causing to themselves and to those around them. Interventions can be orchestrated in many forms, so we recommend using an Intervention Specialist who is trained in planning, guiding and leading a successful Intervention.

The most difficult part of detoxing and rehabilitation is the withdrawals that can make your life miserable, but don’t be afraid. Fellowships and groups like Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous are just a phone call away. They provide a healthy, safe environment for you to be around others who are struggling to conquer their addictions and lead better, healthier lives.

These groups help to focus on the psychological need for a drug and give you skills to fight back and resist the urge to relapse.

Consider going to AA or NA meetings in order to help keep you or a loved one on the road to recovery so that you too can live a full, healthy lifestyle. After all, you can’t retire to Lauderhill if you never make it to the retiring age. Seek help, live long.

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One of the most important ways to avoid relapsing is by having positive fellowship in your life. 12-step groups help promote fellowship in a safe environment for people in recovery. Some of the more prominent groups are AA and NA. Find a group now!