Remembering Prince: Before His Fatal Opioid Overdose

Prince’s Addiction to Opioid Painkillers

Tomorrow marks the one year death anniversary of iconic musician Prince Rogers Nelson. Last year on April 21st, 2016, Prince died from an Opioid overdose. The famous singer-songwriter was found in his hometown of Chanhassen, Minnesota.

The day prior to Prince’s Opioid overdose, his team called an Opioid addiction specialist from California. The team sought to get him immediate help as his addiction and dependence to Painkillers had reached significant and life-threatening proportions.

By the time the emergency specialist had arrived in Minnesota from an overnight flight, it was too late. Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator at his Paisley Park recording studio.

An Accidental Overdose: Fentanyl Laced Painkillers

At age 57, Prince lost his life because of an accidental overdose on prescription Opioids. Like many others, Prince fell victim to an accidental overdose of a powerful Painkiller, Fentanyl.

Investigators recently released documents showing that among several prescription drugs found in his home, not one was personally prescribed to him.

Reports from the Minneapolis Star Tribune that following August indicate that although the pills seized by investigators in his home were labeled Hydrocodone, they contained Fentanyl.

The drug Fentanyl is one of the heaviest Painkillers on the drug market today. Fentanyl’s potency is over 30 times that of Heroin and at least 50 times that of Morphine.

A Memoir of Life with Prince

In remembering Prince, “The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince” was published and released to the public in the beginning of April. This memoir was written by Matye Garcia, Prince’s first wife.

In the memoir, she shares about her life, experiences and love with the musician. Garcia was taken into the spotlight when she said her vows and married Prince on Valentine’s day of 1996.

At the time, Prince was 37 and Garcia only 22. Garcia met the artist when she was a teenager. Being a classically trained dancer, she was hired on to work with Prince.

Approaching the anniversary of his death, his ex-wife Mayte Garcia was interviewed about the memoir she wrote about their relationship.

According to CNN, Garcia never imagined having a serious and personal relationship with Prince. She had no idea that she was going to fall in love, get married and have a family with him.

Throughout his career, Prince, was known for being at the very least private. Since Prince’s death, Garcia is one of few people willing to open-up and talk about him.

Garcia’s intention in writing her memoir is to provide readers with a deeper appreciation for Prince and an understanding of the affection that they shared for one another.

Behind the Scenes: What You Don’t Know About Prince

Today, Garcia takes her love and relationship with Prince as a responsibility. She says that she wants to show the world a side of him that no one got the chance to see or experience.

[blockquote text=’“I want to show a side of him that no one ever saw.

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Throughout their four-year marriage, Garcia never witnessed Prince doing drugs. She said that he had always claimed that he was sick or dealing with a migraine.

[blockquote text='”In all the years we were together, I never actually saw Prince doing drugs.

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Looking back now, Garcia realizes that there had been something else going on with him. Garcia admits that the reason she didn’t see it at the time, was because she didn’t want to.

During their marriage, the couple experienced a tragic loss: their newly born son Amiir. Amiir died as a newborn due to a rare genetic disorder. No more than two year later, the couple faced the hardship of a miscarriage.

For years Garcia has wanted to share the story of her life, love and relationship with Prince. And as Prince felt most comfortable through privacy and solitude he was never known as ‘approachable.’

In Garcia’s memoir, she captures the times that they were together. She explains that when they were with one another, Prince opened-up and became interested in engaging with others.

Aside from being a musical genius, Garcia knew Prince as a comedian and competitive sports fanatic.

Honoring Prince: Life is Not Over

Intended to give back to all those who whole-heartedly loved Prince, Garcia is hopeful that her memoir will help people and ultimately bring more love in his remembrance.

As part of Garcia’s life’s work, she spends much time giving herself of compassion and support to Prince’s die-hard fans.

In her interview with CNN, Garcia stresses the importance of letting his fans know that he never feared death. She is rather transparent about the intensity of Prince’s spirituality and belief in God.

Prince used to tell people that, “Death is only an elevation of the soul to go back to God.”

He believed in past lives and the afterlife. Prince didn’t fear that he and Garcia would never see one another again, for he knew that they would.

[blockquote text=’“He believed that so strongly, and I hold on to that.

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