Antipsychotic Addiction and Rehabilitation

Antipsychotic Medication Dependence

88% of individuals abusing anti-psychotics are also using other substances.

More than one in five people are taking medications to treat mental disorders.

Anti-psychotic use has risen by over 200% over the last ten years.


What is an Antipsychotic?

AAn Antipsychotic is a class of prescription medication used to manage psychosis such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Antipsychotics are broken up into two categories, typical and atypical. Typical was the first type of Antipsychotic and normally prescribed first, an atypical or second generation Antipsychotic came after and is prescribed when the typical Antipsychotic doesn’t work or stops working for the patient. Atypical tends to be more addictive than typical. Addiction to an Antipsychotic heeds a special obstacle, because a majority of people who are using onewere prescribed for a legitimate reason requiring the medication. Types of Antipsychotics Seroquel, Lithium, Risperadal, Abilify, Zyprexa, Geodon, Halodol, Olanzapine, Aripiprazole, Clozapine and Lurasidone.

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Antipsychotic Detox Details

Medically supervised detoxfor Antipsychotic medication is strongly advised. A gradual step down of the Antipsychotic will help to alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms, as well as allow a doctor or medical professional to monitor the state your mental health. Keeping yourself safe and healthy is the main goal in detoxing. In some cases, your doctor might find a need to keep you on medication, in cases like this the doctor will most likely prescribe a different Antipsychotic and closely monitor your treatment and recovery. Some common withdrawal symptoms include: Nausea, anorexia, anxiety, diarrhea, insomnia, agitation, restlessness and psychosis. The reason you suffer from withdrawal symptoms is because your body is trying to get used to operate with using Antipsychotics. Your body is in shock and confused. That is why it is important to detox under medical supervision so that you do not experience hallucinations.
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Antipsychotic Abuse & Treatment

While Antipsychotics are not typically not thought of when many think of addictive prescriptions, it is becoming more and more common. Addiction to an Antipsychotic is usually in combination with another drug, in most cases it is an atypical Antipsychotic that is used to enhance another drug or combat the adverse effects of the drug. For example, if someone is usingcocaine or methamphetamine, they may want to experience the euphoria that comes with it but reduce the uncomfortable aspects of the experience.The overall effect of an Antipsychotic is a decrease in dopamine, which is usually the source of addiction, it is thought that the addiction to an Antipsychotic comes from the Sedative and anxiolytic properties. If you or someone you know is addicted or is abusing an Antipsychotic call us (866) 578-7471we can get you help. Rehabs are legally obligated to keep your information confidential, it's no one business but yours. It's your choice to get into treatment and it is your choice if anyone knows you're there.

Signs and Symptoms of AntipsychoticAddiction

The addiction to an Antipsychotic is somewhat unique. Since the Antipsychotic doesn’t give a euphoric feeling or high but it does make the user feel different and alter their mood, which can be enough to cause an addiction.The majority people of who abuse an Antipsychotic, around 88 percent, are poly-substance users. There are some signs of addiction to an Antipsychotic that are fairly easy to spot. If someone you know has startedinhaling the crushed form of the medicationor is injecting a solution of dissolvedmedication, it is likely that this person has a problem. Also addicts often withdraw from friends, family and social events. Other symptoms can be constant irritability, severe mood swings, edginess, impotence, seizures, lethargy, breast growth with milk discharge, and intense nightmares.


Long Term Effects

It is important to note that while some Antipsychotics are meant to be used long term, it is not definitively known what the effects of long term abuse of an Antipsychotic are. That is another reason why it is extremely important to get help if you believe you or a loved one is abusing anything in this class of drugs.
Constant use of any substance can make a person’s body develop a chemical dependency. Making it extremely hard for someone with a substance abuse problem to just stop using drugs. Once their mind is rewired to need the drug in order to feel normal is when addiction is starting to sink in.



Can I be Addict to More than Just Antipsychotics?

-Yes. Many people who regularly abuse antipsychotics are also abusing other drugs such as alcohol.

Can I be Past the Point of no Return?

-No. As long as you are willing to better yourself there is a chance for you to overcome your addiction.

How Long Does Rehab Last?

-There is no clear-cut answer to that question. Because everyone’s addiction stems from different reasons, everyone will have different needs to fulfill in rehab. Typical rehab programs last 30, 60 or 90 days.

Is There a Way to Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms?

-Not really. A lot of people turn away from entering the detox stage of recovery because they are scared of withdrawal symptoms. But your body needs time to clean itself out of all the harmful chemicals that were pumped into it during your addiction.

Is it Common to get Addicted to Antipsychotics?

-People with schizophrenia have a very high risk to suffer from drug addiction. You a



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Antipsychotics Abuse and Dual-Diagnosis Patients

Studies have shown that substance abuse is very common among people who have a mental illness. It is common for people with mental illnesses to self-medicate to alleviate some of the symptoms before they are aware that what they are suffering from is a mental illness. While 88 percent of addicts who admit to abusing Antipsychotics are also addicted to another substance, at least part of the reason this number is so high is because of self-medicating before being diagnosed. If the underlying addiction is not treated before starting an Antipsychotic, then the odds of abusing the Antipsychotic, as well as the other substance, are high.

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Who Is Most Likely to Suffer?

People who are diagnosed with schizophrenia are usually prescribed Antipsychotics medication. People who start taking antipsychotics with an existing drug problem already, have a much higher chance of developing a duel addiction. Antipsychotics have a huge impact on effecting the brain’s dopamine systems. Dopamine chemicals are what give the brain the feel good feelings. Which is why when you are addicted to drugs that your body physically craves drugs in order to feel normal.

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Inpatient Antipsychotic Rehab Programs

Inpatient treatment programs are one of the options that are open to you when looking for a rehab. Generally, you will live on site, allowing you to focus solely on recovery. Also if your treatment isn’t giving the desired amount of progress it will be seen quickly and adjusted. If you enroll into an inpatient program you will have medical supervision 24 hours a day. You will also be provided with living accommodations for the entirety of your stay. Inpatient programs allow you to stay on a medical campus until your rehab stint is complete. This can help if you need separation from the people and situations that make you want to take Antipsychotics. Addicts often times abuse drugs even more when they are under stress.

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Outpatient Antipsychotic Rehab Programs

Outpatient treatment is great for people who are extremely determined to get clean or sober. You will be living off site, allowing you to continue a pretty normal life while in treatment. Depending on the facility the time requirement in outpatient treatment can be substantial. Outpatient programs allow you to return home at night and on weekends which makes it a more ideal situation for people who have career and family obligations. But you also have to trust yourself to be able to leave the medical campus for hours at a time. It will be on you to deny temptations to use drugs and alcohol when you are on your own. Another advantage of outpatient treatment is that is usually tends to be more affordable.

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Cause of alcoholismWhat If I Cannot Afford Treatment?

If you are not in a good spot financially, you should know all of your options regarding treatment. There are state-ran facilities that offer programs at a more avoidable rate. Some private rehab centers also offer scholarship opportunities that can help knock the price down on treatment. Most major insurance companies offer plans that can help with the costs of treatment. If you have health insurance, you can contact us and will see which centers accept your insurance. Do not let the price of treatment be the reason you do not get help. Affordable options are available; we want to help you find the best rehab center for you.

When to seek help for addictionAntipsychotic Drug Use on the Rise

According to an article released in the New York Times there were 3.1 million antipsychotic drugs prescribed in 2011 alone. That is a 13 percent increase from 2010 according to IMS Health, a market research company. That same article cited that the number of annual Antipsychotics prescriptions rose 93 percent from 2001 to 2011. With more and more people getting access to Antipsychotics, it can be easy to see how someone can become addicted to these drugs. People who are struggling with mental diseases often think that they need their meds in order to feel good. So, with many prescription drugs the mental side of the addiction is there from the start.

Survivors of Substance Abuse

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The best treatment option.
Helping a Loved One

If you know someone whose prescription drug abuse has gotten out of hand, then you may need to step in to hold an intervention for them. Prescription drugs can act as gateway drugs to other harmful substances such as cocaine and heroin. Holding in intervention is not easy but might be the best thing you can do. Often times, people who suffer from substance abuse problems are in denial about it. Others think that because the drugs they are abusing are approved by doctors that it cannot do harm to them. Let your loved one know that it is not okay to abuse drugs, even if prescribed by a medical professional.

Traveling for Treatment

Sometimes the best way to get over a bad situation is to remove yourself from that situation. Skipping town for a while can get you away from all the situations which make you want to down more pills every day. You can also realize that there is a way to feel good about yourself and be happy without having to use drugs to do so. Traveling to another city or state will allow to take a step back and see how your addiction negatively affected your life and learn ways to fix it. Not having to worry about everyday stresses can really clear your head and allow you to better yourself.

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traveling for treatementThe Importance of Group Therapy

Getting involved in group therapy can be a great way to recover from a prescription drug addiction. If you realize that you are not the only one who suffered from a substance abuse problem, then you can also realize that it is possible to achieve sobriety. You will be in an environment where you can share you stories with people who understand what you are going through and what you have gone through. Your family and friends supported you getting help, but they do not always understand what it takes to live a life of recovery which is why it is important that you connect with people who do understand.

alcohol abuse interventionIs There Hope for Me?

Do not think that your addiction is too strong to fight back against. You are not the first person to feel guilty, ashamed, scared or confused when looking for help with a substance abuse problem. Everyone goes through those feelings. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you need help with a prescription drug addiction. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, if you remain willing to get the help you need. Every day you continue to feed your addiction is another day of happiness that you can never get back. Help is available for you, no matter how bad you think your addiction may be.

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