Health Net Insurance Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Treatment from HealthNet

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Being addicted to drugs and/or alcohol is something that has an impact on the entire community. Finding help, whether voluntary or under a court order, is essential to make sure you can recover. However, searching for the treatment that is necessary is likely to be one of the most daunting tasks you will ever have undertaken, not in the least because you will be concerned about how to pay for the treatment.

If you are covered under Health Net, then it is likely that you will be able to find a drug or alcohol rehab center that you can afford through your policy. The recommendation is to contact Health Net directly and ask them about the programs and providers that they cover. They will only share their in-network providers with you, even though other programs may also be suitable.

There are many questions that people ask themselves about paying for rehab through their insurance policy, including:

  • What their deductible will be
  • What their co-pay is likely to be
  • How much their out of pocket expenses will be for treatment
  • Which types of treatments they can access

Treatment Through Health Net

Health Net offers a wealth of options for people who have drug or alcohol problems, so long as you have signed up for one of their policies that includes behavioral health benefits. Some of the things you should be covered for include:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Related services, including counseling

If you have found a treatment center but you are unsure about whether or not Health Net will cover you, you can contact the company directly, or ask the treatment facility to conduct an insurance check for you. This is completely confidential, as well as free and no obligation. It will give you the opportunity to determine whether you can go straight to treatment or whether you will need to find some funds from somewhere else.

Going from Looking for to Getting Treatment

It is very important if you are seeking addiction treatment that you find a center that works not just with your Health Net policy, but also with your personal and individualized needs. Every addiction is different, and various people need unique approaches. There are literally hundreds of treatment centers to choose from, many of which accept Health Net insurance.

A private alcohol and drug rehab treatment used to be unaffordable for average earners. With Health Net and other insurance providers offering substance abuse coverage, even top private treatment centers have become affordable with the health insurance. Some facilities also offer sliding-scale payment programs for patients with alcoholism and drug addiction problems who can’t pay the full amount of treatment cost.

Health Net will generally cover most of the cost of drug and alcohol treatment for policyholders who have signed up to the behavioral health treatment plan. However, other factors are also important: these include which coverage plan you have, your personal contributions, whether the facility is in their network and more.

How Long Can I Receive Treatment?

There are many factors to take into consideration when determining how long Health Net will pay for you to access treatment. It depends on the services you receive, where you go to treatment and what kind of policy you have. Some people only require a treatment period of five days, while others need to stay for 90 days or even more. This will be determined during your initial assessment and it will also be reviewed by looking at how you respond to treatment. Health Net will work together with the addiction counselor to determine whether they will continue to pay for your treatment. Overall, the types of treatment that Health Net will cover you for includes medically supervised detox, counseling (individual, group, and family), inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab and aftercare.

Choosing between inpatient and outpatient treatment is a complex decision to make. Detox should always be medically managed, as some of the withdrawal symptoms have the potential to be dangerous or even lethal. After you have completed detox, you must choose between inpatient and outpatient services. While the latter is more convenient and cheaper, many professionals do not outpatient therapy as it is very difficult for people to stay sober when they continue to be influenced by the outside world daily. During inpatient treatment, you will be exposed to far more in-depth treatment, coping skills, relapse prevention skills and so on.

Outpatient treatment is only suitable for those who have only mild addictions or dependencies. Even they should go through detox. Once that has been completed, the outpatient facility can provide patients with counseling, support groups and medication.

Paying for What Health Net Does Not Cover

It is possible that Health Net will not cover all or any of your stay in treatment. While this would be disappointing, this does not mean that it is the end of the road. You may want to contact local nonprofit organizations to find out if they have grants or you could apply for a treatment loan instead, or come to a payment arrangement with the treatment provider.

Benefits of Coverage with Health Net

If you have a Health Net policy, you should take full advantage of it to achieve the best health. This is true outside of addiction treatment as well. The insurance company works with many different provider networks in every state. They also have plans that are competitively priced and fully personalized to suit the specific needs of their policy holders.

You can contact Health Net 24/7 to ask questions about your specific policy. You can also use their secure messaging services or online forms. You can also speak directly to a licensed nurse if you have a minor or chronic health issue. The various online tools that Health Net offers also allow you to monitor your claim, see what your deductible is and access the Wellness Center to find health resources. They even have a mobile app that will list in network providers for you. By calling (866) 578-7471 you can determine what your insurance plan covers to make a decision on how you will proceed with your rehabilitation.

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