The Canadian government reports that 90% of their mescaline is a combination of PCP and LSD

Mescaline is 4000 times less potent than LSD.

Nearly 23 Million people are in need of treatment for chemical dependency.


MMescaline is a mind-altering substance derived from the cactus peyote, a psychotropic plant commonly found in Mexico. It is classified is a hallucinogenic drug due to its reality-altering effects. As far as anyone can tell, this drug has been around for thousands of years. This hallucinogen acts on the body in much the same way as LSD does. Once a powerful drug used only as a part of Native American religious ceremonies, people reached for it for the psychological impact it has on the mind. Users of the drug often report experiences that seem to take them to an altered reality, flashbacks of past episodes with drugs and psychedelic colors.

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mescaline Rehab Treatment Programs

Each time a user takes Mescaline, whether by chewing the plant or taking the powdered form, it will leave behind residual toxins that will continue to trigger highs even when not taking the drug. The treatment center you choose should have an effective detoxification program in place that can help the body to completely flush out these residual toxins that have built up in the system over time. Without this detoxification, the drug will continue to have lingering effects on the body for quite some time. The patient will more than likely need to be closely monitored both medically as well as psychologically during this phase of treatment to ensure that the withdrawal symptoms do not have an adverse effect on the body.
Outpatient mescaline Rehab

Though mescaline does not cause physical addiction, people can develop a psychological dependence on it and that requires treatment. In a treatment center, the client should receive visual stimulation treatment in order to offset the mental and psychological alterations that happen with use. The visual stimulation treatment helps to limit hallucinations and dreams. While quitting psychedelic drugs do not cause a bevy of withdrawal symptoms, it can trigger a dysphoric state, which decreases serotonin. The staff may look into providing drugs that build back up the serotonin. During the therapeutic stage, the client will learn how to develop skills to live without mescaline. Mescaline is about blurring reality, so, in treatment people will learn how to face it.

Dangers of Mescaline Abuse

Even though users may not experience a physical withdrawal when they stop using mescaline the psychological withdrawal can be just as traumatic on the body. Not only will the user become emotionally unstable, they will continue to experience confusion and flashbacks for a period of time even after they have stopped using. This could put them at risk both mentally and physically if they are not prepared for what is to come.


Effects of Mescaline

Signs and symptoms:
loss of appetite
sleeping issues
Short-term effects: While users have consistently reported that the drug can cause you to hallucinate, the experience can vary from one person to the next. It can even vary from one dose to the next. An individual may find that one experience can be quite pleasant but the next one could produce horrific symptoms that can only comparable to a mental illness. The effects of Mescaline can last as long as 12 hours with the user not in control of what he sees, hears, feels or experiences.

Long-term: Afterward the effects may still linger in the form of extreme moodiness, emotional highs or lows, confusion, feelings of depression, and high anxiety and stress. People’s brains can get permanently re-wired after prolonged use.



Is Mescaline Addictive?

While using Mescaline does not produce a physical addiction in the same way as an opiate, users tend to easily develop a tolerance to the drug. Repeated use will require higher dosages each time they use it and eventually the user will develop a psychological attachment to the drug. If abruptly taken off the drug, the adverse effects of withdrawal can be psychologically damaging as a result. Does addiction effect more than just my health? Not only does Mescaline addiction damage your psychological and physical state, but it also damages your social life, your work, and your family. If left unaddressed and untreated, Mescaline can consume every aspect of your life, resulting in you solely living for the next dose of Mescaline.

How can I tell if someone I care about is using Mescaline?

There are some apparent signs of Mescaline use if you know what to look for. If someone has rapid mood swings, exaggerated emotions, vomiting, nausea, colorful hallucinations and panic attacks.

Are there withdrawal symptoms?

Generally, people who quit Mescaline won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms. However, some people who quit abruptly will go through a dysphoric state, which is an emotional state marked by anxiety, depression and restlessness.

What are the signs of an overdose?

If the mescaline overdose is accompanied by sweating, an increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.

Does addiction effect more than just my health?

Not only does Mescaline addiction damage your psychological and physical state, but it also damages your social life, your work, and your family. If left unaddressed and untreated, Mescaline can consume every aspect of your life, resulting in you solely living for the next dose of Mescaline.



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mescaline infograph

mescaline withdrawal detox

Withdrawal symptoms

Mescaline doesn’t generally have extreme withdrawal symptoms or any withdrawal symptoms at all. That’s generally the case with psychedelics. In some cases, people will experience dysphoria, which is a condition marked by depression, anxiety and restlessness. In order to offset these conditions, the facility can provide benzodiazepines. In this vein, mescaline isn’t a drug someone can develop a physical dependence on, rather people who struggle with mescaline addiction generally have a psychological dependence.

dangers of mescaline

Dangers of Mescaline Overdose

Overdosing on mescaline can present a real danger to people, especially to those inexperienced with using the drug. Often, overdoses of mescaline happen when someone has decided to mix mescaline with other drugs. If someone has come to the point of overdose, the medical staff should provide calming medications and other techniques to decrease the chance of anxiety attacks with mescaline.

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Best Treatment Centers

inpatient mescaline rehab

Inpatient facilities are usually used for long-term users who will find it extremely difficult to quit the drug on their own. In these programs, close monitoring by medical and psychological professionals is essential in order to succeed in the efforts to quit. Without the right kind of inpatient program, it will be very easy for them to slip back into the old habits again. Quitting mescaline will take a lot of effort, but realizing that reality has value goes a long way in helping the person stay sober.

outpatient mescaline rehab

Outpatient treatment centers tend to work better for the user that may not have developed extreme habits. Occasional users that may have developed the desire to use mescaline but have not reached a point where they have the strong cravings for it will find this type of treatment to be much more effective.

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college student at risk for mescaline addiction

College Students at Risk for Mescaline Abuse: For a lot of college students, a rite of passage is trying some sort of psychedelic. There’s a sort of coming-of-age experience that is encapsulated by the use of psychedelics. Pop culture is flooded with images of young people trying psychedelics as a way to get to know themselves more. Unfortunately, experimenting with psychedelics, mescaline in particular, can cause a slippery slope into addiction. Altering your mind can alter your mind for good. In many ways, it’s not worth the risk.

history of mescaline

The Spiritual History of Mescaline: The Aztecs were the first users of mescaline and considered it magical. It spread throughout North America to other Native American groups who used it to treat illnesses, communicate with spirits, and for religious ceremonies. In 1918, the Native American Church formed to make sure that people could still use it. People who use mescaline claim to feel a connection to the universe, transcendence of space and time, feelings of ineffability and intense positive emotions. Studies from the National Institute of Mental Health show that people who use mescaline or any other psychedelic compared with those who haven’t, tend to have a greater concern for spiritual concerns and less care for material things. Generally speaking, the inclination for people to take mescaline generally stems from a spiritual longing, but when abused, it can sabotage the very spirit it intended to nurture.

Survivors of Substance Abuse

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family therapy for mescaline addiction
Family Therapy: Heal Together

Addiction isn’t something that only happens to one person. The waves of abuse often drown several people close to the abuser. In that sense, when the client goes into treatment, the family will need significant healing as well to deal with the various issues that were caused from the addiction. Also, healing the family creates a safe place for the client to experience after they leave treatment. It’s important that the family can serve as a safety net for someone coming out of treatment. Family therapy aims to educate the whole family on the various aspects of addiction. Some family members might think that the person who abuses drugs does so to hurt the family member. Dispelling that myth can go a long way in making sure that the family has long-term health. In the family therapy sessions, the families will focus on rebuilding relationships with a therapist who acts as a mediator through open discussions.

group therapy
Group Therapy: Heal in Community

A lot of people in addiction have burned bridges and isolated themselves from the rest of society in order to continue using drugs. Unfortunately, this isolation often results in people losing the vital skills necessary to live effectively in community. The irony of addiction is that it causes people to become isolated and isolation then drives people further into addiction. In order to heal, however, people who were once isolated need to seek out community to find their recovery. In treatment facilities, people will go through group sessions, which meet for anywhere from an hour to four hours a day and provide room for processing, psychological education, interpersonal growth and emotion regulation. These sessions are facilitated by a trained therapist. Some facilities provide experiential groups to patients in order to allow residents hands-on healing through art, yoga and music just to name a few. Healing in community will create long-lasting recovery from addiction to mescaline.

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why people take mescalineWhy Do People Take Mescaline?

This varies depending on the person. A lot of people like the fact that mescaline provides people with mind-altering experiences. A lot of college students and younger people specifically look for mescaline to provide them with an awakening experience as they are searching for meaning, identity and value. Some people see colors or are more easily impacted by music. Overall, people do drugs for a variety of reasons. Since every person is different there will certainly be a number of reasons why someone would do drugs. Unfortunately, drugs are not something to take lightly. What may begin as innocent experimentation could grow into something much more sinister. Looking to find meaning through mescaline could seem like a good idea in the moment, but long-term abuse can change your life foreverin a bad way. If you are struggling with mescaline abuse, reach out for help.

group discussing dangers of mescalineDangers of Mescaline Use

There are various threatening short-term and long-term effects that mescaline could have on a person. In the short-term, mescaline can cause hallucinations that can create unpleasant situations for the person and those he/she is around. People who take these drugs often engage in dangerous activities as a result of their crazed state. Moreover, people who take these drugs in conjunction with other drugs face serious danger. It can conflate the other drugs and symptoms they have and create a whole other, more dangerous situation. Though mescaline isn’t physically addictive, people can seriously hurt themselves and others while using it. If you struggle with mescaline use, you should get help. What may have started off as fun, turned around on you and it’s time to turn your life back around.

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