TriWest Healthcare Alliance Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

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Denial isn’t the only obstacle that stops addicted people from getting treatment. For some, it’s also the cost. Many people don’t realize that their health insurance company offers coverage for addiction treatment. TriWest Healthcare Alliance covers most treatment methods for those who want to recover from substance abuse for good.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance Requires an Initial Evaluation

Before TriWest provides coverage for substance abuse treatment, they evaluate the needs of their addicted customer. The evaluation determines how long he or she has been addicted to the substance and what substance they are addicted to.

It also determines what type of treatment program best supports their recovery. The person battling addiction must agree to the evaluation. It’s conducted by a medical professional who carefully maintains your confidentiality.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance Covers Several Methods of Treatment

TriWest Healthcare Alliance covers addiction treatment for all of their customers. That is if they are willing to participate in an evaluation. The evaluation determines whether or not addiction treatment is appropriate. If so, they evaluate which treatment method will be most effective in the patient’s individual case. Their overall coverage includes inpatient and outpatient treatment options.

Each insurance plan varies in how much they cover and how much you must come out-of-pocket. For more information on what your plan covers, contact a TriWest agent. They can tell you which treatment centers are covered by your plan. While various plans cover treatment altogether, others may require a copay from the patient.

Some addictions call for a medically supervised detox, which TriWest also covers. A medically supervised detox not only maintains physical stability, but it also minimizes withdrawal symptoms. Medically supervised detox also increases the patient’s comfort level, which increases his or her chances for long-term recovery.

Counseling for Substance Abuse

When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, you have a mental addiction, as well as a physical addiction to them. Psychiatric care during treatment is crucial. It gives you the ability to identify your triggers, so you can avoid them. It also teaches you how to forgive yourself for your behaviors during active addiction.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is essential for recovery. Additionally, many people find that counseling helps them understand addiction. This generally makes recovery easier. Before therapy can begin, however, the patient must be physically free of illicit substances.

Once the detox program is complete, the patient is in a better state of mind to engage in treatment. For that reason, patients don’t need to feel “ready” to go to treatment. They only need acknowledge that they need help to overcome their substance abuse.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance Covers Addiction Treatment Medications

An addiction makes it impossible to get and stay clean and sober. However, doctors often prescribe medications to assist in establishing long-term recovery. TriWest commonly covers Suboxone, for example.

Addiction doctors prescribe Suboxone to treat patients with opioid addictions. Only specially qualified addiction doctors can prescribe it. Although you may need to pay for a portion of the cost, TriWest covers most of it.

Rest Assured Your Anonymity is Protected

There’s still a stigma for mental illness, and addiction specifically. Unfortunately, this hinders patients from getting treatment when they need it. Patients often fear judgment from the people around them. For that reason, they often don’t want to share their recovery journey others. When you use your TriWest insurance plan, you can rest assured that your anonymity is safe.

Your personal information is protected by law. That means that your healthcare, including substance abuse treatment remains confidential. Patients can engage in treatment without their employer or school knowing the details of their healthcare.

Extended Addiction Treatment Assistance

Once you finish treatment, your continued recovery depends heavily on your aftercare plan. That includes a list of triggers and healthy coping skills. It also includes a variety of outpatient treatment methods. From individual counseling to support groups, you and your addiction therapist develop an effective aftercare plan during treatment.

Fun activities with sober people and quality family time goes a long way in addiction recovery. Additionally, they’re free of cost. Support group meetings are usually free, too. Other meaningful treatment options, such as addiction counseling, are not.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance understands that extended treatment is valuable in long-term recovery. Therefore, they often cover a portion of those costs, as well. Evidence shows that addiction patients need at least 90 days of treatment for long-term recovery. Use these benefits to participate in treatment for as long as possible.

It’s best to get treatment as soon as you can. The sooner you get treatment, the better your chances are for lifelong recovery. Many people don’t get help for their addiction because they don’t think they can afford it. TriWest Healthcare Alliance makes it easier to get the help you need at a price you can afford.