What Is The Process Of Staging An Intervention For An Alcoholic?


Alcohol Addiction Intervention

An intervention for a loved one who is suffering from alcoholism is imperative to begin a successful road to recovery. A drinking problem can develop over days or take years, it just depends on the extent of abuse. That said, the main problem with an alcohol intervention is that friends and family may wait too long to intervene with their loved one’s alcohol abuse problem because they never really know how long he or she has been hiding the drinking. It is a miracle Katie’s family found her before it was too late.

“When we drove up to the house there was like six cars and … I walked into basically an intervention,” Katie said.

 Planning an Intervention for a Suffering Alcohol Abuser

If you are planning an intervention for a loved one abusing alcohol you need to understand it may be difficult because of the temperament of alcohol itself. Alcohol is legal and commonly used in day-to-day life which makes it difficult for people to see their drinking has become a problem. Because it is hard for some individuals to view their drinking as a problem, it is a good idea to contact an interventionist. Also, an interventionist is experienced in holding successful interventions when your loved ones become argumentative or aggressive.

“I had to tell their parents like that their daughter is like abusive when she drinks,” Katie said.

When planning an intervention for an individual struggling with alcohol, it is vital to be aware of the type of drinker your loved one is to avoid conflict if he or she is under the influence. There are basically three types of alcoholics:

Social Drinker: A social drinker will have a beer at a party, a glass of wine with some friends, or a margarita by the pool. They aren’t doing harm to themselves or others while drinking. They are basically drinking to enjoy the drink.

Binge Drinker: A binge drinker will consume an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time. For example, they might go to a party and finish a bottle of Fire Ball in two hours and then not drink for another week.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, binge drinking is drinking more than four drinks for women and five drinks for men on any one occasion, usually within two hours.

Alcoholic Drinker: An alcoholic drinker is obsessed with alcohol. They fail to control their alcohol intake after starting to drink. This is the type of drinker Katie was. She was incapable of stopping once she started.

The Alcoholic Drinker

Alcoholic drinkers usually wake up in the morning with nothing else on their mind but when and how they are going to get that first drink. This makes a morning alcohol intervention problematic since they will be preoccupied, tense and in theory belligerent. However, if the intervention for an addicted loved one is directed too quickly after the first drink, his or her mind will be troubled and he or she will not be able to entirely appreciate or comprehend the depth of the alcohol intervention.

Katie’s family found the perfect time for an intervention. She had just gotten out of jail and had a period of absence. This may be difficult for some trying to plan an intervention because not everyone goes to jail. Don’t lose hope. You just need to find the right time for your loved one

Don’t wait for an Alcohol Addiction Intervention

An intervention professional can help your family work out the right time and place for an intervention. Also, the interventionist may help with the problems that could arise during the development of the alcohol intervention. If a loved one is struggling with a drinking problem, get in touch with us today. Do not wait another day staying hopeful your loved ones will identify on their own they have an alcohol problem. Their alcohol problem won’t go away on their own. Even Katie needed an intervention to give her the push she needed to change her life. Take the first step and get him or her the professional help that is needed to live a life free from drugs and alcohol.

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