Doing Drugs to Feel Cool

True Stories of Addiction: Josh

He grew up without knowing anything about drugs. Josh’s parents never talked to him about drugs and the friends he had didn’t experiment with them. One day, Josh got the idea in his head that if he were to lie to people about using drugs he would easily make new cool friends and fit in with the popular crowd. The word got out around school that Josh was smoking weed. Some of the kids who smoked found Josh and made plans to go smoke Marijuana with him.

Marijuana and Other Drugs


Josh was in class about a week before he was going to smoke with his new friends and wrote in his journal, “I think I am about to go do something very bad.” Josh knew what he was doing was not the best idea but knew if he smoked with these kids, he would fit in with the popular crowd, which was very important to him.

Josh went through with smoking Marijuana that weekend. He was just 14 years old at the time and now felt like he had life figured out. From that point forward he felt destine to smoke Marijuana every day for the rest of his life. He was certain he could now get through life because Marijuana made him feel accepted and better than he ever had.


Just one hit of Marijuana made Josh obsessed with getting high. He had it in his mind he was going to try every drug he possibly could until he found the perfect one. This went on for a while and Josh’s parents and other family members started to worry; they felt they were losing him.

Treatment and Recovery


When Josh turned 20, his family decided it would be best if he went to treatment so they all got together and surprised him with an intervention. He agreed to treatment and completed a 60-day program. In treatment, he was introduced to the 12-step program and the whole sober network that he never knew existed. He thought he was going to live addicted to drugs his whole life, he never knew there was an option for a better life.

After leaving treatment Josh suffered a few, quick relapses but finally understood what he had to do to stay sober and plugged in with the 12-step fellowship the best he could. Josh was able to put together four years sober, which he says were the best four years of his life.

His sobriety took him back to school, he graduated and now has a degree in Neuro Science. He was okay without drugs and life without drugs became normal for him. That was until his life got “too busy” for the 12-step fellowship. Without the fellowship, he felt as if he was sleep walking through life.

Relapse Over Alcohol and Drugs

Josh was working for a company that had a bar right in the office. He thought since alcohol was never really his problem because he liked drugs, he could have a drink every now and again. This thought process got to him and before he even could get to the bar he decided that trying Heroin sounded like a better idea.

Josh and his friend enjoyed doing Heroin together and before they knew it they were using it without stopping for a month straight. Josh knew if he were to stop, withdrawal would occur so he kept using. He was using for about a month before he realized this wasn’t the life he wanted to live.

Life Without Drugs

His recovery now is different than before. He does not think about getting high and is happy he is living a life without the use of drugs and alcohol. He knows if he doesn’t work the 12-step program, he will fall off the wagon and drink and use again. He thought this life wasn’t possible and is now willing to do anything to stay sober for good. If you or a loved one started using drugs and can’t stop, please give us a call. We are here to help: (866) 578-7471

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