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Natasha Lyonne Drugs and Ambition

07:40 13 August in Celebrity

Who is Natasha Lyonne? Many people discounted Natasha Lyonne in Hollywood. They gave up on her years ago amid her drug addiction and issues with law enforcement. But those people didn't understand just how determined Natasha Lyonne can be. She is one of the best comeback...

Being in recovery - what does it mean?

What Does Being in Recovery Mean

11:00 12 August in Recovery

About 19.7 million Americans battle some form of substance abuse. 10% of American adults admit that they are in recovery. Being in recovery does not just mean being sober, sobriety is the first step in recovery. Recovery can have many definitions when it comes to substance abuse, but one common...

heroin addiction

Making Healthy Choices After Heroin Addiction 

11:00 05 August in Heroin

Heroin addiction’s recovery journey is defined by optimism.  Battling through withdrawal management, different types of therapy, relapse prevention and sometimes relapse itself is no easy feat.  It gives hope that addiction treatment programs actually work, and it’s such a great relief.  The life after heroin requires even more determination, discipline and positivity. It’s a...