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Natasha Lyonne Drugs and Ambition

07:40 13 August in Celebrity

Who is Natasha Lyonne? Many people discounted Natasha Lyonne in Hollywood. They gave up on her years ago amid her drug addiction and issues with law enforcement. But those people didn't understand just how determined Natasha Lyonne can be. She is one of the best comeback...

Baltimore Methadone Clinic Shooting

08:34 02 August in Methadone

For over 50 years, Man Alive, a Baltimore methadone clinic, has served hundreds of people fighting addiction. Those services were unexpectedly halted on Monday, July 15 when a patient of the clinic walked in holding a silver handgun and began a shooting. This unfortunate Baltimore...


What to Look for in a Sponsor

01:30 12 July in Addiction

Addiction is a complicated and challenging disease that affects millions of people around the world. Addiction causes continued and compulsive use of particular substances or activities without regard for negative consequences. Some of the most common examples of addiction include Alcohol, drugs, gambling and shopping....