Getting Treatment is the Right Step

When addiction to a substance begins to rule your life, getting treatment is the right step to take. It can seem daunting at first, but when you look at all the resources available, it doesn’t have to be so bad. Just finding a place that can give you some answers and a phone number to call can be a good start. The internet allows you to find help without anyone else knowing. Sometimes the hardest part of getting help is feeling like you have to tell your friends and family. But, doing a little digging on your own and setting up a plan can all be done confidentially online.

Do You Have to Use Medication to Get Clean?

There are many different forms of treatment and ways to go about getting through substance abuse. One way to do so is by using a holistic approach. This is a natural approach of treatment and is a great step to take if you don’t want to use chemicals. No pharmaceuticals are used, which can be a useful approach for individuals that may have abused commonly prescribed drugs. Holistic treatment centers let the body heal by using its natural process through things such as exercise, vitamins, meditation, or even acupuncture. These methodologies can help to diminish feelings of anxiety, fatigue, uneasiness, etc.

Do You Even Have a Substance Abuse Problem?

When looking at alcohol abuse, sometimes it can be hard to determine if treatment is necessary. With alcohol being so prevalent in today’s society, abuse may be overlooked or not even realized. There are a few key ways to tell when alcohol is a problem or just something used for socializing and fun. If you find yourself drinking too fast, too often, or just too much, that can be an indicator of a problem. Nearly 17 million people over the age of 18 have some kind of alcohol abuse disorder. This disorder is diagnosed by doctors when the use of alcohol causes distress or harm. There are obviously many levels to the severity of the abuse, but looking at a few different questions and how they are answered can give some indication. For example, have you ever had times when you drank more or longer than you intended, or tried to cut down on drinking but couldn’t? If the answer is yes, you may be suffering from alcoholism.

Can You Look for Other Signs as Well?

Not only may you need to look for substance abuse signs in yourself, but you may be concerned about a loved one too. Noticing things like mood changes is important. Someone who is usually happy getting really angry, or upset over something that wouldn’t normally upset them may be using. Starting to see struggles with school or work and bad attendance or low grades can be an indicator of abuse, as well. For teens and young adults, a sudden change in friends and not wanting to introduce those friends to family members may be a sign that substance abuse is happening. There may be a feeling of despondence as well that could be a red flag. Of course, there are the physical changes to look for like slurred speech or memory lapses. It’s important to keep these in mind for you or loved ones and be aware because substance abuse is everywhere and no one is immune to it.

So, What if You Want Treatment?

If you are questioning the need to get help or even just seeking some information, it can’t hurt to inquire. Getting treatment is the right step! So, where do you go from here? Treatment for alcohol abuse is usually led by health professionals and can be in the form of changing the behavior or prescribing medication. Behavioral treatment can be done in a few different forms, some of which are more invasive that others. Typical one-on-one counseling is one way to go, as well as small group sessions (commonly know as “AA”), or marriage and family counseling can help too. Either way, treatment cannot hurt and is the right step to bettering your life, as well as those around you.

How Did Your Addiction Even Happen?

A common question to ask when wondering if getting treatment is the right step is how did your addiction start? It is very common to have two coinciding disorders that lead to some type of abuse. One common occurrence is when someone is experiencing depression, they may turn to drugs or alcohol in order to combat some of those troubling feelings. This is often something seen in youth since sorting out issues and feelings can be harder on them.

There are many factors that play into why someone may start using drugs or get addicted to them without even knowing it. Life is hard, and dealing with its everyday ups and downs is not something people were born knowing how to do. There is no reason to feel bad or guilty as to why or how substance abuse may have started, but there is a way out. Getting treatment is the right step, and it will help, if you let it.

Will Everything Be Okay?

It’s okay to be hesitant that getting help will indeed help.  There are so many resources and people who are willing to help that there’s no need to feel hopeless, alone, embarrassed, stupid, or any negative emotions. Everything can be turned around with treatment and dedication! There are options in every state and funded programs to help you get on the road to recovery. Believe in yourself, and focus on the life you want.

  1. Of course, it is. It isn’t a crime to be a victim but the crime is when you have access to recovery but you refuses to grab it.

  2. As it was rightly said in the body of the write up, the source of the addiction must be known. This will help to know the required steps to be taken so as to ensure quick recovery.

  3. With the advent of social media and the internet, also comes the possibility of reaching out to others and yet be anonymous. This provides a great tool for drug addicts to seek for help while maintaining their confidentiality. There is no excuse.

  4. This are the right questions to be asked. This will certainly make a victim of addiction comfortable and want to share his pains with you and in return you give him a short at soberness.

  5. I totally support this submission that getting treatment is the right step. In drug addiction, seeking recovery is the right action to be taken to put one on track.

  6. Before addiction degerates into a more complicated conditions, I strongly believe that the first action to be taken is seeking treatment. This will go a long way towards arresting the ugly situation of addiction.

  7. Getting treatment is actually the way out.
    But then you need to know you are addicted. Some never believe they are addicted.
    Ways out proffer here are great.

  8. Very much true, when the addiction have taking over an individual’s life too much, then sobriety is needed to get the life back in order. So, treatment is very much essential to restore the individual’s life back.

  9. Knowing and admitting there’s an addiction is the first phase, accepting to fix and get better follows. Getting treated takes resilience and determination so be ready for it.

  10. I totally agree with this blog. Treatment is the right step to get rid of drug addiction. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  11. It can be daunting for sure but they have to take it if there is hope to escape the grip of addiction. It is not gonna be easy but then again nothing is. Just have the will to change.

  12. This is a natural approach of treatment and is a great step to take. One common occurrence is when someone is experiencing depression. This is often something seen in youth since sorting out issues.

  13. Getting treatment for an addiction is the right step in the right direction to come out of an addiction. The main focus should be believing in yourself and focusing on the life you want to live.

  14. This blog is very important for all people who are suffering from drugs and alcohol. Drugs are very harmful effects of our body. Don’t take it.

  15. This is very good and educative article. This article will go a long way in helping many addicts discover themselves and the way out of their addiction.

  16. Affirmative. Treatment is always the right step to everyone facing challenges of addiction. This is a great article as well enlightening us on the importance of treatment and recovery.

  17. Especially now that addiction is the order of the day. If not treated it can degenerate into another complicated issues which may lead to lost of lives.

  18. This is a very good article. The set of questions can help with building confidence towards recovery. So happy to read and share with other people. Treatment is always the key step to recovery.

  19. It’s really hard to tell when a person is already having a problem with getting addicted to alcohol or drugs. They mostly don’t see anything wrong if they take a bit too much drink or over the counter drugs. It could also be chalked to the reason that people have different tolerance levels. But if it is to the point that people now lash out at friends or family just to get high or drunk, they should really take a breather and do a reality check about how often and how much they take the drugs or drink. It’s a definite sign that there is a serious problem.

  20. Thanks for healing us time to time. Thta’s a great remedy for me. After reading your article I Literally feel active throughout the day.

  21. Getting the get treatment is the best thing you could give yourself, that’s moving in the right direction. Decide to treat yourself right this coming year and stay sober

  22. There is nothing that feels so good like being in your right state of mind. When you have control over your mind, it becomes a peaceful living. Treatment is key.

  23. Exactly all what are said here is very correct. One’s plan and determination can cure addiction without necessary need to make it public. This is a good information, I see this helping many with addiction.

  24. Your opening paragraph is the sure bet when drugs rules anyone’s life getting treatment should come first and that’s how one will transform life.

  25. Thankyou Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people.

  26. Knowing that addiction is life destructing and life threatening is the first step that creates a sense of sobriety that will promptly an addict to seeking out means to overcoming it. Thanks for sharing

  27. I am not in support of just trying to work out of abuse alone, an help is required. Always yry seek a professional help, it helps and makes the journey easy

  28. This is good and the best we can do, patience even when going through treatment. Nothing good comes easy, seek help from professional is it up to that.

  29. The right step to be treated is one should accept and willingly that he or she need to be treated. Be determined and stay sober, everything will be alright.

  30. Belief in yourself is an important recovery strategy as well as looking for the signs, that your addiction is getting out of control. Luckily, there is lots of help available and you can reach out to people with similar struggles. Thanks for this important piece.

  31. We are in a world where people battle one addiction or the other, people need to be sensitized on how to get out of it. Thanks for this piece.

  32. With the wealth of resources and programs geared towards helping people today, any addict can easily recover. It’s all just a matter of choice

  33. This is an eye opener, helps to understand that going into recovery is the only way out. And mind you, no one is beyond recovery, just take the first bold step.

  34. There’s no more courageous way to take charge of your life than to rise up to the challenge of confronting your addiction. Thanks detox for sharing .

  35. I like the fact that this article discusses the fact that we need to trace down the roots of addiction before treating it. Figuring out how the addiction started could provide some insights about how we can treat addictions. However, I believe that the fundamental principles of each addiction is the same. Addiction is all about imbalance of brain chemicals such as dopamine and impairment of certain brain regions such as prefrontal cortex and I think this is what leads to mood changes and mood swings rapidly in addicts.

  36. Getting treatment is the best option for a drug addict, but sometimes addicts live in denial of their situation or should I say they cant help their condition and would need family intervention before treatment can be achieved.

  37. Drug addiction sucks and I just hope that addicted people can seek the right treatment..wether it’s alcohol addiction or drug addiction, people need to get help..thanks for posting this article..hope a lot of people get to read this

  38. Most of the people who have substance addiction in any form doesn’t even know that they already have addiction. If you already noticed some changes in your being in some way, I think that is the time you should seek help from professionals.

  39. I totally support this submission that getting treatment is the right step. And mind you, no one is beyond recovery, just take the first bold step. Thanks detox for sharing .

  40. Many people tend to procrastinate that vital step of getting treatment. The longer one procrastinates the worse things can get.

  41. With so many rehabilitation centers around nowadays, it has never been easier to get treatment. I hope more addicts embrace the idea of recovery.

  42. “Nearly 17 million people over the age of 18 have some kind of alcohol abuse disorder.” That’s a truly scary statistic right there. It’s saddening how bad things really are.

  43. Thanks for covering in depth the signs to look out for in an addict. Many people tend to overlook those tell-tale signs.

  44. How I wish this article could reach as many addicts as possible as that would help them make that vital decision to recover. I will be sure to share it widely.

  45. I think Holistic treatment centers are the best route to take when fighting addiction. The results speak for themselves and I have personally seen it transform numerous lives over the years.

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