Over 23.5 million people are in need of treatment for illegal drugs like Flakka.

90% of deaths from poisoning are directly caused by drug overdoses.

About 72% of all cases reported to poison centers for substance use were calls from people’s homes.


What is Flakka?

FFlakka is a powerful Hallucinogenic comparable to Bath Salts. The active ingredient in Flakka is a stimulant developed in the 1960s called alpha-PVP, and added to the controlled substance use in 2014. It originally came from China and is sold over the internet or more traditionally, by dealers. Flakka is just as addictive as Bath Salts, and can be quite a bit more dangerous. There is only a small difference in the amount of Flakka it takes to get high and the amount of the drug it takes to overdose. This drug is abused by ingesting, snorting, injecting or smoking.

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Flakka Detox:

Flakka Detox:

The road to recovery from Flakka abuse can be very hard on your body. Due to the nature of designer drugs like Flakka there are a lot of different withdrawal symptoms and complications that can come up during the detox period. Detox itself is stressful on your body, and with the damage that Flakka causes to your organs the extra stress can cause major health issues. Detox can be done safely if it is monitored by medical professionals. Some common withdrawal symptoms can be depression, extreme irritability, anxiety, insomnia, severe fatigue, night sweats, weight gain, and suicidal thoughts or actions.
Flakka Rehab

Flakka Rehab:

Recognizing that you have a problem can be difficult. Not only because it seemingly puts you in a position of vulnerability, needing help. But also when people are faced with giving up something that has become a mainstay in their life, they may resist. However, going into treatment is lifesaving. In rehab, clients will go through detox, which cleanses the body of harmful substances. This period will last up to 14 days. After the detox period, the client will go through the therapeutic dimension of treatment. With this, the client will learn behavior skills and coping mechanisms to deal with sober living.

Dangers of Flakka Abuse:

Flakka is more addictive than Methamphetamine and poses legitimate threats to those who consider partaking in it. When people take it, they often go into a delirium where they feel superhuman strength and psychotic behavior. Flakka is a fairly new drug and it is because of that not all of the signs and symptoms of use are known. The signsthat are currently known are severe in nature andhappen often with the use of Flakka.


Effects of Flakka

Muscle Tissue Deterioration:  During deterioration the tissue breaks down, which then get into the users’ blood stream. That can lead to kidney failure and or death.
Excited Delirium: Many people who are on Flakka are found running around. Often they stated that they were trying to get away from what they believe are murderers who are chasing them. However, in reality, there is no one there.

Overheating: Often the users’ temperature can get to 105 degrees. They often rip off their clothes in order to try to cool down.

Violent Uncontrolled Outbursts: Similar to Bath Salts, it is common for people to become violent. When the outbursts start it’s hard to control resulting in the user hurting themselves or others.
Just like other stimulants, Flakka floods the brain with dopamine. Some of the most prominent side effects are:
• Euphoric Sensations
• Rapid Heart Rate and Palpitations
• Increase in Blood Pressure
• Alertness
• Aggressive Behavior



What is Flakka Made Of?

Flakka is made of alpha-PVP, which is the drug found in bath salts.

What are the Side Effects of Flakka?

Some of the side effects of Flakka are paranoia, delusions and agitation.

Is Flakka Addictive?

Yes. It is one of the world’s most addictive substances.

Is Flakka a Stimulant?

Yes. It is a synthetic version of cathinone, which is a stimulant.

How do People Take Flakka?

They can snort, inject, smoke or swallow the drug.



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Flakka Withdrawal Symptoms

Flakka Withdrawal Symptoms

When people withdrawal from stimulants, they generally experience depression, irritability, anxiety insomnia, weight gain or suicidal thoughts. The longer the person has used Flakka, the more intense the person’s withdrawal symptoms will actually be. Some detoxification programs will need to be tapered off the drug. Eventually they will have to reduce the drug down to zero. Some of withdrawal symptoms include: Intense cravings for the drug, depression, anxiety, irritability, and an inability to concentrate.

Dangers of Flakka Overdose

Dangers of Flakka Overdose

With Flakka it is extremely easy to overdose due to the small difference in the amount that is needed to get high and the amount it takes to overdose. Like any drug, the addicted person will build up a tolerance to Flakka leaving even less room between feeling high and overdosing. Survivors of an overdose on Flakka typically need to remain on dialysis because of the damage done to their kidneys.

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Inpatient Flakka Treatment

Inpatient Flakka Treatment:

Inpatient treatment can be an amazing tool to those suffering from a Flakka addiction. This type of treatment provides a medical detox which will be extremely beneficial to the Flakka user. During inpatient treatment the addict is secluded from the outside, where they will learn good coping tools and be slowly integrated back into the world until they are ready for sober living. The structure will be different depending on the facility, so it’s important to weigh out your options. The length of stay varies from facility to facility, generally they range from 30, 60 or 90 days. This kind of treatment has a great success rate for long term sobriety. It is also recommended that the addict seek treatment outside of their hometown, this helps remove all the negative influence they may have surrounding them.

Outpatient Flakka Treatment

Outpatient Flakka Treatment:

There are many different types of treatment options for you or your loved one to choose from. Finding the right rehab might take a little bit of research because each facility will be slightly different. Outpatient treatment is typically when the patient lives off site unsupervised. He or she will need to go in for therapy, groups and or classes. Outpatient treatment does tend to be time consuming however, the amount of time required will be different depending on the facility. It allows the patient to still go to work or school while receiving treatment. The down side to this type of treatment is the user will remain in the same surroundings that fueled their addiction. If you’re not sure which option will be best for you, we can help you figure that out and find a facility for you.

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Paying for Flakka TreatmentPaying for Flakka Treatment:

Insurance is there to help you pay for your health related needs. Substance abuse treatment is one of those. Most insurance companies covera portion if not all of your treatment. Getting healthy doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Look into your policy or call your insurance company to see how much of the treatment that your policy covers. Insurance is there to help you pay for your health related needs. Substance abuse treatment is one of those. Most insurance companies covera portion if not all of your treatment. Getting healthy doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Look into your policy or call your insurance company to see how much of the treatment that your policy covers. Insurance is there to help you pay for your health related needs. Substance abuse treatment is one of those. Most insurance companies covera portion if not all of your treatment. Getting healthy doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Look into your policy or call your insurance company to see how much of the treatment that your policy covers.

Aftercare for FlakkaAftercare for Flakka:

When clients finished treatment for Flakka abuse, they should look into aftercare options. Aftercare consist of everything from sober living to 12-step groups. Sober living facilities are great transitional housing options for people leaving treatment. Often, it can prove difficult for people to leave treatment and go straight back out into the word. In sober living facilities, people will have the chance to live with other people just getting out of treatment. They will have the opportunity to transition smoother. People getting out of treatment should also look into 12-step groups. These groups provide fellowship and goal-oriented healing to those in recovery.

Survivors of Substance Abuse

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Family Therapy for Flakka
Family Therapy for Flakka:

One of the most important things in ensuring someone’s long-term recovery is making sure that the family unit gets healed. Healing the family unit might take a lot of work, but it is worth it. In treatment centers, therapists are available to help with the process of healing. The sessions will involve one or a couple family members and the person in recovery going over educational stuff about addiction while also dealing with past trauma. One of the most important things to realize as a family is that nobody caused the person to have an addiction. The reasons for the addiction are complicated and often involve many different moving pieces. Trying to blame one person for an addiction is short sighted and harmful. That said, the therapy sessions communicate hurt and pain and try and offer reconciliation to those involved. Through this, the family can be whole again and the client can have a safety net after treatment.

Intervention for Flakka
Intervention for Flakka

Due to the fact that Flakka is so dangerous, if you think a friend or family member is using it, there is no time to waste. Sometimes with Flakka and other drugs an intervention is the only way that the user will choose to get help. Sometimes they don’t know there is a problem or don’t want to admit it. We know that it can be a scary thing but you might be your love one’s last hope. Talk to a professional to set up an intervention, a professional will be able to help you state your concern while not condemning your loved one. The most important thing to remember that you are doing this to help them, not to make them feel judged.

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Traveling for Treatment Traveling for Treatment:

Sometimes traveling for treatment is the best idea. With drugs like Flakka there can be a lot of triggers based on location, to get healthy you might have to remove yourself from the area to avoid those. At least until you have learned coping skills for those triggers. Traveling for treatment can also help by allowing you to focus simply on getting healthy and learning the coping skills that rehab will teach you. Removing yourself from your surroundings can be extremely beneficial to ensuring success in recovery. This allows for the addicted person to get a fresh start away from any of the negative influences they may have in their life. Also it helps to get them out of town so they can’t have their connections bring them drugs or pick them up from treatment if they decide to leave.

Group Therapy for FlakkaGroup Therapy for Flakka:

various addiction problems. In group therapy, people will learn how to heal within the context of community and depend on other people. Often, people in addiction learn to depend and trust themselves alone, which can make it difficult for them to connect with other people in honest ways. In group therapy, you learn that the key to your sobriety is allowing open doors for other people to help you. In the group therapy sessions, you will get paired with other people in recovery and a therapist. In the sessions, clients will learn to do process sessions, which incorporate hearing people share about their struggles. Clients will also go through experiential sessions where they practice art, yoga and other kinetic activities to get them out of their mind. Group therapy sessions also incorporate educational components to help teach people about addiction and coping strategies.

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