Rediscovering Joy After Alcoholism

From Dedicated Student to Party Girl

Growing up, Karry was a good kid—she was hard working and dedicated to school. In high school, she got great grades and became committed to drama and playing the flute. She was always too busy with her studies to party much, but after graduation, it felt like it was her time to finally let loose.

It turned out that Karry really liked partying and drinking. What started as a summer of fun quickly became a slippery slope.

The drinking really caught on, and drugs entered the picture for a few years as well. Drinking for fun after football games and at parties turned into Alcoholism. She eventually lost her scholarship and dropped out of college.

Drinking Until the Moment of Truth

Years later, she had become isolated from her family and was basically working just to pay for her addiction. Her boyfriend of five years had stopped drinking and she didn’t have her drinking friends around as much.

She was drinking daily, even at work, and had stopped doing the things she loved. Karry didn’t hike anymore or play music; her life revolved around Alcohol. Addiction will captivate you as the rest of your life crumbles, and this is what happened to Karry.

She had become a very unhappy person, and her boyfriend and family were concerned by her drinking. They suggested rehab, and she agreed just to please them.

Karry’s moment of truth was when her boyfriend found her sneaking a shot in the bathroom before they left to look at a treatment center, having bought a few and hid them from him.

Progress in Treatment for Alcoholism

That’s when she decided to change. Karry called the treatment center they visited later that day and checked herself in. In rehab, she became willing to do everything that was suggested of her. She found the drive and ambition she once had for school and used it in recovery.

From then on, she put all her energy into working the program. Karry started working with a personal trainer and the progress she made in her health inspired her more. She went from 220 pounds to 150, losing 70 pounds and gaining strength and muscle.

As she watched her body and life change, she regained confidence in herself. Now, she focuses on the little pleasures in life and finds purpose in the things she loves. She likes to dance as if no one is watching in her Zumba classes and finds value in the new relationships she fosters.

Never Too Late to Get Sober

In recovery, Karry rediscovered herself and what gives her joy in life. She recognizes how much power our decisions can have and the changes we can make if we are determined.

Recovery can seem daunting, but there are so many people who want to help you through. If you think you might have an addiction to Alcohol or any substance, you can rediscover your joy too. You may feel alone, but there are millions of people who are going through the same thing as you right now.

Call (866)578-7471 to talk to someone who has been where you are and wants to help you find your own journey to recovery.

  1. Oh no, this shouldn’t be. A brilliant student dropped out of college and lost her scholarship. This are part of what drugs and alcohol combination can take from someone’s life. The best thing is Abstinence.

  2. So much talent almost going to waste. These addictions would always derail one’s focus. Never give in to them to avoid hurting life experiences. Thanks for this one Detoxtorehab.

  3. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something and try to recover from that.

  4. In fact, this is a cheering news of drug recovery. It is never too late for one to change for the better. Determination and hard work are the keys. Bravo to Detox for transformation!

  5. Addiction is not good thing to turn to when one faces challenges in life. Addiction will captivate you as the rest of your life crumbles. The best way is to try and find solutions to those challenges and progress.

  6. Finding happiness is one way to recuperiate yourself from the things you have done. Keep it up and help those around you too.

  7. I am glad to know that Karry rediscovered herself. Very emotional and inspirational story thank God for your recovery from addiction. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing Karry’s story.

  8. Karry’s story was so interesting from the start, she was such a bright young kid. But she was not well Informed which eventually got her to this mess but luckily detoc is here for her to see through her moment of weakness.

  9. A Great experience shared with words of knowledge!
    Every addict can recover through determination and making a life changing decision.

  10. Yes, I have seen many people friends, who is addicted of alcohol, it is a dangerous and life threatning if not left at time.

  11. It’s a good example for the society . even a successful girl like her get addicted to drugs . we should create a good environment.

  12. This is a great decision! Changing from drug addiction to drug-free life is a welcome development. Consequently, people should desist from indulging in alcolism and illicit drugs.

  13. the truth is some of us see drinking as fun especially when we are at parties..then we get addicted and our life take a downward spin.. drinking destroys everything good in our life..I’m glad she sought help .. that’s the best decision ever…

  14. This has always being the story for some students, from being dedicated to joining the party-goers. i think it is always peer pressure or influence by others. All the same, good that you have found joy now

  15. Thanks to detox to rehab giving hope to many and for sharing this inspiring post,it will really save many life.i,m happy for karry recovery.

  16. Addiction will captivate you as the rest of your life crumbles. The best way is to try and find solutions to those challenges and progress.we should create a good environment. thanks for sharing this blog, this is very important .

  17. The recovery process is always it for me. You get a wake up call and begin to rediscover self and begin to find your joy. Karry good to know you are fine now

  18. Detox to rehab has hit the nail on the head again. Our decisions are our gyro compasses to navigate our way out of negative lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.

  19. This is great because having ones joy returned after years of challenges is a grace. Your recovery is permanent in Jesus precious name.

  20. Being sober can be boring at times but the piece of mind it gives you is really something. At times going left seems exciting and all and we do need that once in a while but not in a daily basis, Alcohol used right helps in our pursue for escape but abuse it and it bites back.

  21. Great story Karry! It takes courage to share what you went through. And may this be helpful to anyone who needs help who are reading article.

  22. If Karry can get treatment, others too can be treated. Addiction of alcohol start like a child play but look at where it almost led Karry astray thanks for her family and boyfriend.

  23. Subscribing to rehabilitation beings one endless joy. Detox is indeed setting the pace for rehabilitating drug addicts.

  24. Karry I am glad you eventually had to give up alcohol, and reignited the drive you had for living. Keep being strong and being sober.

  25. Her story is a story to be read by all because is so beautiful, inspirational and motivational. I’m so happy she found joy at last.

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