How Do I Help My Loved One Recover From Drug Addiction?


Adam was previously featured on True Stories of Addiction about six months ago. We decided to follow-up with him to get an update on where he’s at in his recovery journey. We will do these updates once a month going forward with our TSOA series.

Adam started using drugs at 13. He used everything from Marijuana, Alcohol, Prescription Pills, Heroin and Meth. Adam has accumulated over 26 months of sobriety. He recently received a promotion at work, which allows him to work with alumni from the rehab he went through.

“It’s really rewarding to see these newcomers get out of treatment and you see them at meetings attending alumni events,” Adam said.

“The flip side is you see a lot of people you know don’t make it.”

In Adam’s eyes, he can’t let that mess up his peace of mind—or his inner chi. In the last two months he’s had to attend two different funerals. Both of the funerals were for people in their 20’s.

“It pushes me to do better so my family doesn’t have to go through that heartache,” Adam said.

Staying Connected, Staying Sober

Adam tries to attend three to four meetings a week. He does service activities. He’s infinitely invested in his recovery.

“I base my life around my recovery, not my recovery around my life,” Adam said.

One of the reasons why he does that is because a bad day for him can bleed so easily into drug abuse.

“When a drug addict like me has a bad day it’s unfortunate that the option to use is always on the table,” Adam said.

“I’m an addict through and through. Every fiber of my being is an addict. I’m going against the grain being sober.” As such, it takes every grain of his being to maintain sobriety.

In order to maintain sobriety, Adam needs to take it one day at a time. And sometimes, he argues, it’s minute by minute. He believes that’s especially true for newcomers.

For Adam, the mystery of recovery compels him to continue on.

“It’s not worth it to trade the unknown of recovery for the known misery of getting loaded,” Adam said.

What Mysteries May Come

The mystery of it all compels him to seek out life, rather than hide from it. “Today I am free from active addiction. What that looks like for me is that I’m free,” Adam said.

“I have no restrictions. I can go cliff jumping. I have this group of friends who I go with on adventures. Today I want to explore. I want to play Pokémon Go and walk around 10 miles. It’s such an amazing feeling.”

In October, Adam is taking some alumni to Havasupai Falls and the Grand Canyon. He’s grateful for this opportunity and the knowledge that he won’t be dope sick up there. He’s grateful for not having to worry as much in life. He believes it’s all taken care of with his faith.

“Living in God’s will was foreign to me in the beginning, but today there is no other way to live. When I live in my will, it’s not pretty,” Adam said.

Learning Lessons, Moving Forward

One of the greatest lessons Adam learned is that he is not a bad person and he wasn’t a bad person when he was in active addiction.

“I’m not a bad person when I use, I’m a sick person. I’m not a thief; I’m not a thief; I’m not a liar,” Adam said.

“If you are out there struggling, give it a chance. It’s a beautiful life to have. I don’t wish addiction on anybody,” Adam said.

  1. Thanks for meaningful post. How to help others life a reasonable life should always be our target every blessed day.

  2. Adam’s words really touched my heart. He understands the struggle he went through to come out of this addiction, and these words will really help others who are still struggling.

  3. Drug addicts need therapy and a lot of counseling to keep away from the habit. I know people that have been helped this way so the solution can helped

  4. Everyone facing this addiction really needs all the love they needed. It’s not easy seeing all this stories in this few days, seriously they need all hands on desk.

  5. This is why i always say a support system is vital. It can make the transition succeed or fail. It seems you have done a good job!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  6. The saying “you cannot give what you don’t have” goes true to Adam. Having the experience of recovering from addiction makes him a big help to other people because he knows and has been there.

  7. Anyone can be of help to siblings facing addiction by caring and not stigmatising in anyway. Let them feel at home and comfortable talking to you.

    1. Thank you for this educative information Adams. It is true that people around drug addicts can be of help for his or her recovery from addiction.

  8. The addict must first know he or she has a problem and will be in support of seeking a solution. That way it will very easy to help

    1. I know people that have been helped. Having the experience of recovering from addiction. It seems you have done a good job.

  9. Good to hear that you found work and meet alumni,I know everyone has chance,help other to find out their recovery

  10. I love Adam’s conscious effort to stay sober for the ones he loves and for others struggling with addiction. Spirituality, exercise and having a good support system are such key strategies for those looking for better selfcare.

  11. Addiction comes with negative acts and you shouldn’t see yourself as the act it has made you commit.
    Adam’s Experience is full of lessons every one should learn from.

  12. We don’t need to criticise drugs addict, rather we should encourage them to stop taking it and make recovery from it which is absolutely possible

  13. Adam’s Experience is Motivating and Encouraging.
    He shared all that helped him in recovering from Addiction with us.
    I’m really Happy for him

  14. While I do find this to be a tricky question as each case maybe diffrent but ultimately how do I help a love one? Well how about not letting them to be an addict to start with. Or in the event that they are addicts then getting them to rehab as much as early as possible. Tough I know but for there sake I have to.

  15. Helping addicts with their recovery process is very important. Getting involved with their state of condition can boost their morale to get back on track.

  16. One of the ways to help others with addiction is by stayin connected and sober with them. Enlightening the addict on the need to recover through our Help is also essential.

  17. This story is very useful for those who are currently struggling with drug addiction. this story touched my heart.
    Sudhanshu Sharma

  18. It’s not easy seeing all these stories in these few days, seriously they need all hands on deck. The addict must first know he or she has a problem and will be in support of seeking a solution. We need to give them hope and help them morally and spiritually.

  19. I don’t think it should be a struggle to help others to be a success in life. we just need to support the addict and hopefully, they become better people.

  20. Definitely, some people are not bad it just that they are just addicted to bad habit. one just have to help them if they can to stop and be sober.

  21. When your are addicted to something its really hard to stay sober and forget that thing. Its a big sacrifice and determination to be clean and stay away from drugs,

  22. The things Adam says is really heart touching and showing the reality as well, one should not say or treat a person suffering from addiction in wrong manners.

  23. Anyone addicted to drugs must first be determined to be sober, and they must be encouraged. Adam story is quite touching. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing…

  24. Wow. This is so amazing firstly I’m so happy die Adam who got addicted to drugs at age 13 but has recovered. This is a very meaningful article.

  25. It’s always tough to avoid what you’ve been addicted to. Adam is still finding it hard to cope without alcohol and drug substances even if he’s on rehab.

  26. Adam understands the struggle he went through to come out of this addiction. This is an encouraging tips to others who are still struggling.

  27. It’s one thing to want to fight addiction and it’s another thing to be in an enabling environment. It’s also good to know what works for you.

  28. All hands must be on desk in making addicts are not left alone in their struggle to recovery. It is important to show them love and help them understand the need to have live a fulfilled lifestyle because drugs won’t allow them to. I believe there is a lot of lessons that can help mold one to living a good life in this story. Addiction is dangerous to health and one’s good lifestyle.

  29. There’s nothing like the feeling of being free. The peace that flows one’s mind is unquantifiable. Great one Adam for doing everything possible to ensure family members don’t go through such.

  30. Some of these addicted individuals don’t even believe they are. They will be able to realise it when they are shown love by the people around them.

  31. Update on how far those on sobriety have come is always soul lifting. Show the positivity in the program. Thanks for the good works Detoxtorehab.

  32. I am really happy for Adam. Although, he was addicted but now , he is sober. This kind of write up encouraging others to be sober. thanks for the kind advice Adam. People that are out there struggling with addiction should just give sobriety a chance. life is beautiful without drugs

  33. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something and try to recover from that.

  34. I can only imagine the battles and the zeal Adam in putting into staying sober. I pray he continues to have the strength to always overcome.

  35. The way to help those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol is by giving them information to overcome it. Studying when they feel like taking it one can get them involved in an exercise.

  36. love Adam’s conscious effort to stay sober for the ones he loves and for others struggling with addiction. These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something and try to recover from that.

  37. I can imagine the freedom that comes with recovery, knowing that you can do the things people do without having to use drugs. I wish Adam the very best going forward.

  38. This is very inspiring. Adams’ story has proven that it’s not only possible to lead a drug clean life. He’s also shown that staying consistently clean is very feasible. He is like a ray of light in the dark; stirring up hope in the heart.

  39. Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips! Really appreciate it. I have an alcoholic uncle and we do our best as we can to help him and understand his situation. Despite being different to drug addiction, it has some similarities.

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