Crack Cocaine Abuse and Pregnancy

True Stories of Addiction: Lynnette

Lynnette went through her childhood and most of her teenage years without using and abusing drugs and or alcohol. She was a normal girl going through school who had dreams and aspirations to be someone inspirational in life. Her life took a turn once she graduated high school and instead of going to college, her boyfriend at the time introduced her to Crack Cocaine.

She ended up losing her oldest daughter to her addiction and felt lost without her, but Lynnette’s Crack Cocaine addiction was so powerful that losing her daughter didn’t make her want to change her life- she kept using. Time went by and Lynnette was living life addicted to Crack Cocaine. She was hanging out with people who also abuse drugs and was staying in a known “dope house.” This known “dope house” ended up getting raided by the police while Lynnette was there.

Lynnette lost everything and was in huge trouble with the law. She didn’t want to go to prison so she agreed to attend a few 12-step meetings a week to get the courts off her back. When she would go to these meetings she didn’t really listen to what was being said. She thought the 12-step program was a place people go to get out of trouble with the law – she thought they were fake and didn’t realize at the time the people she saw could have truly helped her.

Crack Cocaine Over Everything

The law eventually gave up on Lynnette’s case because they didn’t have evidence she was a part of what she was being charged for. When the law let her go, she went right back to the dope house for more. In a short period of time of living in the dope house Lynnette got pregnant again. Due to her addiction to Crack Cocaine Lynnette knew she couldn’t take care of this baby like it deserved, so, she put it up for adoption. Shortly after she had the child things started going downhill once again.

lynnette-drugs-crack cocaine-sober
Things were going downhill fast and Lynnette couldn’t seem to catch a break. She was using Crack Cocaine as a way to escape reality and cover up her emotions because she didn’t know how to cope without the use of drugs. She was stuck in an abusive relationship which made her feel she wasn’t worth a sober, happy life. Lynnette finally escaped from the abusive relationship and moved to her parents’ house where her oldest daughter was staying. Things were still not going the way Lynnette would have liked her life to be moving toward, and she found out she was pregnant again.

She ended up moving to Arizona and putting the baby up for adoption. Shortly after she put the baby up for adoption, she ran into her ex-husband and the love was still there so they got married again. The marriage was going steady for about two and a half years. They had a daughter and thought life was going well. In no time, her and her husband couldn’t stop arguing and were divorced; Lynnette was depressed and turned to drugs once again.


She would wake up in the morning hoping to stop abusing Crack Cocaine, but it never happened. She kept using and abusing drugs- she felt incapable of stopping. In her mind, she thought she was being a good mom by leaving her daughters to live with her parents. But shortly realized she wasn’t there for them emotionally or to show them the love they needed from their mother. It hurt Lynnette to realize she wasn’t being the best mother she could be for her girls. Even though she was hurting for her children she couldn’t steer away from the drugs, they took the highest level of importance in her life.

The drugs did take a high level of importance in her life, even over her own health. She had to be admitted into the hospital because her kidney levels were terrible and the doctors believed they needed to monitor her or something bad would happen.

She agreed to stay in the hospital, but had all of what she needed to get high in the bathroom of the hospital. The drugs didn’t last long for Lynnette and she knew she needed more to get though, so she called a friend. With her IV still in her arm and in her hospital gown, Lynnette left the hospital with this friend to go to the dope house and get the drugs she needed.

Lynnette almost got away with it, but on the way back to the hospital the cops stopped the car after seeing Lynnette and her friend leaving the dope house. The officers weren’t stupid and knew that if she and her friend were leaving the dope house had dope on them.


The 12-Step Program Save Lives

The cops noticed she was in a hospital gown with an IV in her arm and were shocked. The officers asked her questions, but ended up taking her back to the hospital, because they could see she was very sick and told them the truth about her addiction. She finished her kidney treatment in the hospital, and was released two days later. When leaving the hospital, instead of going to the dope house, she decided to try another 12-step meeting.

Lynnette walked into the meeting and felt peace. She saw many people who were happy and smiling that were so nice and welcoming. Lynnette was told she needed to get a sponsor in order to stay sober, so she did just that. The woman sponsored Lynnette for about ten years, she got her through her steps, and showed her a new way of life.

Lynnette went and stayed with her kids while attending 12-step meetings every day. She started working with a lot of woman, because she knew that was the only thing that would keep her sober. She has no craving to get high today but there are still days that aren’t easy. But she knows nothing is worth going back to the life she was living.

Lynnette knows anyone can change their life and get sober if they want too. If you want to get sober but need help getting there, give us a call. We are here to help:  (866) 578-7471

  1. I’m really happy that Lynnette got the help that she needed. The 12 step program helped her a lot with her life and addiction. Thank you for sharing her inspiration story with us. Such an eye opener.

  2. It’s ready a bad experience for Lynnette, I know her untimely daughter’s death made her getting along with drug abuse later on, she thought about it and grew frustrated. It’s good she went through sober and taking the 12th day meeting to learn ways of combating drug abuse to stay positive now.

  3. Lynnette with a good background and desire to be great mixed everything up by herself. Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Moving with bad people will not add value to your life, but kill your dreams. Thanks to 12-step program, it really worked on her. I hope she finally get delivered from cocaine.

  4. Cocaine affects your central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord) and may change your sense of sight, sound and touch. This is not good for baby. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  5. This is why if you see an obvious red flag walk out immediately. I understand it is not easy of course but thr thing ispartners are suppose to make you better not make you worse? Her story happens to all pf us so choose your company wisely.

  6. It is great that she found her way out of that dark hole. It is okay to stumble, everyone does. Just pray and do not lose hope. You will get all the chance to live a beautiful life again.

  7. Crack and Coccaine is so easy to come by. Abuse of this drugs is so common that facilities are overwhelmed by their clients. Help is always available, the hard thing is how to seek and ask help.

  8. From the stories, Lynnette has complicated her problem by indulging in cocaine addiction. People should avoid any form of addiction before it degenerates into a more terrible situation. Abstinence is the key!

  9. Her story is very heartbreaking. She couldn’t find the balance in her personal life due to which she always turned to drugs to release the stress.

  10. We have different stories to tell. He have different ups and downs. What matters most is how me moved forward. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story to us.

  11. Oh my! I really don’t know what to say, Lynnette was so addicted to this drugs she made it a life style. I just thank God she is alive and finally went for the 12 step program.

  12. It is better late than never. Though she was initially not willing to quit but later sought for help and she got one through the 12-stepp program.

  13. 12-step program has been saving lives. I wish to encourage the well to do in the society to support their rehabilitation services.

  14. Crack cocaine is dangerous because of how it is made. The worst part is that it is much cheaper hence easy to get hooked on. She made the right decision to recover.

  15. Your history is a soul- lifting one which shows that God is always ready in as much we are ready to give up our evil ways. Thank God for this.

  16. Lynnette case is one of many cases have heard about, many addict person are influenced by friends or close relative. There syndicate of drug dealer or user that should be checkmate in Europe n

  17. Very sad story, even after loosing her daughter she still couldn’t stop. I am glad you have been able to over come it even if it cost you a lot.

  18. It looks like Lynette got back to drugs whenever she faced a hard time. It is good that she finally found other ways to deal with depression that don’t involve drugs.

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