FMLA for Rehab – Keep Your Job and Get Treatment

fmla for rehab

Do you need drug rehab treatment, but worry about keeping your job? Well, seeking professional help for addiction doesn’t have to mean losing your position at work. In fact many companies offer their employees FMLA for rehab. There are treatment options out there that will help with your career or financial situation. Read on to learn more about how you can ask for help without risking your job. Get help with living in sober recovery and back to your life once more.

Keeping Your Job

Are you suffering from drug or alcohol addiction? Is the risk of losing your job keeping you from asking for help? If so, then you’ve got options that can assist you in getting better. As reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, employers who offer the Family and Medical Leave Act – FMLA for rehab to eligible workers for drug addiction can use the extra time off to seek help.

This enables workers to take off twelve weeks within twelve months for a serious health-related emergency. If it’s possible for you, this means you have no more excuses to stop using drugs and be a healthier version of yourself. The downside is not getting paid for going to your rehab treatment.

However, some companies won’t allow you to do this since they might not approve drug or alcohol addiction as a severe health issue. You should read up on your company’s policy to see if you are eligible for this valuable time off work so that you can take action right away. Postponing it will only have you getting deeper into your addiction, which will make it harder to overcome.

Rehab Treatments for You

There are so many rehab treatments available for you or your loved one. Researching different rehab centers and treatments will help you find the right fit for your job and financial situation. A few options available for drug and alcohol addiction are outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and rapid detoxification.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient is usually the best treatment when you are balancing getting sober with keeping your job. You still have to go to therapy and counseling sessions, but they are more flexible in scheduling around all your other obligations. Plus, it’s not as strict as inpatient treatment.

This makes it possible to get the help you need without compromising your position at work and risk losing your job over it. You can also fit other parts of your life, such as taking care of your kids, working on your marriage, or doing your weekly errands. Although, it could become harder to resist seeking drugs again since you will live at home or sober housing. Therefore, you might be more susceptible to drug relapse.

You should try avoiding places and people that are associated with your past. Your therapist can help you figure out what triggers your cravings and how to fight back the need to use again. If you know you can’t get through it alone, then you might have to figure out how to get into an inpatient program.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient rehab treatments aren’t always the best option when you have a job to get to every day. However, the strict rules and living in an inpatient rehab facility can be better suited for those who have more severe addiction problems. Fo many people, inpatient treatment is the best option because provides patients with 24/7 medical care supervision

This means they will give you medication to you during your detox. They will be there for you whenever you need them. The professional staff can help with the cravings and withdrawal symptoms, but they can also shield you against outside temptations. They will also have you on a routine schedule every day, making you too busy to have negative thoughts about using drugs again.

However, this means it’s a little more expensive than outpatient with all the extra staff help and living in-house. If money is an issue, you might consider outpatient as your only option since they are cheaper. Or you could consider applying to a free rehab center near you.

You can take advantage of FMLA for rehab if you decide inpatient treatment would be better for you. The time frame available might not be enough to get the proper care you need unless your employer allows workers to be more flexible with healthcare, or you have a lot of unused vacation time.

Rapid Detoxification

For those trying to avoid going through an extended detox, you might think about the rapid detoxification option. A regular detox can last as long as two weeks. Rapid detoxification might be for you, if you are pressed for time in getting back to work. Or you need to speed up the whole treatment process.

So, what is rapid detoxification? Rapid detox is a faster method that reduces the detox process to 48 hours. You will be unconscious during the whole treatment process since they give you anesthesia to keep you knocked out.

Being unconscious also means you won’t have to experience all the terrible pain and other symptoms during detox. The medical staff watching over you will give a medication intravenously during this time. It will help with all the withdrawal symptoms your body will go through while you sleep.

This can also benefit you since it prevents you from going through withdrawal symptoms and cravings while you are awake. You will still need to continue your treatment with counseling and therapy to make a full recovery.

Detox is only the first step, so prepare to go through all of it even if it means outpatient is your only option. Your therapist can help you stay sober through your scheduled sessions.


If you or your loved one is suffering from drug addiction, don’t let it continue without getting some medical help. Don’t give up if all your options seem impossible. You can get to that happier, healthier version of yourself by remaining strong and fighting to stay sober. Research all of your options today, because there’s a treatment plan out there for you. Getting the right help will get you closer to a sober lifestyle, contact us at (866) 578-7471.

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