Understanding the Dangers of a Heroin Overdose

heroin overdose

Did you know that opioid drugs killed more than 68,000 people in 2020 alone? Heroin is one of the most dangerous opioid drugs a person can abuse. But what are the dangers of a heroin overdose?

What is heroin and how does it work? What should a person do during an overdose? Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.

What You Need to Know About Heroin

Heroin is an addictive street drug that is not used in any medical environment. It comes from morphine which is another opioid drug that is used in hospitals. 

Morphine is used to treat severe pain associated with cancer and other conditions. 

It may sometimes be used to help people recover from surgeries as well. Morphine is generally safe because it is only administered in a medical setting by professionals. But heroin is very different. 

While heroin is derived from morphine, it is extra dangerous since it is mixed with other ingredients. Heroin is usually made with filler ingredients such as rat poison, talcum powder, and laundry detergent.

Heroin looks like brown powder. But it may also look like a dark, sticky substance. Most people try to inject heroin since this will give them the most intense high. 

Injecting this drug is very dangerous. This is because the addict won’t know if the dose they’re taking is too much. This is why it is so easy to overdose on heroin and why so many people die from it. 

Other heroin dangers include that this drug is highly addictive. Injecting the drug gives the user a sudden and intense high. This high is so euphoric that the person will start craving more of the drug right away.

The Details

Some people also snort the drug. This will also create a very intense high. Long-term heroin use leads to many health problems. 

Heroin use will lead to heart problems such as heart attacks and heart infections. Injecting the drug is more dangerous since it increases the user’s risk of developing HIV and other bloodborne conditions. 

Another problem occurs once a person becomes used to the drug. Taking heroin regularly at the same dose will make a person habituated to it. This means that the same dose will no longer make the person high. 

The user then has to take the drug at higher doses to keep getting high. This continues until the user is taking dangerously high doses. This is when an overdose will occur. 

The user will take more heroin than they realize they can take and they may die from it. It is also difficult to quit the drug after becoming habituated. This is because the user’s brain will be used to the presence of the drug to function. 

The drug takes the place of some of the brain’s natural chemicals and neurotransmitters. Stopping the drug would create terrible withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms occur when the body and brain try to function without relying on this drug. 

But it is possible to stop this drug despite this. 

What Are the Dangers of a Heroin Overdose?

Heroin overdoses almost always happen by accident. This is because most people take more heroin than they realize. This will lead to an overdose. 

But what should you do if you find someone that has overdosed on heroin? There are several signs of heroin overdose you can look out for. Most people who overdose go unconscious. 

This is because the drug has built up to toxic levels in the person’s body. This overloads the person’s system and changes everything from heart rate to breathing and more. Heart rate and blood pressure drop along with the person’s respiratory rate. 

A large overdose may stop the person’s heart or breathing and kill them right away. It may put others into a coma. An overdose may also cause seizures or heart attacks. 

Some people may not go unconscious right away after overdosing on drugs. They may get violently ill and start throwing up. They may also be very weak and unable to move on their own. 

Their skin will be very pale and clammy. It may be impossible to wake them up if they are unconscious. These symptoms of heroin overdose are important to understand. 

If you see someone with these symptoms, you need to call 911 right away. Medical intervention is the only way you have a chance of saving that person. Medical treatment can help the person recover from the overdose and reduce the risk of death. 

What You Need to Know

Naloxone is the main drug that is used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. It is highly effective. It is possible for you to legally give naloxone to a person who has overdosed in most states. 

You often don’t need a prescription either. But using the right dose of naloxone is important. It is often necessary to use several doses of naloxone to reverse the effects of the overdose. 

This is especially true if fentanyl is involved. Fentanyl is another dangerous drug that often is mixed with heroin. This can make the effects of heroin more dangerous and more intense. 

It is especially harmful to the respiratory system since it can make the person’s breathing very shallow. It is important to stay with the person as you wait for the ambulance to arrive. 

Try to interact with the person if they are still awake. Talking to them can help keep them conscious. Keeping them awake will also prevent their breathing from getting too shallow.

If they are not conscious, put the person on their side. Putting them on their back is dangerous because they could vomit and choke. Putting the person on their side will prevent this. 

The person will be stabilized once they reach the hospital. This will allow the drug to be removed from the person’s system. If all goes well, they should wake up and recover within a few days. 

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Not everyone who overdoses on heroin will survive. Medical attention can help most people, but some will be too far gone before they can receive treatment. This is why it is important to seek treatment for heroin addiction before this can happen. 

Most people won’t seek addiction treatment because they don’t think they have a problem. They may think that they have everything under control. But this is never true with heroin.

Heroin is a very intense drug and an overdose could happen at any time. A person could overdose the first time they take heroin. Or it could happen the 100th time they take the drug. 

Heroin is also a hard drug to quit without any support. Quitting heroin creates strong cravings for the drug. The addict may also experience severe withdrawal effects. 

These include vomiting, chills, cramps, hallucinations, and mood swings. Some people may become violent during withdrawals. Many people also give in to cravings during this stage since the withdrawal symptoms are so strong. 

Some withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous or fatal. These include heart attacks, strokes, and seizures. But this is why it is important to opt for a drug rehab center.

What to Know

Rehab centers have medical professionals who can support addicts during their withdrawals. They will be there in case dangerous symptoms arise during the withdrawal process. 

They will be present to help the person recover fully. Rehab centers also have therapists. Therapy is a very important part of overcoming an addiction.

Many people abuse drugs without knowing why. 

But therapy can get to the root of the problem. It helps a person understand why they do what they do. It also helps a person employ better self-control so they don’t abuse drugs in the future. 

They instead learn other ways to cope with their emotions and problems. They will also learn about addiction and how it works. All this can help a person get their life back on track. 

This allows a person to live a safer and more fulfilling life without addictive and dangerous drugs. 

Understanding the Dangers of Heroin Overdose

A heroin overdose is no laughing matter. Many people die from overdosing on heroin. Trying to quit this drug is also a challenge since it is so powerful and addictive. 

But a drug rehab center can help. Having support from medical professionals and therapists is highly beneficial. It allows an addict to get control back over their life. 

To learn more about drug treatment, check out our services

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