Probuphine Implants for Opioid Dependency

One of the things we’ve learned about Heroin addiction is that it is nearly impossible to recover from without some form of an aid. In our society of constant innovation, there is a recent exciting new movement that can provide substantial support for recovering individuals. There have been several innovations within the medical field that have provided assistance to individuals recovering from specific substances. While Alcohol, Opiates, and other substances have their own medically-assisted recovery options (such as Antabuse and Methadone), there is another medical endeavor that is providing vital support for individuals recovering from Heroin. The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the use of small implantable rods that would slowly release drugs that would counteract addictive tendencies.

The Effects of Heroin Use

Heroin Treatment Implant 2Heroin use itself is currently one of the most substantial psychoactive drugs in our society, especially over the recent years. While levels of cocaine use and methamphetamine have fallen, heroin has been steadily rising. Heroin is immensely addictive in its physiology and can create repeated patterns of use in the brain upon the first initial use. In addition, heroin use normally causes a substantial amount of side-effects such as decreased emotional instability, cold sweats, respiratory issues, digestive complications, impaired cognitive functioning, reduced sexual capacity, substantial itching, nausea, muscular weakness, dental issues, social isolation, substantial loss of funds, compromised immune system, seizures, coma, psychosis and even death. With these health risks, as well as repeated patterns of use, it is apparent that heroin addiction is an issue that needs medical attention to mitigate its occurrence.

Implants for Heroin Treatment

In response to this substantial surge in Heroin use, the FDA has given approval for a new Heroin Treatment Implant Cover Pageimplant for Heroin treatment that mitigates its effects. The treatment innovation is known as probuphrine, which is administered by four small rods that slowly administer the substance. With a steady supply of the drugs being supplied, the symptoms of cravings and withdrawal are diminished in its users. This form of Heroin treatment provides several advantages when compared to other medical innovations. While many orally administered medications have risks of abuse (as individuals often crush pills like suboxone and snort them to achieve a high), as well as overdose (if people were to take too many pills at once), the injectable variety does not have these negative effects. In addition, since the rods disperse the medication over the course of six months at a time, this eliminates the need to administer injections on a daily basis.

How Will These Implants Affect The Treatment Community?

Heroin Treatment Implant Cover Page REAL ONEWith this new innovation presenting undeniable benefits, new possibilities in the venue of aftercare seem to open. After Heroin treatment sessions have been concluded, and the client has built a successful support system, the use of probuphrine may provide further assistance in recovering from heroin. Even though the medications will mitigate symptoms of cravings and withdrawal symptoms of Heroin, this should not be an exclusive venue. In order to live a life that would constitute a consistent and healthy recovery, it is strongly advised to develop healthy coping skills, as well as adequate social support in combination with these implants. That way, clients recovering from heroin addiction have substantially increased odds having a-well substantiated and holistic recovery process.

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