Local Super Bowl Ad Showing Horrors of Heroin Addiction

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Super Bowl Sheds Light on Heroin Abuse

Super Bowl Sunday was full of superb performances, commercials so funny that you couldn’t help but cry, and, not to mention, the well-anticipated match-up between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. But something else managed to peak its head, gaining spotlight for the time allotted. That was a commercial presented by the NCADA (Nation Campaign Against Drug Abuse) that addressed the horrific reality of heroin addiction. The commercial has been receiving admiration and criticism alike.

a.a-nameWhile most people seem to be on board with the NCADA’s message on heroin abuse and addiction that is meant to further warn the public of the dangers of this drug, others have criticized it for being out of place, saying that they agree we should be aware of its negative effects, but do not do it during the Super Bowl, when people are full of happiness and excitement.
What better time to really get the public’s attention than during the Super Bowl? After all, it is the most watched athletic event in the United States.

Super Bowl Commercial on Heroin Addiction

The commercial features a young female who seemed to be once an all-American girl who was on the cheer-leading squad and came from a good family. It showed her slowly throwing everything that she loved away because of her heroin addiction. It included quite heart-touching imagery. While the Super Bowl is a fun celebration, allowing us to gather with our friends and/or families to enjoy the rich tradition that football has brought over the years, it is very important that people pay closer attention to this deadly substance that is costing so many lives among the population in the United States and all over the world.

It is even more important that these people know, whether it be the person themselves or loved ones, that treatment for heroine addiction is readily available. Drug and alcohol treatment is becoming much more of a prevalent solution to addiction. This is because medical professionals have proven that it is, in fact, a mental impairment, not a crime or moral deficiency. The commercial did a great job of addressing this. Once a bright girl with an even brighter future, now being stripped of her humanity because of heroin addiction.

Any family member of someone who has struggled with addiction knows that the addict was not always in such bad shape mentally, spiritually, and physically. They all, at one point, had assets that made them valuable individuals. If the recidivism rate is any indication, throwing someone in jail for a medical impairment is not a healthy solution. Field experts have determined that treatment for addiction is much more effective and humane.

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  1. I am a recovering heroin addict . As so many others my use escalated from simple marijuana to an prescription opioid addiction to heroin. Today I have 2 years in recovery however I spent over 20 years of my life in addiction. I am so thankful that awareness is becoming more ramped & the understanding of addiction as a disease not just an immoral issue. I now work with 2 separate jails & speak out publicly so that I can use my experience to help bring awareness & understanding to this growing problem.

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