3 Doors Down Lead, Matt Roberts Dead Of Overdose on Prescription Drugs

Another Death in The Music Community

3 Doors Down Lead, Matt Roberts Dead Of Overdose on Prescription Drugs

August 24th, 2016 in Prescription Drugs Addiction Rehabilitation

Prescription Pills Kill

Matt Roberts, the former lead guitarist of 3 Doors Down, died Saturday 20th 2016. An anonymous citizen called police and said there was a man in the hallway of a motel asleep or passed out.

Emergency services could not revive the body and the cause of death was unknown at the time but was revealed in the autopsy report that his death was accidental and caused by prescription pill overdose.

The Death of A Legend

The guitarist was in West Bound for a fundraising event. The event benefiting Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, honoring all veterans by flying WWII, Korean War and terminally ill veterans, was held on Saturday night at a local bar.

In his absence, Roberts father, Darrell, spoke to the crowd and told them it was his first public appearance since 2012. In his father’s words, “He just never did do crowds and always was nervous around public settings, but I’ll tell you he loved our military.”’

Darrell and Matt share adjoined rooms at the Hampton Inn; this is where he was awoken by detectives to the devastating news.

That night, when asked by reporters why his son chose to leave 3 Doors Down, let them know that he had to leave because of health issues he had been experiencing.

Overdose Can Happen to Anyone

This unfortunate accident proves that a drug overdose can happen to anyone at any time regardless of age, race, sex, and occupation. Drugs and alcohol can affect anyone and has a tendency to make individuals feel invincible.

People can develop a God complex and believe that an overdose couldn’t happen to them, but as this story proves – drugs to not discriminate and can strike at any time.

Even though pills are prescribed by a doctor, they can still cause fatality. Suffering drug abusers tend to make up any excuse they can to justify their using. It is often that once an individual has built a tolerance to certain drugs they begin to use drugs just to feel normal.


There is Hope

Death caused by drug overdose is like a grenade exploding — wounding and damaging friends and family members forever. Those who are close to the deceased may never get over the feeling of loss and will have to learn to live with the trauma and memories.

They learn to separate themselves from the pain and place it on a shelf to come back to when they are able to handle those extensive emotions. It takes each moment of everyday to gain strength and heal.

If you or a loved one is suffering with prescription pill addiction, or any addiction, remember there is hope and recovery is possible. Do not wait until it’s is too late. Get help, today.

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