Big Pharma Opioid Epidemic, Part 10 End Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Dr. Josh Kane Head Researcher at A Better Today Recovery Services and Lecturer and ASU continues this series from Big Pharma Opioid Epidemic, Part 9 – Marketing ADHD Medications.

Social Solutions for Social Disorders

Big Pharma is locking us in a cage that makes it difficult for us to get out of while in some cases medication is necessary but as Dr. Josh Kane has been explaining in past Big Pharma videos, medications have been used as a cure-all for social disorders.

“We need social solutions for social disorders, not addictive drug solutions that target victims, target children of an ever sicker society. We need education systems appropriate for the 21st Century,” Kane said.

The world around us is incredibly stimulating and engaging, yet we expect children to sit in a classroom for 6-8 hours a day looking taking notes, looking at blank walls, listening to a teacher lecture. When they can’t do this, we medicate them.

Dr. Gabor Mate` had a theory about this “Turn on a computer and children will gravitate toward it like bees to a flower and they will self-organize around it.”

The answer is not to medicate children until they are zombies and can sit still, the answer is to integrate things like computers that are stimulating and engaging.

Big Change, Not Big Pharma

The technology is there, we as a society just need to use it in an educational sense.

“The idea is to have computer stations with children there, standing, walking moving, from one to the other. It’s task oriented, they need to finish tasks in a certain [time] period and they can jump from task to task,” Kane said.

As the children finish tasks they move from station to station, older children helping the younger ones because studies show that teaching also helps to learn.

“This keeps children interested, we know it works, we’ve seen it work. But you have to be rich, you have to be in a privet school to access this form of education.”

Implementing an education system like this will not only help children learn faster, it will keep them off of addictive prescriptions that can lead them to a lifelong dependency.

“Children need more social time, they need more educational play time, more infotainment where sitting still is not a requirement. We need to outlaw kickbacks to the doctors who prescribe the drugs brought to them by pretty pharmaceutical reps. That’s simple, we need to outlaw all pharmaceutical advertising, and we need to disband the medical advertising hall of fame. Most importantly we need to break up big pharma.”

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