Big Pharma Opioid Epidemic, Part 7 ADHD & Amphetamine Prescriptions

Dr. Josh Kane Head Researcher at A Better Today Recovery Services and Lecturer and ASU continues this series from Big Pharma Opioid Epidemic, Part 6 – ADHD Over-Diagnosis.

ADHD Over-Diagnosed and Over Prescribed

While most of society knows what ADHD is and around 15 percent of boys ages 11-17 are prescribed Amphetamines for it, there is no definitive testing to see if you or your child has it.

Dr. Josh Kane lecturer at Arizona State University and head researcher at A Better Today explains, “The symptoms are open to interpretation by patients, parents, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies. The American Psychiatric Association, which is funded by big pharma, [has] gradually widened the official symptoms of ADHD as to make childhood a medical disorder.”

American Psychiatric Association has added common childhood issues such as not being able to sit still, making careless mistakes and bad organization skills, to the list of ADHD symptoms.

These are all things that most children do, it doesn’t mean they necessarily that have ADHD, but it does mean that they could be diagnosed and medicated for just being children.

“What child doesn’t exhibit poor organizational skills? … These things are seen as a reason to put a child on habit forming Amphetamines. How did we get to a place where addictive stimulants and Amphetamines in the form of Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta are being given to children?” Kane questioned.

These addictive medications can be given to children as young as 5-years-old.

Amphetamines’ Troubling Past

Amphetamines have an ugly past, one of the first society to extensively use them was Nazi Germany.

“Hitler shot up Meth, the entire Nazi Army shot up Amphetamines. Would something like the Holocaust even be possible if the Nazi Army wasn’t a bunch of Meth zombies?”

Their society as a whole was addicted and the society as a whole was sick.

What Hitler had realized and U.S doctors have now realized is that Amphetamines are cheap to make, profitable to sell and are a powerful chemical. Because they are stimulants they will give the person who is taking Amphetamines
temporary improvements mentally and physically.

“If you ask someone who has taken an Amphetamine if they feel better, guess what they are going to tell you? ‘Yeah I feel better’ It doesn’t matter how they felt before, it doesn’t matter what condition they were experiencing, when people take Amphetamines … they feel better.”

This is why Amphetamines are a popular treatment for ADHD, which has no definitive testing, since almost anyone can be diagnosed a medication was needed that can make everyone just feel better.

Over medicating society doesn’t get rid of social disorders or help your children, it only masks the initial problem while creating others.

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  1. These symptoms are what a normal child acts. I always felt my sister in law demanded the medication for her children. She kept taking them back back to the doctors until they just gave in to her and put all three children on it. Is it not strange that all three would be considered ADHD?

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