Mac Miller’s Pill Dealer Responsible For His Death

mac millers pill dealer caused death

Last September the music world lost yet another member to drugs. The latest news update on the late rapper is the arrest of Mac Miller’s pill dealer. He’s being held responsible and is in jail for Mac Miller’s overdose death. At the age of 15, rapper Mac Miller came on the hip hop scene in the city he was born and raised in. Over the course of time, he climbed the ranks and became known for songs like “Weekend” and  “Self Care” which landed at number 14 on the Billboard charts.

Mac Miller was a promising young rapper and producer. His unfortunate death at the age of 26 has shed an even brighter light on the fatal risks of the drug fentanyl. As the news of an arrest in the case of Mac Millers pill dealer has been released, the public is interested in what there is to know about the case of Miller’s overdose death.

Cameron James Pettit’s Motive

Cameron James Petitt is a Hollywood Hills resident. After a CDCA criminal complaint against Petitt, the drug dealer was arrested for selling counterfeit oxy to Miller. The counterfeit pills sold to the rapper were laced with fentanyl a deadly substance.  It is alleged that Petitt sold these counterfeit pharmaceuticals to Miller just two days before Miller was found in dead in Studio City.

The coroner’s report stated the cause of death as toxicity of a combination of drugs and alcohol. Miller’s death was ruled an accident. Petitt had been in communication with the rapper and agreed to sell him oxycodone. Apparently, there was no mention of fentanyl. Just two days after the sale of the fentanyl-laced oxycodone, Miller is found dead in his apartment.

The future of Mac Miller’s pill dealer, Cameron James Petitt is looking grim as officials are charging him with a federal offense that could land him behind bars for up to 20 years.

Deadly Fentanyl Pills in America

Fentanyl is a fatal drug that has been involved in not only the Mac Miller but Hollywood elites like Michael Jackson. This drug is approved by the FDA to treat pain, especially pain for those with a form of advanced cancer. It is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Fentanyl is only available through a prescription but dealers have made it possible to develop fentanyl illegally.

Illegal fentanyl in the U.S. is not the same as prescription fentanyl and taken without the supervision of a physician. Users have come to know the effects of fentanyl is much like heroin. This makes the drug more attractive and highly addictive. On its own, fentanyl can be powerful and possibly fatal. Used in conjunction with other drugs or alcohol only leads to a higher risk of death.

Counterfeit Opioid Pills

Dealers are finding a market for drugs that create a euphoric experience that lasts. If they can create this experience, they are sure to have a surge of returning customers. These customers may or may not know what their drug actually contains. This is the scariest part about all of it.

In the case of rapper Mac Miller, officials believe he didn’t know he purchased oxycodone laced with fentanyl. Ultimately, their is no recorded communications that prove otherwise. What is known is that Miller text Cameron Pettit, his drug dealer, looking for “percs” also known as Percocet. However, Mac miller was sold 30 milligram Oxycodone pills, Cocaine, and Xanax. Two days later Miller is found unresponsive from a drug overdose.

With the discovery of fentanyl in Miller’s body, it is apparent that Petitt had laced the pills. The combination drug sold to Mac Miller would prove to be fatal. The question is, did Mac Miller know? Did Petitt inform him of what the pills contained?

Justice For Fentanyl Sales

In light of this breaking news, officials of the Department of Justice are making it known that the dealing of combination drugs will not be tolerated. The families affected by fentanyl-laced drugs and the fatal consequences have a right to justice for their loved ones.

The rise of fentanyl-related deaths has risen and continues to do so.  This is an epidemic and is only getting more terrifying and deadly as time goes on. People are dying from drugs with fentanyl and they may not even be aware of what they are taking. The risk of addiction is higher due to the enhanced euphoric feelings a person can experience.

Addiction and fentanyl is a dance with death. Mac Miller may have had no idea that the pills he took would lead to his death. Though a murder charge is not on the table, the current pending charges will send a clear message to other dealers. Petitt is set to stand in front of a judge in Los Angeles, California next week, where his fate will be handed over.

Protect Yourself From Overdose

Drug addiction hurts oneself and family members. With the discovery of combination drugs being used in the death of rappers like Mac Miller, families have even more reason to worry.

As addiction progresses, a person’s body may become immune to the effects. In this case, they may begin to look for drugs that take the pain away again. Combination drugs are marketed by dealers as the good stuff but not the good stuff that can take one’s life. The need to be honest about what certain drugs contain may not be important to the seller. These drugs don’t come with an ingredient label.

The most effective way to protect yourself is to get help. If an addiction has taken ahold of your life there is a way to break the chain. Getting help can come in the form of inpatient or outpatient care. There is help for each step of the process starting with detox.

Detox symptoms can be dangerous and often very uncomfortable. With the right care, a person can make it through detox in a more comfortable atmosphere and the use of safe medications to ease symptoms. Places offering quality drug rehab give individuals the confidence to continue treatment and put addiction behind them. They are set to give patients the knowledge and skills to live a life full of happiness and feelings of achievement.

Unfortunately, the world has lost another human being to the epidemic of addiction. Mac Miller was a young, promising individual. He had his entire life to live and music to share with the world. One of his last tweets stated he was excited to start touring. He never made it that tour.




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