TJ’s Near-Death Experience with Heroin Addiction

Drug Addiction to Wasted Opportunities

TJ’s drug addiction began around the age of 15.; before his addiction transpired, he talks about not fitting in. Growing up, TJ felt as if there was a bubble surrounding him that kept him separate from everyone else.

On a snowboarding trip with friends from school, TJ was introduced to Ecstasy. This was TJ’s first time doing drugs and he was immediately hooked.

He continued to use Ecstasy throughout the next two years of high school. Shortly afterward, TJ began to drink Alcohol. “When I drank it’s like that bubble just popped, it went away.”

After barely graduating from high school, TJ went to college at the University of Arizona. Choosing to get high, drink and party instead of attending class, he was academically disqualified during his sophomore year.

Planting the Seed of Recovery

People came into TJ’s life and told him that he needed to change—that he might be an addict or an alcoholic. TJ explains that was when the seed was planted, and when he knew recovery was possible. There was help available and if he wanted it, he could have it.

TJ understood that he didn’t have to continue living his life this way; however, at the time in his life, he wasn’t yet ready to live a life without drugs and Alcohol. TJ was sent to a halfway house—the first of many times being in a recovery-based community.

Living at the halfway house, it took him less than a week before he started getting high again. This time he tried Heroin and it began a dark turning point for TJ’s addiction. One evening, he left the halfway house to get drugs with another resident, only to wake up in the hospital at 3:30 am.

Police had found TJ dead from a drug overdose on the side of the road. Fortunately, his overdose was reversed after two shots of Narcan. But this wasn’t the end of his journey, TJ continued to get high for three years after that night.

Consequences of Heroin

The legal consequences of drug use, landed TJ with probation. Violating his probation, he was sent to jail. Getting out of jail, TJ went back home to live with his mom. Soon after getting out of jail, he had high hopes to clean up his life.

After moving back in with his mom, TJ met a girl. One day he caught her doing Heroin and was right back to where he left off before he went to jail.

Together, they managed to get into an apartment. Living together, TJ and his girlfriend regularly committed breaking and entering crimes, stealing from people’s home.

Facing the unpleasant consequences of this behavior, the sheriffs raided their apartment and he was sent to jail. Getting out of jail this time, TJ’s probation officer told him to go to a halfway house. Yet again, he did not follow directions and was right back to abusing drugs.

One Real Attempt at Sobriety

Giving sobriety another shot, TJ went to a halfway house. This time he was open-minded to what other people were saying, as he experienced yet again a “pitiful, incomprehensible demoralization.”

He found the people that had the things he wanted, saying, “I wanted to be like them.” The people he surrounded himself with were not only sober and happy but had relationships with their families and friends.

TJ tells us that he has only had one real attempt at recovery and getting sober. He also mentions hearing about relapse as if it is a mandatory part of recovery, stating, “that is not the case.’

Realizing that the next drink or drug is always right there in front of him, he has adopted certain tools to help him see the end of each day sober. With the help of treatment and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, TJ lives a sober, happy and spiritual life today.

If you’re someone who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction and want to talk to someone who understands, call (866)578-7471. There is a way out of addiction and there is a better life waiting for you.

    1. Near death is fatal impact of life,and also loss opportunites ,drug and it’s kind bad for life ,live, and relationship, everything.I hope you get sober forever not like’ before came and back,stay sober enjoyly

  1. Ecstasy! Just getting to know about this.
    Parents should teach their children in the way of the Lord. At the teenage level is a state that is very sensitive that needs much attention. If not given, they tend to get it else where. TJ should have been more careful with the kind of friends he moved with.

    1. I have not tried using heroin. Getting hooked on this drugs is definitely scary. Good thing he was able to find a way out.

  2. How frightening is this. The life given by God is very precious, it should not be wasted by getting involved in drugs and intoxicants. This story is a lesson for those who are addicted .

  3. I commend his mental toughness. Relapse is a very real thing but the way he said that he was doing things for it not to happen is wow. Getting into it is easy resisting is hard. Kudos man.

  4. He went to the next level of addiction in his early days where alcohol didn’t mean anything to him except one of the deadliest drug called Heroine. But, good that he showed sobriety and recovered.

  5. Reading TJ’s story made it feel so surreal. Glad to know that he’s doing fine and well now. Hope that he continues with his progress. Thanks for sharing his story!

  6. It all falls down to the upbringing from the parents side. Parents should do more for their kids, monitor every step they take and tell them what’s right and what’s not.

  7. The consequences that come with drugs intake sometimes can be devastating. so the right to do is stay away from it to avoid addiction which can be life-threatening.

  8. TJ chose to taste the other addictive side of life. As always, it was ruining. Stay sober and enjoy the positivity and good things life has to offer.

  9. Like I’ll always say, Peer pressure has a lot of influence on Children.
    Proper Guidance and Attention should be directed to them.

  10. Hope you are fine and enjoying your new addiction free life very happily, this is lesson for them who things drugs are cool, let us see where it can take us.

  11. This is an inspirational story. TJ’s childhood was not really a good one due to the influence of his friends and lack of proper parental guidance. His addiction to drug wasted his life changing opportunities. Just happy for him now to have found a path to recovery. Thanks to Detox for helping him.

  12. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something and try to recover from that.

  13. It was a terrible one there for TJ, during his time being so addicted to heroin. He should be grateful to those that helped him get off from heroin addiction and gaining back consciousness.

  14. This story is very pathetic. Everything about TJ started from his childhood, which resulted for him to take drugs. The legal consequences of drug use, landed TJ with probation. Violating his probation, he was sent to jail. Getting out of jail, he had high hopes to clean up his life. Thanks to Detox for giving him a second chance in life.

  15. What an adventure it would had been if TJ didn’t really engage in the ecstasy of drug addiction with his friends. Thanks for sharing this and I’m happy to read that TJ is doing well now.

  16. T. J is such a lucky fellow not to have passed on from the drug overdose. Being around the right people matters, because this was what brought out the desire to make a change in him. Hope he keeps on keeping on and being sober. Keep being strong T.J.

  17. Thank God for second chances, TJ’S experience is very emotional and inspirational, thank God for your journey to recovery. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing this amazing story

  18. Wow…TJ really lived a rough life..getting in and out of jail is not a good life..drug addiction messes people up..I’m just glad he did not die…Keep living a clean life ..that’s the best

  19. Any abuse of something is truly dangerous. I have read many stories like this before and I am thankful they have recovered. We need to be on the right platform and of course, we need to help ourselves too just like what TJ did.

  20. I am so happy for TJ for now living a sobery and spiritual life which is very important. That’s good to hear about him. I guess he will continue in his spiritual life.

  21. Wow, this is really a big privilege, not everyone had this second chance. I wish you more recovery and making the best out of life

  22. Addiction is not a good thing but can’t be stoped over night. I’m so glad he was able to find help and didn’t die from his addiction.

  23. It is true that having these kinds of addiction can really lose so many things in you. Your time, your money, opportunities and even life. I suppose, these losses are not limited to addiction, its more general. But I am happy and inspired by TJ’s story. May he use this experience as his platform in informing many people, especially the younger ones.

  24. There’s this pressure everyone feels at certain stages in life especially high school that people underestimate. I am glad you got out and got help, now others can learn from you and not follow the same part.

  25. TJ initially days was very hard , I feel very sad during his reading the article .M ay god him strength to help in shaping the future.

  26. I’m so glad TJ has finally made a safe transition. He is living proof that recovery is possible even after such devastating near death experiences. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I think I can learn something very valuable from TJ story, which is we can be a better person as long as we want. Thanks for sharing TJ.

  28. What a pathetic and inspiring story,it made me to know that there is a way out of addiction if you meet with the right people.Thanks for sharing

  29. People are not given enough second chances in order to make their lives normal again after severe drug abuse. I’m glad that TJ really managed to clean up his act after going through such a hellish ordeal.

  30. He started as early as 15. And I noticed they start with just a try and gradually the addict get deeper. Well, the best option is always to seek for professional help.

  31. Heroine addiction makes one’s life more miserable and detrimental. Staying away from drug has indeed proved efficient towards arresting the trend. Kudos to Detox for reforming lives and giving hope to the hopeless.

  32. TJ’s story of heroin abuse is pathetic and touching. However, he has truly shown his commitment and determination for soliciting for rehabilitation is a right step in the right direction. Accolades go to Detox for rehabilitating people’s lives. Bravo!

  33. I’m glad he’s getting himself together and braced up. Parents need to move closer to their children and also preach good things to them while they are still young. Peer group association should also be strictly monitored.

  34. Many addicts usually have that “high” feeling when they drink alcohol for the first time. It seems that TJ also felt the exact same thing. He got addicted to drugs at the age of just 15 and this can be the worst thing that can happen to you. He chose his addiction over studies, and I think this also explains why he got disqualified. It’s good to see that he found this great program.

  35. I have heard a lot of testimonies of people who have been victims of drug addiction. It always leaves me wondering how one can easily fall in love with an enemy. Drug is definitely a potential enemies.

  36. Many have died by taking heroin, family have become desolate by taking heroin. Heroin is one of the dangerous drugs that can turn a Community upside down. TJ’S recovery was timed. Kudos for sharing

  37. Drugs does no one any good, and bad association corrupts good manners. T,J should be thankful he is alive and I am happy for him he eventually went to rehab.

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