Following Your Brothers Path to Alcohol and Drug Addiction

True Stories of Addiction: Andres

Meet Andres, a kind and caring soul. He grew up in a loving home with no intention of ever going down the path that he ended up taking. He has two wonderful parents who have been together for over 40 plus years and an older brother that was not just this brother but his best friend also. Despite Andres and his brothers 11-year age difference they always found a way to have fun.

Andres’s parents didn’t know their oldest son, Andres’s brother, was experimenting with drugs, alcohol and going to party’s; they thought believed he was just a normal kid doing “kid” things. So, they told their oldest son to always bring Andres where he goes so they can grow closer together because of the age difference. Andres’s brother obeyed his parents and took his brother where he went despite how young he was.

Introduced to Drugs and Alcohol

At just five years old, Andres, was introduced to alcohol. Andres’s older brother was told to bring Andres where ever he went so he took him to a party with all of his teenage friends. At this party you could find drugs, alcohol and whatever you needed to keep you partying all night. Since Andres was just five no one offered him drugs but he drank to the point where he doesn’t remember much of what happened. To this day, his brother has to explain to him what happened that night, because of how young he was and the effects alcohol had on him.

Andres’s parents are both hard working and loving. They didn’t see that Andres’s older brother was pulling him down to the path of addiction with him. Andres’s brother did not intend for his brother’s life to end up like it did. However, he ended up having a great profound impact on how he went about his life. Andres was the youngest of the family, including his cousins. The Since his older brother and the cousins got involved with drugs and dangerous situations, so Andres looked up and to them so he followed their example.

Marijuana – Cocaine – Crystal Meth – Heroin

When Andres was introduced to marijuana, his addiction started to progress. He started missing and ditching school and hanging out with people his parents did not approve of. These people Andres hung out with were involved in gangs and living in dangerous areas. This caused Andres to see, hear, and witness things a young kid never should. Andres didn’t know any better; he thought this was normal because of the influence his brother had on him.

Andres and his family ended up moving out of state. Andres He was relieved, because he thought he was going to get another shot at life away from the drugs and alcohol. Although he was excited to start over, he found drugs and alcohol the first night he got settled into his new home. He didn’t know any better. His brother showed him that alcohol and drugs were just a normal way of life.

Tragedy struck Andres and his family when his only brother was arrested. This hurt his family so badly, that Andres remembered witnessed tears falling down his father’s face, which was not a normal sight to see. This opened Andres’s parent’s eyes to the path they were taking and told Andres he was going to grow up just like him if he didn’t change his ways.

The thought of going to prison scared Andres, but not enough for him to change his ways. He was doing cocaine right when he got to Arizona. He loved the cocaine, because it reminded him of the Crystal Meth he smoked back in Texas. His cocaine habit took over his life to the point he dropped out of High School his first year and he never went back. His brother didn’t finish school, so why should he?

The Cocaine wasn’t enough anymore so he started using Crystal Meth again. Then, he was introduced to Prescription Pills, pills which were expensive and hard to find. Andres was experiencing withdrawals from the Opiate pain medication and was willing to do whatever to stop the pain. This “whatever” he was willing to do ended up changing his life forever. This “whatever” turned to out to be the love of this life, Heroin.

Heroin Addiction Brings You Down

His Heroin addiction progressed quickly, and within two weeks, he went from smoking heroin to using it intravenously. It wasn’t long before he was sleeping in a shed, on the streets, and in his car before he crashed it. His family did not want anything to do with him unless he got the help he so needed. It wasn’t long before Andres got arrested just like his brother. He did some time in jail and was released on probation. He didn’t hold up to his deal with the courts and ended up going on a three-month drug run.

His drug run wasn’t anything exiting;, it was more depressing than anything. A miracle happened and Andres’s probation officer found him using and abusing Heroin. His probation officer gave him a deal:, if he was to go to a detox center and get treatment, he wouldn’t go to jail.

The Journey of Recovery

Andres agreed to this deal and went into the detox center the next morning. This is where his journey of recovery begins. As soon as he was medically detoxed he had to get into a treatment center to stay out of jail. This treatment center was trying to get him to commit to 90-days but he felt that was to long so he agreed to stay 30-days. He went into treatment and he was introduced to the 12-step program and made many friends he now calls his brothers in recovery.

Although Andres grew up with his brother and cousins drinking and doing drugs around him, he knew there was something more to life than his addiction. He now has nieces and nephews that his brother who has also recovered allows him to watch. His dad allows him to house sit his home when his parents go out of town. A year ago, this wouldn’t be possible for Andres. He wasn’t allowed around his family because of the person his addiction made his become. All of this is possible because he is doing the work of a 12-step program and living in God’s will.

Andres has recovered from a lot, you can too. There is hope for anyone struggling with addiction you just have to put in the work to change your life. Give us a call was are happy to help. Our number is: (866) 578-7471.

  1. Family is the best support that we can ever have. Once our family becomes unstable and begins to crumble, our life will be affected whether we like it or not. Especially if one of our family member becomes our influence, we can easily say that we will be demoralized and substance abuse will become a reality.

  2. When you are big brother you have an additional responsibility of looking after your younger ones….but here he got addiction from his own brother….but happy to know his path of recovery.

  3. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with us.People should understand that alcohol or any type of drugs are not the solution of any problem.

  4. This is terrible. Getting introduced to alcohol at the age of 5! Andre’s brother is not a good role model . Drug almost destroyed this man’s life . I just didn’t think he would end up in jail like his brother. I’m happy that Andre is recovering though and staying off drugs. I just hope people out there get to read this story. It’s so inspirational

  5. Not all brothers are worthy of emulation neither their foot steps are worthy of following. Look at this innocent young boy. At age five, his life started deteriorating. May God deliver him.

  6. Andres has been through the highs and lows. At age 5, that was really too tender. Keep up the good work and never backslide. Thanks.

  7. A bad case of follow the leader. In any case, at least it ended on a positive note. I guess this is why stories like these deserves to be told. Not to be followed but something we can learn from.

  8. Teaching children the way of the lord as early as possible is very important. Morals alone can do it because moral without the input of God is not and destructive.

  9. Really really tough and touching. Very pleased he got help and he’s better now . And I must confess that he’s very bold to shear his story.

  10. This is one problem with being with a sibling you love, you could be easily influenced with bad habit. parents need to do more work with their kids.

  11. So unfortunate that Andres got introduced at a tender age to alcohol, when he was supposed to be doing toddler things. This made me really angry at his brother, but his brother was just a teenager himself and didn’t know much about the way of life. In all, despite the heart break they gave their parents, I am so so glad that Andres went to detox and got treatment and is now a better person.

  12. That was so careless from the parent but thank God still it is a thing of the past. Parent have alot to do when it comes to stuff like this, they should always check up on their children.

  13. You don’t do drugs and live a normal life, it’s not possible. The bottom line is when addicted to alcohol or drugs seek for help and be ready to be sober. Thank God for Andres, stay strong..

  14. Parents must always watch out for their children so they don’t go astray. They must always try to grow with them. And should they noticed anything they should seek help from professionals

  15. The bond he share with his elder brother made it possible for Andres to be influenced by drug, and he became addicted to it just as his older brother. Thanks alot for sharing this message, lots of positive learned.

  16. Our loved ones can really influence us
    Mostly when we are naive
    We therefore need to be careful
    And parents watch well 👀

  17. This is a testimony of downfall and hope in life. Thanks for sharing your life. and may this be a lesson to everybody to believe in the power of hope?

  18. Thank God for his life, some people don’t have second chance to retrace their steps. Abstain from alcohol and drugs will make one to live a better life.

  19. It’s very easy to follow bad paths like this, tou thing everything is normal because that’s what you grow up to know. This story touches me

  20. Once you start taking alcohol and drugs as just a normal way of life, that’s a red flag. You are welcoming depression and death eventually

  21. Another success testimony about the 12 steps program, really lovely. Let us also run away from bad relationships that encourages addictions like Andred

  22. This information is very helpful for the people who are suffering from drugs and alcohol. Thanks for sharing this information.

  23. As with many cases, marijuana is always the gateway drug to harder stuff. The key is to not be tempted at all. Thanks for the article.

  24. His brother should have done a better job of guiding him. I can’t help but feel like the brother is partly to blame for this.

  25. His face has all the signs of someone who was addicted for a very long time. I pray that he stays clean and makes a full recovery.

  26. This is serious, at age five. Andres has gone through a lot. Parents should be concerned about their children well-being. They should not be left out and assume that they will be fine. Most especially at the teenage level, they tend to try new things on their own. Detoxtorehab is actually doing a great job in order to save the addicted ones. Kudos

  27. It always start with something not so serious like marijuana. For many, marijuana is usually the gateway drug to harder stuff as is with this case.

  28. Sometimes life is very hard to live. When we face a big problems, we will think drugs and alcohol is the best solution. But in the fact those things is the worst solution.

  29. Most of the time, we look after our siblings. Our siblings has the biggest influence on us. So let us all try to be a good example for them, though we are not perfect.

  30. I can not help but feel like the brother is partly to blame for this.Abstain from alcohol and drugs will make one to live a better life. We stay away from addiction and alcohol.

  31. This is very inspirational. Indeed, we do not know where life may take us. I am happy with the fact that there is really a hope after every storm.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

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