Of the 500 metric tons of methamphetamine produced, only 4 tons is legally produced for legal medical use.

Over 1,200,000 people reported to have used crystal meth in the last year.

Meth use contributes to over 100,000 emergency room admissions a year.

Crystal Meth

What is Crystal Meth and What is the Risk?

CCrystal Meth is a Central Nervous System Stimulant (CNS) and is made by refining and synthesizing Amphetamines to form a crystal-like substance. Crystal Meth can be crushed and snorted, or liquefied under heat and injected or smoked and is extremely addictive. Crystal meth also has devastating health implications, and it ravages drug-using populations. First cooked or manufactured in Portland, Oregon, Crystal Meth has quickly become one of the most abused drugs world-wide. It is a synthetic chemical and is commonly produced in illegal, hidden labs, mixing different types of amphetamines and other stimulants to boost its effectiveness.

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Crystal Meth Abuse Detox

Crystal Meth Abuse Detox

Once an abuser of Crystal Meth is admitted into treatment and undergoes the assessment process, the next step is detoxification, or detox. This phase consists of purging the mind-altering chemicals in the Crystal Meth from the patient's body. Detox from Crystal Meth should be conducted under medical supervision, as the withdrawal symptoms are severe and dangerous from Crystal Meth. Crystal Meth detox typically employs a medication-assisted detox to help the patient cope with the painful withdrawal symptoms. When the toxins from Crystal Meth are passed from the system, the patient will then be in a clean state, ready, physically and mentally to begin their rehabilitation process.
Crystal Meth Rehab

Crystal Meth Rehab

Call ahead to the treatment center of your choice and make sure they offer treatment for people suffering with dependency on Crystal Meth. Depending on the treatment center, there should be several therapy options available. The most successful and effective rehab is Inpatient Treatment. Inpatient rehab occurs at a live-in facility, where the patient is under 24-hour medical care. The advantage for Crystal Meth patients is that because it is a highly addictive drug, and the relapse rates are high, it is best to admit to a facility where you will be under constant medical care.

Dangers of Crystal Meth Abuse

Getting the proper treatment for Crystal Meth abuse as soon as possible is imperative to stopping the effects of the drug from taking your life, or the life of a friend or loved one who is dependent on Crystal Meth. This particular drug, manufactured in labs all across the country, is merciless in its all-consuming rampage of the human body.


Short term effects

The first line of defense against Crystal Meth getting the abuser to stop, and admitting them into a detox program as soon as you can.

The main reason for Crystal Meth’s success, and what makes it so dangerous, is that it isn’t considered a solo drug. It’s called a party or club drug and it is designed to get the abuser to relinquish all inhibitions to enjoy the moment to the full. Many people will also combine other drugs and alcohol on top of the Crystal Meth they’ve already consumed. Crystal Meth zaps people of negative feelings and guilt, which enables them to party harder without any self-awareness. Once addicted, it is almost impossible to recover and kick the habit without the help of a treatment center.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of Crystal Meth use are: increased physical activity, dilated pupils, loss of appetite, sleeplessness and fleeting euphoria.

When somebody begins using Crystal Meth over a period of time, they will begin to experience some crippling effects. Some of these short-term effects are: loss of appetite, mood swings, change in sleeping patterns and significant weight loss.

Over time, as somebody continually uses Crystal Meth, there’s the chance that they will experience significant effects. Some of the long-term effects are: Psychotic symptoms, stroke, coma, feelings of bugs crawling on skin and breathing problems.



How Are People Addicted to Crystal Meth?

Crystal Meth is a highly addictive chemical compound. It has euphoric effects and changes the chemistry of the brain to promote further abuse. The substances are extremely toxic to the brain and body. They destroy brain cells and other cells within the body. Crystal Meth actually shrinks brain activity to the core where signals are processed for basic functions. Crystal Meth overtakes these, making abuse a higher priority than eating, drinking and sleep.

How Can I Tell if I'm Addicted to Crystal Meth?

There are many signs of addiction. Alone, they may not be a sure sign, but in conjunction with others, you can determine if you have an addiction. They are needing more Crystal Meth to get the same high. Inability to stop using. One continues to abuse the drug in hazardous capacities (like driving or working with machinery.) Feeling sick when you stop using can also be a sign of Crystal Meth abuse.

Does Addiction Effect More Than Just Health?

Crystal Meth not only deteriorates you physical and mental health, but it can also destroy relationships with family, friends, and employers. If left untreated, Crystal Meth can destroy your entire life, and may be fatal.

How Long Does it Take to Get Addicted to Cocaine?

It depends on the person. Some people have a greater sensitivity to cocaine and may be addicted after the first or second use, while others aren’t as sensitive and may take longer, and in some cases there are some who are never addicted to it.

How Can I Quit if My Friends Still Use Crystal Meth?

Crystal Meth is a social drug. Many people abuse it when in social circles. This adds to the difficulty of quitting, if your friends are still using when you are trying to quit. Many treatment facilities address this social component of addiction to CM. Consider going to treatment in another city or state away from friends who are still using and may be a negative influence.



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Crystal Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Crystal Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

When you admit yourself to treatment, the first step is detoxification, where the toxins in your body are cleansed to prepare you for rehab. If you are addicted to Crystal Meth, there will be withdrawal symptoms. The crash from CM is intense. It is more severe than a Cocaine crash and typically lasts longer. However, the withdrawals are typically not as severe as those from Heroin. The following withdrawal symptoms are associated with Crystal Meth: extreme fatigue, substantial feelings of depression, heightened anxiety, unpleasant dreams, paranoia, lethargy or excessive sleeping, increased appetite and psychosis. Crystal Meth is too dangerous to attempt a self-detox. It is recommended to detox at a medically monitored facility.

Dangers of Crystal Meth Overdose

Dangers of Crystal Meth Overdose

Effects from excessive Crystal Meth abuse can cause substantial tooth decay, known on the street as Meth Mouth. Abusers of CM also have powerful delusions of bugs crawling on and out of their skin, and they will pick at their skin, resulting in sores covering their body. Chronic use can develop permanent psychotic disorders and ongoing hallucinations. Abusers of Crystal Meth have an increased risk of stroke. Repeated abuse will also result in permanent brain damage. Overdoses of high frequency and dosage can often lead to comas and even death.

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Best Treatment Centers

Inpatient Crystal Meth Rehab

Inpatient Crystal Meth Rehab

The most proven form of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, including for Crystal Meth addiction is inpatient treatment. Inpatient care is at a live-in facility where patients are under 24-hour medical care. The duration of stents are typically 30, 60 or 90 days. Most treatment facilities offer a core group of therapies including individual, group, family and cognitive behavioral therapy. They may also offer alternative therapies like music, yoga, art and equine therapies. The major benefit of inpatient care is that it removes you from the temptations and negative influences that may be tempting you to abuse drugs or alcohol, and allows you to focus completely on recovery.

Outpatient Crystal Meth Rehab

Outpatient Crystal Meth Rehab

Outpatient care is treatment available for people who are unable to rehab at a live-in facility. They can travel to a treatment center a few nights a week, freeing up their schedules if they have family and work responsibilities that take priority. Unfortunately, the patient may still be exposed to negative elements and environments that can tempt them to abuse Crystal Meth. However, patients receive the same therapy models and coping mechanisms in outpatient care as they do in inpatient. Outpatient treatment is also generally less expensive than inpatient care, and may be a great option for you if cost is a primary factor.

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Crystal Meth A Higher Risk for College StudentsCrystal Meth A Higher Risk for College Students

The availability Crystal Meth, and the fact that it’s a social drug, makes it more appealing to college students. Crystal Meth is bought and sold on college campuses, and is either ingested as a pill, ground up and snorted, or liquefied and smoked or injected. If you know someone addicted to Crystal Meth, consider staging an intervention for them. An intervention of family and friends may be the thing to persuade your friend or loved one to admit themselves into a treatment facility.

Health Insurance for Crystal Meth TreatmentHealth Insurance for Crystal Meth Treatment

If you are covered by health insurance, your insurer may cover part or all of your recovery. If you don’t have health insurance, talk to your treatment center about the possibility of paying in payments. Also, many states have programs for people unable to afford drug and alcohol treatment. There are many foundations around the country who offer grants to people in need of financial assistance for drug and alcohol treatment. Also ensure that the treatment center of your choice does treat Crystal Meth dependency. Some facilities specialize in certain substances and may not cover other substances.

Survivors of Substance Abuse

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Family Rehab
Family Rehab

Family members of Crystal Meth addicts are also victimized by their loved one’s addiction. They have belongings stolen and sold for meth, they are lied to about their dependency and are manipulated for money to get high. Addiction can destroy family relationships and severely damage the support system of the family. This is the need for family rehab, and what family rehab attempts to heal. Through family therapy, the patient and family members are allowed to attend counseling sessions together, as well as talks given by addiction professionals. Family members are also taught the basics of addiction, that it is a disease and how to relate with abusers of substances. The goal is to return the family to a viable support system for the recovering addict, and to repair the strained and severed relationships in the family.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Once patients complete detoxification and they are assessed for a treatment plan to be the road map for their recovery, they will have an option of therapy methods to choose from. They can also choose a combination of therapy methods. A popular method is Group Therapy. Group therapy is effective for people who work better in groups. Extroverts who enjoy opening up and sharing their experiences, as well as those who enjoy listening to others and helping with their addiction. This process of sharing and digging into their past, and their addiction, when shared with peers and addiction professionals can lead to healing and growth. Meeting peers who struggle with Crystal Meth can afford them the opportunity to create a support system among their peers. You may also find a sponsor at group meetings who can help you on an individual basis on your road to recovery.

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Why do people choose Crystal Meth?Why do people choose Crystal Meth?

Crystal Meth is available all around the world and is chosen by abusers for a variety of reasons. In Thailand, there is a Crystal Meth epidemic that is routinely used by the working class. It’s part of their breakfast. They take it before they go to work so they can have a high energy level that enables them to work all day. If they don’t work 12-18 hours a day, they may not earn enough money to survive. They ignore the negative consequences and abuse it to keep their job. Some abuse Crystal Meth as an escape from painful reality, and some to just get high, to feel good and enjoy the euphoric effects. It’s also a stimulant that helps people stay awake so they can keep partying. Crystal Meth speeds up metabolism, and some take it as a weight loss mechanism.

Common Dangers of Crystal MethCommon Dangers of Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth is an extremely dangerous substance. For one, it is cooked in amateur meth labs, and the quality of chemicals, and the safety of those chemicals can never be verified. There could be toxins built into the meth concoction that may be deadly or cause serious side effects. Short-term exposure to Crystal Meth can create symptoms of sinus problems, fatigue, headaches and nausea. Long term abuse of Crystal Meth can result in liver damage, and has created cancer in some. Over a long period of time abusers can have liver damage and it is believed that exposure to the chemicals lead to cancer as well. The negative effects are especially pronounced in young children who abuse Crystal Meth. New homeowners also need to be wary when purchasing a used home, to ensure that it wasn’t used as a meth lab. The contaminants can retain in the structure of the house, and those contaminates can impact the new occupants of the house in adverse and unhealthy ways. Give us a call and our trained professionals will help you find the treatment center right for you to overcome your addiction to Crystal Meth. Call today at(866) 578-7471 !

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