Overcoming What Happened to me as a Child

man shares his story of alcoholism that started at 10 years old

From an early age, Luke noticed that fitting in with others was hard. He just couldn’t connect with others, and he didn’t understand why. He just knew that was the way it always was. Friendships were difficult. Emotionally, Luke could not find that common ground.

the first time i got drunk was when i was 10

When Luke’s grandmother died, he encountered a sense of sadness he has never felt before. It was a time that made him aware of his difficulty connecting with others. He had been incredibly close to her and life would not be the same without her. His sadness led him to his first time experiencing depression.

Depression became a daily struggle and has continued to be something he has to take care of. In the early years of depression, he struggled to find relief. All he wanted was to be happy; for the pain to go away. Luke says that, “it really unlocked something in me where I was searching for some kind of relief, something to take that pain away.”In his search for relief from the pain he was feeling, he turned to alcohol. He knew what alcohol was and what it did to people who drank it. He saw the people around him drinking but never considered how alcohol could affect his life.

alcohol started to affect the way i saw the world


The Beginning of an Addiction

At the age of 10, Luke took his first drink of alcohol. As that drink went down, Luke immediately began to feel a sense of relief. He no longer felt the emotional pain he experienced daily. He could forget about how much he missed his grandmother.

This feeling of release stuck with Luke and he continued to visit the liquor cabinet in his parent’s home. Luke began to craft lie after lie when his parents would ask about the decreasing amounts of alcohol in the cabinet. He wanted no one to know what he was doing.

At that point in Luke’s life, he felt that he had found the solution to his pain. He had mastered the art of hiding. No one around him knew he was drinking and that was the way he wanted to keep it. Luke tells his audience that he “kept his drinking very, very hidden.”

Luke continued to drink once he entered high school. He would buy alcohol from his friends who were older. He turned away from religion and decided he wanted nothing to do with God. Luke knew he had a problem and could not understand why God would have created him so messed up.
Suicidal thoughts were a daily part of Luke’s life. He had no self-esteem or confidence. Each day he was thinking about what it would take to end his life.

man explains how suicidal he was in active addiction


The Worst Part of the Addiction

Once Luke graduated from high school, he began working. This sense of independence fueled his drinking. He was of age to purchase alcohol and making his own money. He still kept his drinking hidden, though.

Luke kept thinking that drinking was okay. He was purchasing a substance from the store. He didn’t want to do drugs and he remembers why. “I have always subscribed to the idea that I didn’t want to do drugs,” he said. “I’m never going to do drugs. That is what losers do, right?”
The thought that he wasn’t doing anything bad for himself continued. What he didn’t realize is that he was drinking so much, he was killing himself. As his drinking continued, he started vomiting. This is when he began smoking marijuana. The marijuana stopped the vomiting.
As Luke continued to drink, he continued to vomit. He began to vomit blood. This continued to happen, but Luke still craved that feeling of being drunk. When he was drunk, he didn’t feel his pain.

This pattern continued until Luke found himself drinking hourly. He was consuming two pints of vodka and a lot of beer per day. He realized that he was actually trying to kill himself. The suicidal thoughts led him to put a gun in his mouth, but thankfully, pulling the trigger was impossible.

young man finds recovery from alcoholism

Finding Recovery

Luke’s addiction got worse. He regularly drove while intoxicated and lost four jobs in a row. His friends and family were beginning to become concerned. They were asking questions, but Luke continued to say that everything was fine. He didn’t want people to be concerned about him.
Luke shares that a moment with his father changed everything for him.

His father told him, “I don’t care about the job. I don’t care about any of that. I just want you to be okay. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” These words and the tears of his father made him stop and acknowledge that he might have a problem.

After that moment with his father, Luke decided to call the Drug Abuse Hotline. What he thought would be a short conversation was a two-hour phone call. He was told to enter rehab and where to find a facility. Luke traveled to rehab and got through the intake process.

During his detox, Luke almost died. But thankfully, he was under medical supervision during his detox. He was taken to the hospital and cared for by the staff of his rehab facility. After he completed detox, he realized that without getting help for his addiction, he would have died. If the alcohol had not killed him, the withdrawal would have.

In his time in rehab, Luke began to talk about his addiction, and he discovered the underlying reasons for it. For the first time, he revealed that he was molested by a family member at the young age of four. This was something he never spoke of and found hard to talk about.

Recovery not only helped Luke overcome his alcohol addiction but allowed him to deal with the deep hurt he felt, as well as the underlying causes of that hurt. The staff and his roommates gave Luke the support he needed to stay alive without alcohol.
Today, Luke continues to go to meetings and has support from his long-time sponsor.

  1. I think the cause of addiction at early age in most of the cases is because of no clear attention of parents towards children. Parents should look after their children so they don’t have to go through depression. My best wishes are for Luke’s for choosing the right path

  2. Ugh the stories of addiction that started in childhood are SO heartwrenching. But it’s wonderful that you are spreading stories of hope. I like that Luke’s story shows how much power an intervention actually has. His father saved his life. I’m so sad that he was abused in his childhood, but so proud of him for overcoming.

  3. So glad he made it, and also made it through detox and was able to get medical help! I feel for those who aren’t able to have access to medical assistance when they want to go through a detox.

  4. 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  5. From what I see. acceptance is indeed a key factor that may cause a child to depent in drugs from an early age. Not finding the perfect place is indeed troublesome.

  6. depression is a terrible thing and can lead to all sorts of bad behavior..I’m not surprised Luke took alcohol to battle depression..taking his first alcohol at the tender age of 10 is just not the best..then graduating to taking marijuana really messed up his life..I’m glad he completed detox and is now clean..recovery is great..thanks for sharing

  7. I like that Luke story shows how much power an intervention actually has. he is better and getting help and medicine to stop your drinking

  8. This is an emotional story. Getting addicted at that young age is so painful. Parents should monitor their children. Am glad he was able to pull through and over come

  9. Nowadays even young children have started taking drugs. Parents need to be careful. It will prove to be very dangerous in the future.

  10. Luke story is like one of the sad stories I had to deal with. Being in a bad place comes with its own sets of problem. I’m glad he still recovered.

  11. So happy he made it through.
    Alcohol shouldn’t have been turned to for relief of pain. It does more harm than good. The harm are sometimes uncontrollable. Not all come of addict the same. I’m happy for you Luke

  12. Not being able to fit in especially with friends can really hurt, especially if you are an introvert. But i lik that Luke as recovered from the whole depression and addictions. This is the most important thing.

  13. Just know choosing to drink away your problems or sorrows would only compound things harder than it has been. It’s never a getaway solution. Stay on a sober track and watch things turn out for good. Keep up with the good work Detoxtorehab.

  14. The main reason of Luke into bad habits is lack parents care. At the age every child needs a care and love. Parents is the first teacher teach the basic things about the life. He is missing that things that the reason of his weirdness.

  15. Luke’s story is very pathetic and touching. Addiction makes one faces many consequences but am happy for Luke for taking the right step to find recovery.

  16. It was really hard on like hard. Icing in a world where you feel you are not wanted ,l it is displeasing to ear but he survive which makes him an mvp.

  17. He started alcohol at a very young age. Well, happiness’ as we all try to find is never found in things that stimulate our body and mind. Happiness is find peace of mind in daily life and being contended with what nature has offered.

  18. I really feel for Luke and his life. His story proves once you believe in yourself, you can come out of any challenges. Glad he was able to achieve recovery to get his life back on track.

  19. Luke’s story is very sad and emotional, thank God he was able to seek for help and recover from his depression and deep emotional pain. Thank God for his father also who wanted the best for him. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing this amazing story of recovery.

  20. This is why depression must be taken seriously. It can and will lead to something worse if left not notice. It can even lead to any addiction that can lead to your death. All is not lost. All it takes is help and the will to change.

  21. Yh his is just so touching. Addiction took his young life away but I’m so glad that he’s still alive to tell the story.

  22. It was indeed a challenging or hard time but tough time they never last but tough people. Thank God for your recovery.

  23. I think the cause of addiction is inability of the person entangle with it to realize life is so full of challenge and proper understanding of life need to be understood to face the challenge and overcome it. Addiction to drug and alcohol is very rampant and overly bad which can ruined someone’s life

  24. Alcohol abuse can snowball to chronic drug addiction. Luke’s story is an eloquent testimony to this undeniable fact. Consequently, seeking recovery is the panacea to the problem. Detox is setting the pace in drug rehabilitation for drug addicts.

  25. What a pathetic story of luke,is not easy for someone that is being addicted right from the early stage of life to recovery ,thank God for Luke turn around and thanks to detox to rehab for a job welldone and for sharing

  26. Getting addiction at that tender age could be as a result of peer pressure. However, it is very great to discover that Luke was able to find his way back to sobriety.

  27. Luke’s story of drug addiction is indeed touching. However, for seeking recovery from Detox makes him truly free from suçh terrible situation. Drug addicts should seek recovery before it is too late. Health is wealth.

  28. Hmmmm. I feel pathetic for Luke cos he had to experience this due to the love of a loved one but alcohol has never been designed to help solve depression or any emotional pain even the manufacturers knew this. I am really happy Detox helped him recover from addiction. Congratulations champ.

  29. What an early age to start drinking. I know depression is really a bad thing I feel for Luke that he felt this way at a very young age and I know alcohol was a very wrong path to have taken but I am so glad for the turning point In his life and that call he made to go to rehab which changed his story.

  30. I believe this is a story that touches the heart and the realities all around us… Am happy that this stories are revealed to us as an example… Telling us of all that is around us… And we can ride out of it.

  31. It is quite unfortunate that Luke experienced all that he did at a tender age, but I believed if he had reached out to someone he would have gotten help much earlier. I am glad that he is now sober and want to live a better life.

  32. Wow!
    This is A Great one.I’m happy to know Recovery not only helped Luke overcome his alcohol addiction but allowed him to deal with the deep hurt he felt.

  33. Inability to relate with others is not good. God has made us in such a way that no one can live without others. Thank God you are recovered.

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