How to Fill the Void Left by Your Heroin Addiction


True Stories of Addiction: Devon

Devon’s story is not like any other. He grew up in an incredibly loving home with no abuse, no fighting, no neglect, and everything was provided to him. There were no problems that would have navigated him to drugs and alcohol. The circumstances in his home did not dictate the route he took.

No matter what he did there was still something inside that felt wasn’t quite right.

Finding Peace in Heroin

“What I noticed though is that the despite of all of that [having a normal childhood] there was this inner turmoil, there was this distance that something was not quite right, I wasn’t okay,” Devon said.

Devon always felt out of place. No matter what he was doing or who he was with, things did not seem right. He felt that everyone else was gliding through life and for him that was difficult to replicate.

He would try so hard to act and feel normal but it was just too challenging for him.

“As much as I tried my hardest to just integrate myself into society, to interact with other people, to do just normal things it felt ever so difficult.”

Because he had difficulties integrating himself into society, he found outlets. At first it was animation and then he got into playing the guitar.

“While most people would see that as an extreme passion, playing like ten hours a day, uh, for me it was the only thing I had to be okay.”

He spent most of his day playing the guitar to distract his mind form the feelings or uneasiness and unrest. The guitar was what got him through the day for a very long time, before drugs came into the picture.

After a while the guitar didn’t seem to give Devon what he was looking for. He needed a stronger escape from reality. So, Devon got the idea to do some research on drugs before he decided to try them.

“Funny enough I had this experience when I was researching Heroin that at the bottom of the web page in big red letters and it said, you know, the potential for addiction, the potential for over dose, for death, I kind of accepted it and disregarded it.”

The warning signs did not phase Devon. It took a while for him to try drugs but when he did it was all or nothing.

“I wasn’t the one to say I am not going to try this substance or I am not going to try that substance for me it was just game on.”

He ended up trying Marijuana for the first time with his friends. He felt like he did not have a profound life altering experience. However, in retrospect, it obviously was. It was something that made Devon feel at ease, it made him feel like he can now engage with others, he was finally okay.

“My first spiritual experience I was sitting there with my friends smoking and everything was alright.”

Though everything was alright, he noticed he was more deceitful about things. He started lying, hiding things and he felt he was changing.

“I started to manipulate more, I started to put on this mask to be this grand actor that I could control my life as long as you saw what I wanted you to see.”

He thought he was good at hiding things but his parents eventually caught on. They started noticing his lies and how he would come home late but they weren’t too concerned because there weren’t any big problems like him getting arrested.

His Heroin Addicted Idol

He justified his using because he was not getting into trouble and because his idols were all successful drug and alcohol addicts.

“All my idols were junkies by trait.”

He would think of his idols, disregard the possible consequences of abusing Heroin and focus on the effect it produces. Because he wasn’t thinking of the costs of abusing drugs, things went downhill quick.

“I have pawned all my things; I have stolen from my parents … taking their credit cards, this and that, it just got to the point where I was out of money and I was tired of being dope sick all the time.”

Devon got clean not because his life was falling apart, he didn’t want change, it was more of a finical and physical problem. The drugs weren’t his problem; they were his solution. He believes he was the problem. He just understood there was a problem and he needed to fix it so he went to detox.

Recovery is Possible

In detox, Devon was introduced to a 12-step fellowship and shown that there is a way to recover, you just had to work for it. He looks at things differently now and believes Heroin was not his drug of choice, it chose him. He is living a life he never thought was possible.

He moved into a sober living and he was constantly surrounded by people who love and care for him. There sobriety came first and the individuals taught him the tools and means to stay sober. He is now an entirely different person.

Devon understands his illness and is able to live a full life. He knows he can now get though anything thanks to the tools the 12-steps have shown him. Devon believes if you put in the action to stay sober, you will stay sober.

“Recovery is for someone who wants it.”

  1. A lot of times people gravitate to drugs because of issues they have at home. It seems that wasn’t the case at all for Devon.

  2. I think Devon should have stuck to playing the guitar to escape reality. Graduating to Heroin totally ruined him 🙁

  3. Finding an alternative to drugs that is constructive can have immense benefits in the long run. The key is to find something that can occupy your mind long enough so that you don’t crave drugs.

  4. Indeed recovery from a drug addiction is possible. The only catch is that the addict in question needs to WANT to recover.

  5. The idea that Devon justified his drug usage by the fact that his idols were addicts and successful is a scary one. He should have had better role models.

  6. In some instances, one can never really fill the void left by heroin addiction. That’s why we have so many cases of relapse.

  7. I definitely agree ” RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE It is not easy though, Any drug for that matter the recovery phase is always the hardest, This is where SUPPORT SYSTEM truly matters as it is a very important component on this.

  8. I have read about the 12-step program before. It’s a good place to start when looking to make a full recovery from heroine addiction.

  9. The cost of abusing drugs is never worth it in the long run. Devon found that out the hard way. Thank God he recovered though.

  10. “If you put in the action to stay sober, you will stay sober.” I couldn’t agree more with those sentiments. Very well said.

    1. Any drug for that matter the recovery phase is always the hardest. This is as a result of recovery into a new life. I get it but we do not have a choice.

  11. I’ve never heard a story about an addict or past addict with such self-awareness. Devon has a great mentality for positive change, that I think would resonate with lots of people. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Recovery is truly possible from addict. It’s not easy but with support system in the life of the addict all will be fine.

  13. Recovery is possible if the addict truly want to be recovered. It really has to do with a positive interest.

  14. The first step to recovery is self discovery of the problem. Drug abuse is bad. Thank God for Devon’s recovery

  15. Of course there would be void. This is as a result of recovery into a new life. Thanks to Detox To Rehab for this piece of information.

  16. Thanks to Detox To Rehab for this 12-step meeting. It has been helping people to find their way back to the society.

  17. There are several reasons why some people opted for drug. It ranges from child abuse to depression. Getting back to the society is made easy by the Detox To Rehab. Thanks.

  18. Even the most normal stuff proves to be difficult? I get it but we do not have a choice. It is part of the process let alone being sober. If you are in hell just go through it.

  19. Identification of talent could be helpful. Counseling services can also lead one to the removal of these voids.

  20. Devon shouldn’t have gotten himself involved in addiction with the love shown to him by his family. Thank God for his love that found him.

  21. This is an inspirational story by Devon. This proves that addiction can leave a void in addicts for them to live with but only through can they overcome such void.

  22. HAPPY that Devon took the 12 step program to recover. Addiction always leave a void for addicts to live with for the rest of their lives but it takes commitment to overcome it.

  23. To recover from drug addiction is very possible if the person is determined to be sober. No matter how you are involved in drugs the fulfilment can never be there
    Detox to rehab thank you for sharing this amazing story of recovery.

  24. Devon’s story of heroin addiction has worsened his life. However, Detox deserves a round of applause for rehabilitating his life. Bravo!

    1. Majority don’t consider the cost of Addiction to Harmful substances and that’s why they find themselves in a Mess.
      I strongly believe Determination is required to stay sober.

  25. Having a normal life free from drugs Is absolutely the best trust me and I think Devon’s story has pointed that out.

  26. Devon’s Experience is full of Motivation and lesson we should learn.
    It’s Great to see how 12 step program has helped him in his path to Recovery.

  27. Recovery is never too late but staying unclean damages a lot of things. I commend Devon’s commitment and determination to recovery and I this will definitely motivate others.

  28. In this situation you actually from good family with no drug,but you still found the thing that you think Will change your life,and finally bring you to false way,

  29. Feeling a kind of inner void is normal due to addiction. To overcome addiction, we really need to study and have a personal encounter with Jesus

  30. Devon got it all during his teen years, the patents provided literally everything for him to be happy. But due to fear of association due to paranoia or whatever made him to seek heroin addiction, at last its simply a disappointing one.

  31. Devon has a great mentality for positive change, that I think would resonate with lots of people. Drugs are very harmful effects of our body. Thanks for sharing this blog

  32. This blog connect the facts with the real example as well it is helpful for he people who have recovered for the drug abuse as you can relate with real life also.

  33. No Peace can ever be gotten from heroin, it will end in catastrophe. Brace up Devon and become the best you can ever be

  34. Emptiness left by the addition can be filled with the word of God through counseling services. Thanks for this piece of information.

  35. Devon I like that you are strong and better now. it never an easy feat to live above addiction but you are getting there

  36. It can’t be easy for a person that almost all the idols are junkies. it will make leaving substance abuse very difficult but good you are well now

  37. Devon’s story of drug addiction is truly amazing and touching. Nonetheless, he has extricated himself from such hopeless lifestyle. What a great decision he has made!

  38. Drugs are very harmful effects on our bodies. It seems that wasn’t the case at all for Devon. The emptiness left by the addition can be filled with the word of God through counseling services.

  39. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people.

  40. Having this kind of abnormally Can be quite sad. Because people with Devon traits always find it hard to fit in. I an happy Devin knew he had to make a change and took the bold step towards recovery.

  41. Family and friends will always be the most efficient help that we can ask for. A supportive community will also be of great help to those rehabilitated addicts.

  42. This goes to show that even people that we feel or think are so Happy or are living perfect lives may fall victim to substance abuse. I am glad Devon had the courage to change his lifestyle by getting treatment.

  43. “Recovery is for someone who wants it”. How true!. It’s quite hard offering help to someone who has not acknowledged their need for it. Devon’s story is very intriguing, he had all he could desire as a growing child but felt like he possesed nothing. It’s great all that is changing now.

  44. Despite having a loving family, still Devon got into a line of addiction. I see this story as a helpful guide to those who deal with a lack of self-confidence, feeling left alone. People having this issue leads to addiction because it’s the only way they can be themselves Though you need to help yourself to overcome the temptation to do what’s wrong

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