Depending on Drugs and Alcohol to Live


True Stories of Addiction: Megan

Megan grew up loving sports, hanging out with the boys and was not afraid to get down in the dirt. Despite the fun she had, when she was hanging out with the boys, they would often ask her if she was a boy, and it really messed with her head. This caused her to feel the need to be loved and accepted by someone other than herself. She felt as though she wasn’t good enough and her parents getting a divorce did not help the fact she was feeling alone.

With her parents neglecting her and her two brothers, she needed to step in and become the “mom” and didn’t have time to work on herself like she needed. Since Megan did not have any time she desired to become the woman she wanted, she needed an escape from life, and sought it in drugs and alcohol.


Drugs and Alcohol is what Mattered

Though Megan had class, sports functions and practice, she would carry around her water bottle to ensure she would stay drunk for the day. While living with a roommate, Megan was not making the money she needed to support her alcohol and drug habit so she decided to steal from her roommate. Things did not turn out in her favor so she was asked to leave. This, in turn, caused Megan to lose her scholarships she worked so hard on getting.

Lost and confused about what to do since she lost her scholarships, Megan now based her life around alcohol. She would ask herself if she can drink before she attends a function or meet ups such as work and family events, while she is there and after. If where she was attending didn’t live up to her standards, she would leave or not show. Even if she was to show up, she wouldn’t really be there because she was so taken back by the drugs and alcohol.

The Consequences of Abusing Drugs and Alcohol

Megan ended up getting pregnant with her baby boy. In her heart, she wanted nothing but a beautiful life for this boy; she didn’t want him growing up with the type of parents she did and she was going to protect him from such trauma. She thought having her son would fix her or make her life better- she put in everything she had, but couldn’t be the parent she wanted to be, because of her addiction.

No matter how hard Megan tried to be the parent she wanted to be, the drugs and alcohol took precedence in her life. The negativity caught up with her and she ended up getting into some trouble. She got into an accident, received a DUI and everything worth living for was ripped from her. She lost her son and boyfriend, was evicted from her place of residence and her truck was smashed into a million pieces.


She was living to die; nothing mattered to Megan but the drugs and alcohol. She was alone and wasn’t sure if life was worth living anymore. Eventually the heroin, meth and pills caught up to her and she couldn’t use enough anymore. No drug or drink was going to give her the desired effect she needed. It got to the point she could drink a fifth of vodka and not get drunk. This, after some time, caused Megan to hit a spiritual and life bottom.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When Megan went into treatment she stayed as long as they would allow. She went to every meeting and every class she could to ensure she would stay sober. Then, she was introduced to the 12-step program and got a sponsor immediately – she took all suggestions the people told her and was willing to do the work the 12-step program requires.

Megan did not want to die anymore; she knew she was worth living and deserved the best life she could have. 12-step meetings became her happy place and she started to meet new and wonderful people; she started living again. Even though she is living life on a spiritual basis, Megan still has her rough days. In those days, Megan does not want to take a drink or put a drug into her body. She knows going down that path is not worth the life she has built for herself today.

Megan cannot encourage enough the idea of asking for help. She asked for help and it saved her life, she is living again. She can never imagine turning back to the life she was living. No drug or drink is worth the life she has today. Megan will go to any lengths to save her sobriety and wants you to experience this feeling of live and serenity too.

If you feel like you have depended on drugs and alcohol to live and need a way out, give us a call. We will help in any way we can to save your life: (866) 578-7471

  1. Thank you for sharing Megan’s story with us! It not only opened my eyes to the realities of dependencies when it comes to drugs and alcohol but also it’s facts and information of the topic. Hope that Megan is doing alright and continuing her wonderful progress.

  2. This so sad. Parents should be aware of there decision making as it affects the children. Megan has passed through a lot but thank God that she asked for help which really saved her. I hope she gets better than this. Happy for Megan.

  3. Drug and alcohol addiction is never a good way to sort after an escape route in life. It destroys any patient’s life and make them suffering health complicated issues for long.

  4. This is the geimming fact of addiction. It is like a virus that starts small until iy gets getting worse, bigger, badder, For me it is way better to not get into this if not it should be detected early. I have seen alcoholics let alone addicts who goes crazy because these fry your brain,

  5. This story is very inspirational and motivational. Drugs can make you more unwell and more likely to try and harm yourself or take your own life. There is also some evidence that using some drugs may cause mental illness for the first time.

  6. yes drugs and alcohol are so addictive that if you get into it…they will trap you and it looks like they are your life…but they are killers…so try to leave them as soon as possible.

  7. I agree that drugs were never the solution to any problems you are dealing with. It could make you satisfy a little for a moment but its long-term effect is dangerous. If you stumble, it’s okay we all do but let it be, and don’t look for solutions in drugs they will get your problem worst.

  8. Drugs and alcohol are the two things most common abuse that we know. We must understand that neglect will surely put someone head in very bad situation. They will often times seek alcohol and drugs to overcome those things in their head.

  9. The consequences might comes with consuming ahcohol and taking drugs cant be wished away. So it pertinent not to even starts it at all

  10. Problems of life should not be a tenable reason to indulge in drugs and alcohol.
    Abstinence from drug and alcohol is a panacea to any problem. Drugs and alcohol will definitely worsen the situation. We should avoid such.

  11. Megan had everything working out for her until she went down the path of drugs. Knowing that she didnt have confidence in herself really saddens me, but I thank God she decided to go for the 12 step program and the realisation that life is actually worth living.

  12. We all have a bad time in our life’s but the prayer is that we dont do the wrong things thinking it would make things better or make the pains or feelings go away. Megan I commend you for taking the right steps to treatment despite what you went through.

  13. There’ll always be repercussions and side effects when it comes to drug abuse and alcohol addiction. I’m happy she pulled through.

  14. Drug and alcohol isn’t a good response to the issues of life. Morgan has been able to seek help which actually brought her out of the affliction.

  15. With such a life, I will say that it would had been so hard to even live. Thanks for Detox for the help. More accolades

  16. This is a good case of how asking for help can save a life. We should never hesitate to ask for help whenever we feel overwhelmed.

  17. I am so happy for Megan and all the positive changes she eventually made. The real task now is to avoid relapsing. All the best to her.

  18. Many people use drugs and alcohol as a way to escape from the problems of life and it looks like this lady also made the same mistake. In the article it is mentioned that she was struggling to make money to get alcohols and drugs and this is a common problem. people who are addicted to various different substances need money to buy the substance they are addicted to and this shows how certain kind of addiction can lead to financial problems.

  19. I am glad you made the decision to seek help even if it was for your son. Addiction might break you but with the right help and willingness things can be sorted.

  20. The neglect she faced from her parents definitely pushed her more into drugs. This shows just how important proper parenting is in a child’s life.

  21. You can’t depend on alcohol and drugs to live it is not worth it. Thanks for sharing Megan’s story. I am happy she is doing better for herself now.

  22. Sometimes becoming a mom can change someone’s mindset quite a bit. The fact that you are now responsible for someone apart from yourself can move you to change. Very touching story.

  23. She learnt the hard way that you can’t depend on drugs and alcohol to live. Let’s hope her experience inspires someone out there to make a change for the better.

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