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Dangers of Fioricet Abuse

Fioricet is combination of Acetaminophen, Butalbital and caffeine. It’s a prescription given to patients who are suffering from tension headaches caused by muscle contractions. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and fever reducer.

Butalbital is a Barbiturate that relaxes the contractions, and caffeine relaxes the blood vessels for better blood flow. Many of the people who become addicted to Fioricet are unaware that it is a physically and psychologically dependent drug. Fioricet is more commonly known to cause addiction if used for extended periods of time and at high doses. However, that does not mean it is not addictive otherwise. Any dosage of Fioricet can cause tolerance and dependency, both physiologically and psychologically.

Fioricet, like all other prescription drugs, can be dangerous if they are not taken properly. Too many people abuse prescription drugs under the false pretense that pills are safer than Cocaine, Meth or Heroin. When taking a prescription drug, make sure to consult a doctor to make sure you stay informed about dosage.

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Street Names for Fioricet
  • Butalbital
  • Barbiturate
  • Acetaminophen
  • Caffeine

Fioricet Effects

Fioricet is a heavy sedative that contains a barbiturate drug which works by depressing one’s central nervous system. CNS depressants decrease brain functioning rate, resulting in something which resembles Alcohol intoxication. Lethargic effects are produced by the increase of neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid, traffic in one’s brain. Fioricet’s dissolving process is done through dissolving in body fat. Due to this process, the drug has easy access to the brain, because of the ability to cross the barrier to blood in the brain. This can happen multiple times due to it dissolving in fat. The exact effects of Fioricet is not yet completely understood. More research is needed for better understanding of the exact nature of Fioricet’s harmful qualities.

Warning signs of Fioricet abuse in a loved one

If someone you know is using abusing Fioricet, his or her first instinct will be to completely deny it. He or she might even claim that it is completely harmless due to it being a prescription drug and being prescribed by a doctor. Unfortunately, prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as street drugs, including Fioricet. There are some common signs you can look for if you suspect a loved one of developing a chemical bond to Fioricet.

If your loved one is constantly mentioning stomach aches, that could be an indication of Fioricet abuse. Abdominal pain is one of the most common signs of someone abusing Fioricet. Using more than what is prescribed and can seriously harm the stomach.

Shortness of breath can be another red flag. If your loved one is easily out of breath while on Fioricet, then there might be a risk of addiction to the drug. People who use Fioricet without proper authorization could pass out due to shortness of breath.

One of the most common signs of abuse is if your loved one is putting his or her Fioricet use before anything else. People who have a substance abuse problem will abandon plans and obligations to get their fix to feed their addiction, no matter the harm.

Factual Dangers: Fioricet

These informative videos can help you learn more about the dangers of Fioricet and other prescription drug abuse. Taking prescription drugs recreationally can be harmful. In most cases when people who are addicted to prescription pills, they turn to drugs like Heroin or Meth to get the same feeling. If you are not careful, Fioricet can be used as gateway to other harmful drugs. These videos can help with the explanation of how and why.

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Fioricet can be used for migraines, but causes addiction after long periods of usage.

People who are withdrawing from the drug also feel emotional, depressed, anxious, and irritable.

Some develop skin rashes, breathing problems, and itching. In rare cases, taking Fioricet causes constipation, fever, gas and heartburn, dry mouth, muscle pain, and difficulty in swallowing.

True Stories of Addiction

Michael didn’t understand what abusing drugs like Fioricet would do to his life. He went down a bumpy road, but eventually, he found recovery before it was too late. – View all episodes now

Fioricet Rehab Treatment

Once your body is cleansed of all the toxifying chemicals, you will be ready to begin your rehabilitation. In rehab, you will come to a conclusion as to why you started using drugs and alcohol in the first place. You do so by working with a therapist one-on-one and talking about your life and what lead to you using in the first place. Knowing what may have caused your addiction is powerful information, because you will be able to recognize triggers which may place you at a greater risk for relapse after rehab and preventing you from moving forward in your life. Treatment is based on getting rid of the physiological and psychological dependency that comes with being addicted to Fioricet. Rehab treatment methods often entail behavioral and cognitive therapies.

Revisiting situations that took place in your life in the past with a therapist can help you see how and why you may have taken to drugs in the first place. Fioricet can be an addictive drug, and learning why you felt the urge to abuse it will help you avoid triggers later in life. Triggers are the people, places and things that enable or promote your drug abuse. In rehab, you can figure out ways to not give into those triggers.

Fighting your way back to sobriety might not be easy, but it is possible. Call us now to get help enrolling into a rehab program that can save your life. – Learn More

Fioricet Detox Treatment

Fioricet is known to have symptoms of withdrawal when stopping use. The symptoms decrease gradually over an estimated two-week period. Fioricet addiction is medically withdrawn with a variety of different methods. Withdrawal from Fioricet requires medical assistance; withdrawal symptoms from barbiturates like butalbital are often fatal. Symptoms of Fioricet withdrawal include: anxiety, nausea, hallucinations, restlessness, seizures and insomnia.

Detox is available to help the physical withdrawal symptoms and gradually wean an individual off the drug. Detoxing from Fioricet can create feelings of depression and cause you to feel emotional and anxious. It is recommended that you detox at a facility so you can be gradually slow down until you are no longer taking Fioricet. The point in the gradual wean off of the medication is to minimize the withdrawal symptoms and keep you as comfortable and safe as possible. Withdrawal symptoms can start in as little as 16 hours after your last dose. Detoxing off of Fioricet can have fatal consequences, so it is highly advised that one get medically assisted detoxification.

Call us today and we will help you find a detox center that can help you clean your body from a Fioricet addiction. You do not have to keep giving in to your substance abuse problem. Help is available, if you are willing to help yourself. – Learn More

Addiction to Fioricet

Most people who are prescribed Fioricet use it to treat headaches and muscle tension. Most prescriptions call for 1-2 tablets every four hours, and to not exceed six tablets within a 24-hour period. Many doctors also authorize patients to use it for migraines. Fioricet works quickly, which is why it can run a high risk for chemical dependency. People become addicted to drugs, because it drowns out their pain or negative emotions. Fioricet relieves headaches and migraines so quickly that people might turn to it whenever they feel a slight pain, increasing their chances to develop a substance abuse disorder. Dizziness, drowsiness and abdominal pain are three of the most common side effects that are experienced in those who take Fioricet with regularity.

Once your brain is used to having Fioricet help it relax, heal or just feel normal it will change the chemistry of your body to crave it every day. This is how an addiction sets in; your body will go into shock, causing you to have withdrawal symptoms if you do not take Fioricet at that point.

The only way to fully cope with a substance abuse disorder is to get professional help. Drug addiction and alcoholism are medical diseases, so why would you not want medical help to get your life back on tracks? Take 10 minutes to call us, we can help you find a rehab center that fits all of your needs.

Fioricet Dependency

Being hooked on any substance is hard, and Fioricet is no exception. Prescription drug abuse numbers are rising meaning so are the number of people who are addicted to them. People between the ages of 18 to 25 are the largest demographic who abuse prescription drugs. But no matter the age, race or gender, anyone who abuses any substance runs the risk of developing a dependency. Chemical imbalances and the feeling of isolation fuel chemical dependency. Everyone takes to drugs, alcohol or other addictive substances and activities for different reasons.

No matter the reasons you took to Fioricet, if you abused the drug for 21 days or longer, you run the risk of being addicted. Once you have a chemical dependency to Fioricet, there are many health risks that you must be aware of.

Due to Fioricet containing three different drugs including: Butalbital, Acetaminophen and caffeine there are many addition risks regarding your health. Each drug poses risks of its own nature. Butalbital has addictive qualities and is a heavy Central Nervous System depressant. Acetaminophen can also be very toxic leading to agranulocytosis, allergic reaction, thrombocytopenia and severe rash. Caffeine is known to lead to hyperglycemia, cardiac over stimulation, nephrotoxicity, agitation, dependency and tremors. Fioricet abuse has many dangers associated with it.

If someone you know has an addiction to Fioricet, help them

We understand that observing someone that you care about from an outsider’s perspective, living with a burden of addiction is quite painful. Because of this we want to offer you encouragement to reach out for help by contacting a professional interventionist. Interventions are specialized, trained professionals who have a high rate of success in helping individuals identify that there is a problem with addiction and that help is needed.

If you are considering having an intervention for someone you care about, get in contact with an intervention specialist. An interventionists job is to discover the best way to go about the process while providing a calming presence throughout the sit down. interventions can often be quite tense and ineffective due to high emotions. Contact a professional today and get your loved one the help that he or she needs. If you need help getting in touch with an interventionist, please call us. We can help you find a professional who can mediate your gathering.

Holding an intervention may not be easy, but neither is seeing a loved one slowly kill themselves with Fioricet, alcohol and other drugs. Your loved one might be wanting to stop using substances, but may think he or she is in too deep. Holding an intervention for them can allow you to point out their rehab options so that they see they have a chance. Fighting back against a substance abuse disorder is hard for anyone to do on their own, have your loved one’s back in their battle against their addiction. – Learn More

Recovery from Fioricet Abuse

Recovery from a substance abuse problem is a life-long task; there is no pure cure for addiction. Rehab does not make your addiction go away, but it does empower you with the skills and knowledge so that you can turn down temptation to use drugs and alcohol, and that should ultimately be the main goal. If you are looking into attending rehab thinking you can casually drink and use after, then please call us now. We want to help you get into the right mindset before taking your addiction head on.

After rehab is when you will need follow-up and aftercare programs to help you. There are several aftercare options available for you upon your ending of rehab for Fioricet addiction. Aftercare is aimed to the continuing of treatment services to ensure lasting sobriety, and it may include an outpatient facility.

Great support can usually be found in 12-step meetings in your local community. 12-step meetings have a fellowship of people that practice maintaining sobriety in a peaceful, confident and happy state of well-being. The 12-step meetings in your community are surrounded by people who completely understand what addiction is like, and understand what it is like to live with such a difficult disorder. These people can help you find the strength you need to build your relationships as well as your life in recovery.

Aftercare programs and meetings are designed to keep you focused on your sobriety and to remind you not to slip up. Your addiction will always be trying to come back into your life.

Dangers of Fioricet Overdose

Fioricet abuse should not to be taken lightly, as the likeliness of a Fioricet overdose is extremely high. Fioricet is classified as a Barbiturate, meaning that the risk for fatality is incredibly high when overdosing. This is usually due to heart and lung issues. Fioricet overdose likely will include: coma, respiratory depression, hypovolemic shock, injury from loss of consciousness, miscarriage in women that are pregnant, hypotension, disorientation, pneumonia and death.

The risk of overdose is always there, not matter the substance is being abused. People hear overdose and automatically think of Heroin and Cocaine. While those might be two of the most common overdoses from illicit drugs, prescription overdoses also happen daily. In 2014 alone more than 1700 people just between the ages of 18 to 25 died from prescription drug overdoses. According to a report released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The same report concluded that there were about 119 emergency room for every overdose death due to prescription drugs. Fioricet overdose is like any other: deadly and common.

Prescription drug overdoses are becoming too common of a problem in the United States. Do not become another death statistic. You can get the help you need to make life-saving changes, and all it starts with is a phone call. Call us now so that we can assist you in mapping out the best plan for you to cope with your substance abuse problem. Get your decision-making skills back out of the hands of your addiction. – Learn More

How to Prepare for an Intervention

People have so many different emotions running when trying to plan an intervention for a loved one with a substance abuse problem. Partly, it’s expecting the worse, thinking their loved one will reject every concern. Part of them is praying this is the time he or she answers the wakeup call and decides to take steps in the right direction. No matter what the expectations may be the ultimate goal should be to get your loved one to agree on attending rehab.

Not everyone understands what it is like to live with an addiction. Those who do not understand tend to pass harsh judgement down to those with a substance abuse problem, asking questions like, “why can’t you just stop?” -and- “Don’t you know it’s killing you?” This may make your loved one feel ashamed to ask for help. Many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol feel isolated from everything and everyone they once loved. They are not sure they can go to family and friends for help because they have judgmental toward their substance abuse problem.

Or maybe your loved one is in denial about their drug addiction or alcoholism issue. It can be hard to reach someone who is unwilling to see the writing on the wall. The point that has to be expressed to your loved one during an intervention is that if they continue to go down the road they are going, they will end up dead. Rehab, prison or death are the only three ways to cope with an addiction. Obviously, you want to see your loved one attend rehab. Here are a few main points to keep in mind while staging an intervention:

Be Prepared
Do not try to wing your gathering. Know who you want there and how you want to go about expressing concerns to your loved one. Ask each person who will attend the intervention to come with a written statement with a specific example of how the loved one’s drug or alcohol got in the way of their relationship. These examples should also include how it made him or her personally feel. Going around the room in a circle, everyone can take turns reading their scripted statements. Your loved one might say that everyone is making stuff up to gang up on him or her. Assure your loved one that everyone there cares about him or her and all that is being asked is that the loved one listen.

Be Assertive, But Not Judgmental
It will be easy in an intervention to lose your temper toward your loved one. That is because it should be obvious that your loved one needs help. Understand that it might not be that easy for your loved one. Most people who are addicted to harmful substances feel that they have their drug and alcohol use under control. If you point out to your loved one in a nonjudgmental way that they are losing control of their life because of their substance abuse habits, then maybe it will open their eyes to the idea of rehab.

Professional Help is Available
It’s always a good idea to seek help from a professional interventionist. This intervention specialist can help keep everyone calm while the discussions are taking place. They can also help each party convey their emotions so that no one gets out of hand. It can be hard for those gathered and your loved one to admit or convey how they really feel about the situation. No one really knows where to turn when it comes to helping a loved one fight back against an addiction. But the interventionist can help with that.

Try to Have a Rehab Center Selected
If your loved one decides to agree with everyone and accepts the fact that he or she needs to attend rehab, then be ready. Try to research some treatment facilities and maybe even have one selected so that you can make arrangements immediately. We can help you find a center for your loved one. If you give us a call, we can help you research and select a facility that will hit all of your love one’s personal needs. There are so many options out there when it comes to addiction treatment, you want to make sure that your loved one is getting top-notch care. We want to be the ones who help you help your loved one. Our addiction specialists take calls 24-hours a day to assist anyone with any substance abuse questions.

Do Not Give Up
If you have already had one, or multiple, interventions for a loved one that has backfired, do not give up. It is not uncommon for a loved one to need multiple intervention gatherings before it clicks for him or her. Again, your loved one might think that they are in so deep to their addiction, that they are past the point of help. You have to prove to them that is not true, and change is always possible. Take away some of the feelings of isolation to show your loved one that people still care about them. Your loved one probably feels down in the dumps and worthless because they are in the situation that they are in. allow your loved one to release some negative feelings while showing them that there is nothing embarrassing about asking for help. Millions of people have been able to make a comeback from lows much lower than your loved one is in now.

Short-term effects

Your addiction doesn’t need to take over your life. There is help for you out there and you are not alone, the first step is to recognize these signs and symptoms and seek help. If you are using Fioricet you should keep an eye out for these signs and symptoms: Altered Level of Consciousness, Staggering, Difficulty with Thoughts, Sluggishness, Drowsiness, Slurring of Speech, Faulty Judgment, Slowed Speech, Lack of Coordination, Decline in Breathing Rate, Short-Term Effects

The short-term effects produced by Fioricet abuse are commonly known as: Lightheaded or Dizziness, Drowsiness, Nausea, Shortness of Breath, Stomach Pain, Vomiting, Feeling of Intoxication.

It is ironic that people who abuse Fioricet suffer from short-term symptoms because Fioricet is usually originally prescribed to treatment short-term headaches and muscle pains. That is why abusing a prescription medication can be more trouble than it’s worth.

Long-term effects

Like most drugs prescription and nonprescription alike, after a while your body will build a tolerance to it. Meaning that over time you doctor will need to up your dosage for the Fioricet to still relieve your tension headaches. Long-term and chronic use of barbiturates, such as Fioricet, often produces effects including:

  • Alertness Changes
  • Decline in Overall Functioning
  • Extreme Irritability
  • Loss of Memory
  • Acute Failure of Liver

As mentioned on the page above, long-term prescription drug abuse can lead to life-threatening situations. Not only can prescription pill be a gateway to Heroin, Meth or Cocaine, but people can overdose to their death. Long-term abuse higher the user’s tolerance, meaning that he or she will have to up their dosage each time. This will then increase the risk of suffering from long-term side effects, or even worse death.

True Stories of Addiction:

Nadine started abusing drugs that have the same effect as Fioricet at just 15 years old. She continued abusing drugs, even when she was pregnant with her children. She would stop using the drugs similar to Fioricet before she gave birth so that the hospital didn’t take her children away from her. Nadine didn’t realize her problem was so grave until she was driving under the influence, for four hours, with her children in the car to pick up more drugs. She wanted help and decided to go into detox and follow her sister’s footsteps. Nadine and her sister are both clean and sober today,4 living a beautiful life thanks to recovery.

Inpatient Fioricet Rehab vs Outpatient Fioricet Rehab

There are many ways you can fight your addiction. Inpatient rehab can be the way you start your recovery from Fioricet and your journey in sobriety, and is considered the best way. The aim of inpatient rehab programs is to treat your Fioricet addiction while keeping you focused on becoming healthy once again. The vast majority of inpatient rehab centers offer around the clock- 24-hour supervision. Individuals in inpatient rehab will be able to participate in therapy sessions and counseling that are individual, group and family if desired.

Detox is the first stage of inpatient therapy. Therapy often starts after the detox stage is complete. Therapy and counseling helps with learning coping mechanisms for handling stress and tricky situations without turning to drugs. Inpatient rehab will keep you away from temptation while you focus on recovery.

Outpatient rehab is an alternative to those who cannot find the ability to take time and go to inpatient rehab. Outpatient is still effective, however less likely to produce a full recovery beginning resulting in long term recovery. It is known to be less effective, because you will not be away and safe from the temptation to use. Outpatient consists of nonresidential treatment services, meaning you are responsible to travel to and from treatment and other requirements such some 12-step meetings on your own. Outpatient allows people needing rehab and treatment to get the help needed without having to take time away from your job, school or family.

Insurance-Covered Treatment

Looking at the price of a rehabilitation or treatment centers can be a little intimidating. Many people look at the cost and loose hope. Don’t worry, it isn’t as impossible as it may seem. There are a lot of facilities that accept many several types of insurance. That means that a portion, if not all of the cost might be covered by your insurance plan. Check to see what your insurance covers for substance abuse treatment. If you don’t have insurance there are many resources available to get you the help you need. Resources are available at a community level as well as a state and government wide level.

It is important, when attending rehab that you make sure to select a facility that offers personalized treatment programs. You will want to meet all your personal needs regarding your substance abuse problem before removing yourself from rehab. If you need help finding a treatment center that can cover all your needs, while accepting your health insurance provider, please give us a call.

We will have an addiction specialist take down your insurance info to see which center and programs you are qualified to attend. We will make sure to help you find a center that will cover all of your needs while making it as affordable as possible for you. Do not let the price of substance abuse treatment get in the way of you attending rehab. Any help is good help, we will assist you in finding that help. The start down the road to recovery is only a phone call away. Call us now to ask for help. – Learn More