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Last Edited: November 18, 2020
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What is Concerta?

Concerta is a prescription medication that is used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy. It’s given in a pill form with effects lasting up to 12 hours. Illegal use of the drug occurs predominantly on college campuses where students begin using to improve their grades.

It’s known as the study drug, because it allows the user to stay extremely focused, but there are negative side effects to using Concerta, which can put the user’s overall health in jeopardy. Complaints of inability to sleep, increased heart rate, rapid weight loss, anxiety and panic attacks along with mood swings can be clear indications that the addiction has put the user’s overall health in jeopardy.

Since Concerta is legal, people often believe that there is no harm using it at all, taking more than prescribed. Although it is legal, it does not mean it is safe, being just as dangerous as Meth or Cocaine. Concerta actually shares very similar symptoms with Cocaine and Meth such as alertness, rapid weight loss, and increased heart rate. Don’t let the fact that Concerta is legal fool you.

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Street Names for Concerta

Concerta is in a cylinder shape and can be red, yellow, white, or grey depending upon the strength/dosage of the medication. Concerta is formulated 54 mg, 36 mg, 27 mg, and 18 mg strengths. Concerta is a brand name of the drug methylphenidate which treats ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Narcolepsy in children and adults. When people are looking to abuse it, and buy it off the streets they may ask for Ritalin which is a more known brand name of methylphenidate. Other street names of Concerta are: Kibbles & Bits, Kiddy Cocaine, Smarties, Skittles.

Concerta Effects

While an individual may begin using Concerta to help them stay up and study for tests, it can easily turn into abuse if prolonged use occurs. As people use more and more of a drug, they generally build up a tolerance to that drug. Concerta is a highly addictive drug and as such, people can easily become addicted to it. The signs and symptoms of Concerta abuse differ depending on the person, but in general they follow a similar script. Since Concerta tends to make the user more productive it is sometimes hard to tell if your loved one is addicted. If you or your love one has any of these symptoms it might be time to seek help. These symptoms may include decreased appetite, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, euphoria and increased energy in those who don’t have ADHD.

Warning signs of Concerta abuse in a loved one

Those who use Concerta without a prescription and those who take more than prescribed are at risk in creating an addiction to Concerta. Concerta increases focus and productivity which might make it difficult to see if they have a problem. They themselves probably don’t realize there is a problem either because it is a legal drug unlike Meth or Cocaine. Here are a few signs that you can look out for in someone you suspect is abusing Concerta:

  • You may notice your loved one is looking slimmer than usual and the weight just fell off them out of nowhere. They haven’t been going to the gym, so how is this possible? Concerta causes weight loss due to loss of appetite and it increases the metabolism.
  • Is your loved one more paranoid than usual? Do they feel like someone is after them? This is a sign of Concerta abuse. Concerta will cause your loved one to lose sleep, causing great stress on the mind. The only way to help them through this is sleep.
  • Due to the paranoia and lack of sleep, your loved one may act out violently, because they feel the need to protect themselves. He or she may accuse you of things and say harsh things. This is the drug making them this way, be cautious of what you say.

Factual Dangers: Concerta

Concerta is often used in individuals to increase productivity; some people using the drug may not even realize they have become addicted, because they have only been using it to work or study. Once someone tries to stop he or she may realize that it is actually impossible to stop. When trying to stop abuse all they may want to do is sleep, so they just keep taking them. If you are concerned a loved one is abusing Concerta watch this video:

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True Stories of addiction: Adam Finds Hope After Addiction

Adam was taking all sorts of drugs that are similar to Concerta. Thankfully, he was introduced to a program of recovery that pulled him up from his bottom. – View all episodes now

Concerta Abuse Rehab Treatment

Going to rehab will prove one of the more challenging things a person suffering from addiction will go through. It’s important that the individual finds the right center for him or her. Due to the uptick in Concerta use, there are definitely treatment centers that cater to Concerta use.

The first step of rehabilitation is detox. Detox cleanses your body of Concerta so you can focus on the therapeutic dimension of treatment. During the therapeutic dimension, you will go through group and individual therapy as a way to learn coping and relational skills in dealing with addiction. Rehabilitation is vital for a person’s recovery. With many different therapies, the Concerta abusers will learn more about themselves and why they like the feeling of escaping reality. T

hey will learn how to cope with their emotions without the use of drugs to make them feel better about themselves. Also, most treatment facilities offer family therapy which will heal all the burnt bridges and broken hearts that the Concerta addiction caused. Dealing with Concerta addiction, any addiction for that matter takes a toll not only on the suffering individual but the individuals family too. While the Concerta abuser is in treatment it gives everyone the time they need to heal. Concerta abuse rehab treatment will heal the mind and soul of an abuser, they just have to be willing.

Concerta Detox Treatment

[The detox phase can be extremely long and difficult to rid the body of the substance. Quitting cold turkey can be very traumatic on the body and can lead to even more risks to one’s health. The best way to quit Concerta is to find a doctor and set out a plan.

Since withdrawal is painful, a doctor may recommend an individual abusing Concerta to gradually lower the dosage of the drug daily. This, in turn, will alleviate the pains of withdrawal and make the detoxification process less painful and easier to get through. Another helpful part of Concerta detox is sleep. Concerta usually causes individuals to stay awake for days on end. Staying awake can cause the body to be achy and painful. So, sleeping through the detox period will be helpful to an individual’s health during detoxification.

When detox is over, there is further treatment that is needed to prevent relapse and help and individual recover. This is where Concerta rehabilitation comes in. Detox is good for healing the body but treatment helps recover the mind and the soul. Those that choose to enter a recovery program find that the additional help and guidance offered can give them a much better chance to break free from their addiction and lower their risk of a relapse in the future. If you need more information on Concerta detox, give us a call we will gladly help: (866) 578-7471. – Learn More

Concerta Abuse Overdose

As with any drug, there is an imminent threat of overdose when abusing, however, in the case of Concerta, there is an imminent chance of death from overdose. Those who overdose don’t always do it on purpose; some people who overdose accidentally take too much of the prescribed amount and aren’t using it recreationally.

Those who are using it recreationally, don’t set out to overdose and it happens because it’s either mixed with something else or more is taken than can be handled. Some signs of overdose are: dizziness, confusion, chest pain, fever, dry mouth, high blood pressure, psychotic symptoms, depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior and aggressiveness. Also, when someone has overdosed on Concerta, body temperature will begin to rise. When this happens, the risk of stroke or heart attack is greatly increased. To help when someone is overdosing, a cold rag on the individual’s head or cold bath will help lower body temperature and the chance of stroke and heart attack will diminish.

Another common symptom of Concerta overdose are seizures, with signs to look out for including: drooling or frothing at the mouth, and tingling or twitching in one part of the body or sudden falling. If someone you know is experiencing a seizure- don’t wait. Call emergency services immediately. Stop abusing Concerta so you don’t have to worry about overdose.

Concerta Withdrawal Symptoms

A common sign that someone has developed a Concerta addiction is if he or she experiences withdrawal symptoms when they quit using. Withdrawal symptoms happen because the body has acquired a tolerance to the drug and has gotten used to it being in the system. As such, the body shuts down when the drug is no longer present and goes into withdrawal.

Some of the common withdrawal symptoms for Concerta abuse are: excessive sleepiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, hunger, hallucinations and depression. Withdrawal is uncomfortable with any drug and will be difficult to get through but worth it in the end. However, when withdrawing from Concerta, if you do experience heightened depression seek a doctor immediately. When experiencing withdrawal and you are ready to stop, contact a detox facility or hospital so that you can be assisted by licensed professionals.

The doctors can help stabilize you with medication that will help with the symptoms. You don’t want to accidently hurt yourself or someone else because you are experiencing emotions you don’t know how to safely deal with. If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms contact a doctor immediately for your health and safety. Remember, withdrawal symptoms do not last forever. If you are trying to quit for good, follow up your detoxification process with treatment to ensure long-term recovery.

Is Traveling the Answer?

When selecting a rehab center, do not dismiss the idea of going to a facility in another city or state. Sometimes, the best answer to a drug or alcohol problem is to get away and focus on bettering yourself. When you travel for treatment you separate yourself from the people and situations which triggered your Concerta abuse in the first place.

Right now, you might not realize that it is possible to live a life without having to be under the influence of drugs. Skipping town for a while will help you realize that there is. Putting yourself far away from temptations to use drugs will allow you stay focused on your main goal of getting your happiness back. Also, getting away from family may be a good idea too. Your family, like yourself, needs time to heal. Addiction can cause a lot of burnt bridges and broken hearts. There is no doubt your family will be happy about you going to treatment, but maybe some time away from each other will allow you all to heal properly.

Most treatment centers offer family therapy, just because you are far away from your family does not mean you can’t participate. Most treatment centers will have family come visit you when the time is right or have a skype session if traveling for your family isn’t possible. Not only will traveling help your family, it will help you gain confidence living in sobriety before you are back in your home town or familiar environment. Give us a call so we can help you get on a plane to get you to the best treatment center for you.

Knowing Your Options

The bad news about fighting back against an addiction is that there are only three options to overcome your substance abuse problem. The first and most logical choice is to clean up in rehab and learn how to live a sober lifestyle.

The second outcome is to get arrested and go sober in prison by cold turkey methods which are dangerous. And the last result possible is that you can overdose and die. That may seem harsh, but it is reality. It is hard and scary to decide to get clean and sober but after that first hump you begin to see there is a better way of life. You will learn so much about yourself and won’t even have time to think of the drugs and alcohol if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. There are many people who have overcome their addiction to all drugs and alcohol including Concerta. It is not impossible as it may seem at the moment, it may be hard but day by day life gets a bit better and easier. Some people reach a point of realization where they know they deserve better in life.

Addiction is a miserable cycle of life, it is not going to get better no matter how hard you wish it would. The only way your life will turn around is if you decide to change. Make the right choice and get professional help immediately. There might not be many options to get over your addiction but there are plenty of rehab centers to choose from. It’s never too late to make the decision to change your life. Give us a call today for more information on treatment and rehab: (866) 578-7471.

Dangers of Concerta Overdose

While an individual may begin using Concerta to help them stay up and study for tests, it can easily turn into abuse if prolonged use occurs. As people use more and more of a drug, they generally build up a tolerance to it Some drugs are more addictive than others. Concerta is a highly addictive drug and as such, people can easily become addicted to it. When someone is in active addiction, they risk ruining relationships, careers and even their own life. The signs and symptoms of Concerta abuse differs depending on the person, but generally, abuse usually follows a close script. Since Concerta tends to make the user more productive it is sometimes hard to tell if your loved one is addicted. If you or your love one has any of these symptoms it might be time to seek help. These symptoms may include decreased appetite, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, nausea, euphoria and increased energy in those who don’t have ADHD.

Someone who begins using Concerta daily may encounter some of the following short-term effects: Anxiety, Agitation, Stomach Pain, Headaches Dizziness, and Vomiting.

After prolonged use of Concerta, the risk factors increase exponentially. Some of the more common long-term effects are: Tolerance, Addiction or Dependence, Seizures, Hallucinations, Tendency to Bruise Easily, and Weight Loss. Unless prescribed and taken as prescribed, no amount of Concerta is safe for your body. By taking it you are risking your life. Be smart- pick up the phone and give us a call. – Learn More

Aftercare Treatment for Concerta Abuse

After you have completed your inpatient rehabilitation treatment program for your Concerta abuse problem, it is time to focus on a solid aftercare plan to provide you with confidence in your new direction of life. Working a 12-step program is one way many people have stayed sober for an extended period of time after they have completed treatment. To increase the effectiveness of an aftercare treatment plan it is recommended to get involved in a 12-step fellowship, attend meetings regularly and find an individual that can sponsor you. Just because you are living on the straight and narrow does not mean life is going to be perfect. There are still going to be days where the craving to drink or use Concerta arises.

When the craving to drink, or use Concerta arises, give a call to your sponsor, go to a meeting or call one of your new sober friends. By attending meetings regularly, you would have a multitude of friends who are willing to get the thought of using and drinking out of your head. You can also lean on family for support, no one wants you to succeed more than your family. When facing a temptation, it is important to remember that the feelings you are feeling may be strong but they are only temporary. The best way to get out of your mind is to pray, give someone a call or read your 12-step book. Remember where your Concerta abuse took you and why you stopped in the first place. That may stop you from wanting to ever go back to the deep hole you were in to begin with.

Speaking of family, AA and NA are not the only fellowships out there to help those who are in recovery. It is possible that your disease has effected some of your family members to the point that they need to recover also or they are having a hard time accepting and understanding your disease. This is normal and the reason why there are fellowships like Al-anon and Nar-anon to educate and help them through tough times and give them a better understanding of the way your brain works. These programs will also help them recover from the wreckage of your past and will help rebuild your relationship together. In Al-anon and Nar-anon, just like you, your family members will meet an abundant amount of people that they can call their friends. It is always good to have someone around who has felt your pain of having a loved one addicted to drugs and alcohol. Your family and their new friends will be able to help each other rebuild a new, happier life while their loved one does the same.

It is a blessing that there are so many 12-step programs out there that can help any type of individual live a better life. People in 12-step meetings are usually the friendliest and most helpful people around. So, even if you are not a part of their fellowship they will still welcome you with open arms while encouraging you to better your life. You will meet friends of all diversity in 12-step meetings. Your best friend may end up being years older or younger than you. That is just how it works and the connection built is stronger than one you have ever felt before. Working a 12-step program will also encourage you to take diligent care of your mental health, because that is something a 12-step program cannot manage.

Working a 12-step program will heal your soul, but there may still be some mental health problems that need attention. Just like reaching out for help from a friend in a meeting, don’t be scared to contact a doctor if you feel like you help with depression, anxiety or bi-polar disorder. It is very important to have a healthy state of mind when out of treatment. Suffering from something like depression can cause you to isolate. When you begin to isolate you will stop going to meetings, stop calling your sponsor, and will lock yourself up in a room somewhere away from everyone.

When depression strikes, it will get the best of you and will get to your head. You will forget about the help you can get form the 12-step program and go back to Concerta, drugs and alcohol for relief. With this scenario in mind be aware of your mental health and do not be afraid to reach out to a doctor for help. There are doctors out there who specialize with addiction, so keep your options open while looking for medical professional to get treated for your mental health disorder. Some doctors will prescribe medication and others will just use talk therapy. It is solely up to you and what you feel will help you the most. It is okay to have a mental disorder. All it means is you are overcoming so much in life and it will make you stronger than you have ever been.

Aftercare is vital for your survival in the real world. There are more options for aftercare than 12-step meetings and working with doctors so stay openminded. Find something that works for you. Go on a hike, take a walk through the mall, hang out with family, find something that works for you that will motivate you to stay clean and sober. Just keep moving forward.

Prescription Drug Use

The National Institute of Drug Abuse reported that the three-top abused prescription drug classes are: pain killers, tranquilizers and stimulants. In 2010, it was estimated that 52 million Americans, ages 12 and older, abused prescription drugs at least once at one point in life. Many people abuse prescription drugs, thinking they are safer than street drugs. But if abused, prescription drugs have the power to be just as damaging as Cocaine.

Prescription drugs can be gateway drugs; once a user gets cut from using pills they could turn to street drugs chasing that high their prescription drugs gave them. For Concerta abusers, it would be likely that they have gradually start using other drugs like Cocaine. But Cocaine can get too expensive, so they switch to Meth. Meth is a cheaper, more intense, and less expensive high then Cocaine and Concerta. Meth will still allow the Concerta abuser to stay up late, work around the clock, lose weight and provide him or her a euphoric feeling that the individual immensely craves, and it is not uncommon to see this happen.

Most users start out with something small and move on to something bigger, because the high may be more intense and cheaper. This is a common factor of how people get introduced to Heroin. The pain pills become too expensive and are not doing the trick anymore, so the next step up is Heroin. Regardless what drug you use, prescription drugs aren’t safer than illegal drugs. They will cause the same issues for the abuser in their life. – Learn More

Waking Up a Loved One

Often times, addicts are in denial about their substance abuse problem. Holding an intervention to point out that they are going down a dark path might be the wakeup call they need to seek professional help. In an intervention, family and friends of the Concerta abuser will gather and express concern about the person’s Concerta use and abuse.

By using specific examples of how your loved one’s actions have hurt each person, it may get the abuser to realize that his or her addiction takes a toll on everyone and that he or she needs help. A good example of the harm a Concerta abuser could cause is stealing money to support the habit, missing birthdays or holidays because the drug has taken priority, or losing control on a family member, causing drama throughout. There are many things one abusing Concerta can do to upset loved ones; it is just a part of addiction. Remember, just because your loved one is acting out, doesn’t mean it will be like this forever.

Treatment will help him or her regain self-control, to better themselves. Subsequently, the main goal of an intervention is to get the addicted person to agree to enroll into rehab. Sometimes, a user knows there is a problem, but do not know that loved ones will support going into treatment and rehab. If you have any questions on how an intervention works, give us a call. It is okay to ask for help doing so could save your loved one’s life from drug and alcohol addiction. We are happy to help in any way we possibly can: (866) 578-7471. – Learn More

Concerta Taking Over

Corey was an adventurous little kid with no fear and a good head on his shoulders. When he was eight years old, him and his friends were playing in an old abandoned bomb shelter. Unfortunately, Corey found something he thought was candy at the abandoned bomb shelter that was laced with a drug like Concerta. His addiction didn’t take off from there but he held on to the feeling the candy gave him. After a few years, he was experimenting with drugs that gave him the same euphoric feeling he got from the Concerta laced candy at eight years old. His addiction took over his life and it took him a while to find recovery but he did. He is now living clean from all substances and is happy, joyous and free.

Find out More about your available options today (866) 578-7471.

Inpatient Concerta Rehab

Inpatient facilities are where clients stay on site for an extended period of time, typically for 30, 60 or 90 days. The length of the stay will depend upon your Concerta addiction and how much time the treatment center feels you need. The longer you stay the higher your chances of long term recovery are. During this time, the patient suffering from addiction stays secluded while in group and individual counseling.

This form of treatment has the best track record as it usually leads to lasting recovery. In inpatient, the clients will be able to meet with licensed therapists to go over different treatment plans and learn how to cope in the real world. During one on one sessions the clients and therapists will usually talk about the more personal side of clients’ lives and where  addiction took them. They will get to the bottom of things that were haunting them and making them want to escape reality by abusing Concerta. The client will also get to sit in on group therapy sessions as they learn how to relate to others in recovery. The reason why group therapy is so important for a Concerta abuser is because it shows that no one is alone and it is okay to reach out for help.

So, when clients leave treatment they will feel comfortable asking someone for help instead of going back to drugs and alcohol to escape their emotions. Addiction fuels on lack of connection, so helping people connect is important. Inpatient treatment does not cure addiction; it only provides people with the tools. – Learn More

Outpatient Rehab

An outpatient program is where the patients travel to a clinic several times a week to take part in treatment sessions and then leave, rather than stay at a facility. This allows those going through recovery to still attend work or school while receiving the help needed to get to recover. Treatment plans should be able to meet an addicted person’s needs in ways that can help in recovery.

There are times where people who are suffering from an addiction can’t seek out inpatient, because they are raising a kid or have a job or commitment that is not flexible. Outpatient helps provide an option that meets people where they are, it is like inpatient; inpatient is just more thorough and intense, you will still be going through group and individual therapy. Outpatient may seem like an easy way to get by. If at all possible, you could leave home for a few weeks to attend an inpatient facility- do it.

Outpatient is not horrible, it is just that inpatient has higher success rates, because it removes individuals from society and teaches them how to deal with triggers from a safe place, so that when faced with them in the outside world, they know how to react. If outpatient is the only way you can attend treatment, pair it up with a 12-step fellowship. Working with the 12-step fellowship will allow you to gain more support and give you more time around people who are trying to change their life. You will learn many different ways to cope with your emotions which lessens the chance of relapse. – Learn More