Can You Overdose on Meth?

can you overdose on meth

Can You Overdose on Meth?

The use of Methamphetamine in the United States has become increasingly popular because it isn’t overly expensive and relatively easy to get. People often assume that they cannot overdose on meth because it’s often taken in such small doses at first. Overdoses often occur when people first use Meth because they use too much of it and overwhelm their body with the drug and end up overdosing.

Eventually, people can no longer achieve the same high that they did when they first started using and begin to use more and more of the substance. This often leads to them using too much of it and suffering from an overdose on Meth. Unfortunately, overdosing isn’t the only thing to worry about when using Meth. The following guide walks you through a few of the other dangers that come with taking Meth.

Meth Use Can Lead to Psychosis

Many people assume that Meth creates a heightened response time someone uses it. This isn’t always the case. It’s very common for people to feel extreme paranoia, become delusional, and even see hallucinations. Meth is an upper that can cause you to stay up for days on end. When the body is sleep-deprived, delusion can make life very difficult.

People sometimes think they see things that aren’t there or become fearful that someone is after them. Even though this isn’t the case, there is no way to convince them otherwise. Repeated Meth use can cause some of these symptoms to become long-lasting and hard to cope with on a day to day basis.

Meth Use Can Lead to Homicide or Suicide

Due to the hallucinations that people have when they are high on Meth, it’s common for Meth users to not think clearly. They often think that someone is out to get them or has done something wrong to them when they haven’t. This hysteria can make them do things that they normally wouldn’t do.

There are cases where Meth users have attacked and even killed people because they thought the person was going to do something to them. There are also times when depression and sadness become so overwhelming that the person assumes that their only way out is to commit suicide. The withdrawal symptoms that occur when someone tries to stop using Meth can also be so overwhelming that the person could commit suicide just to stop feeling the way they feel.

Meth Use Can Lead to Tooth Decay

The side effects of Methamphetamine are very damaging to the body. Meth use quickly decays the teeth because the drug dries out the mouth. When someone is high on Meth, they also crave foods that aren’t good for them such as sweets and junk food. When someone is high, they often do not have the same oral hygiene that they would if they were sober. The sugar sitting on their teeth for extended periods of time begins to rot them away.

Meth can also cause the body to become very tense. Many people grind or clench their teeth uncontrollably when they use Meth. This too can be very damaging to teeth. Once Meth damages someone’s teeth badly enough, the teeth have to be removed. Many Meth users have rotted teeth or no teeth at all because of the damage that Meth did to their smile.

Meth Use Can Lead to Heart Problems

Meth raises your basal body temperature and quickens the rate at which your heart beats. It can also cause your blood pressure to rise dramatically. The combination of these effects can be very damaging to your body. Some people end up having a heart attack or even a stroke when they use Meth. It puts so much strain on their body that their heart simply gives up because it cannot keep up with the stress. Even after someone stops using illegal stimulant drugs like Meth, they still need to get their health checked regularly to make sure that their body is as healthy as it can be.

Meth Use Can Lead to Jail Time

When talking about the risks of using Meth, it’s common for people to focus on the physical and mental risks associated with use. While these are important factors to consider, taking the time to consider other ways that Meth use can affect you is important.

If you get caught with Meth in your possession by a police officer, you could end up in jail. Most judges do not take Meth possession or use lightly because it is an epidemic that is spreading quickly. Once you have a conviction on your record for Meth, it can make it difficult for you to get a job, find a place to live or live as fulfilling of a life that you would have been able to live if you did not have the conviction on your record.

Meth Use Can Lead to Relationship Loss

When you take drugs, you aren’t yourself. Many people find that they become much more irritable when they use Meth than they did before they started using it. The irritability can often create tension in the relationships in their life. Many people recovering from addiction expect everyone in their life to give them a second chance after they get help for their addiction, but this doesn’t always happen. There are some people who are so badly hurt from the things you did when you were high, that they cannot forgive you for them.

Recovering from a Meth addiction is never easy to do. It will take a lot of hard work and effort from you during the recovery process and after you finish a treatment program. You will have to be committed to your sobriety to lessen your chances of overdosing in the future. A huge issue that many people with addiction have is that they are able to get clean for a short period of time only to relapse and end up overdosing. Once your body has been clean from drugs for a few weeks, months, or even years, reintroducing it can be dangerous because the dose you once took will be way too much for your body to handle.

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  1. The paranoia is real… my friend was super paranoid all the time… she left her cell phone in a parking lot one time because she thought the feds had it bugged. She called me from a payphone wanting me to pick her up… I had a big heart and couldn’t say no… big mistake I made! She ended up staying with me in my condo while I was in college and she was only supposed to stay 2 days but on the third day she refused to leave. I had to call the cops to tell her to leave… it was really sad. She stayed in our small college town somewhere… I think she ended up in jail actually… she came back to my door about 3 months later and I didn’t answer it, I was too scared. I lived in fear the rest of that semester thinking she was going to pop out from around the corner and beg me to take her in or beg me for something. Our friendship officially fell apart after all of that. A year later, I saw she was arrested and put in prison in a city about an hour away from there… she’s out now but who knows where she is!

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