Big Pharma Opioid Epidemic, Part 3 Over-Prescribing for Treatment, Not a Cure

Medication: Cure or Treatment?

Doctor Joshua Kane, head of research at A Better Today Recovery Services and lecturer at Arizona State University is back with Part 3, having left off at Big Pharma Opioid Epidemic, Part 2 – Painkiller Prescriptions Increasing Overdoses.

“The medical profession has moved from curing diseases to defining slightly abnormal behaviors as illnesses and then prescribing already existing medication to treat not to cure,” Kane said.

Kane explains that as a result of this, we are in what he calls an epidemic of epidemics.

Being Human

Over diagnosing and over prescribing is only profiting big pharma.

“They become richer, and we become sicker,” he continued “Today now medical disorders: overeating, undereating, shyness, exuberance, school stress, romance distress, poor grade achievement, common juvenile disobedience, rebelliousness, passivity, religious guilt, promiscuity, over organization, and under organization – basically being human is now considered a medical disorder.”

This is not to say that medications don’t a have a place in healing, but that we are in an age of over-prescribing.

“There is a difference between a medical disorder and a social disorder. The conditions I listed above, they’re not medical disorders they are behaviors that arise from faulty social structures, faulty societal organization, faulty social processes and faulty understandings.”

The causes are things such as working too much, not relaxing enough, unhealthy and unachievable beauty expectations, and educational decay.

“That’s the society that we are living in, and that society … is making us sick, but that’s not what we’re told.”

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