New Online Prescription Drug Laws in New York

New Law Requires More Strict Regulation of Opiate Medications

New Online Prescription Drug Laws in New York

April 21st, 2016 in New York
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As of March 27, 2016, New York has required prescriptions for painkilling agents to be filed electronically. While these online prescriptions may serve the purpose of convenience in the eyes of some, there is another standpoint that is used to address a more serious underlying issue. According to reports, prescription medication fraud has been a thriving criminal endeavor. However, this new standard of online opioid prescription documentation has been enacted to hopefully quell this occurrence, as well as save some of us the struggle of discerning our doctor’s handwriting.

How Big of a Problem is Prescription Medication Abuse?

W-18_1 Throughout most of the world, prescription medications (particularly opiate painkillers) are a substantial problem that only continues to grow. According to the Nation Institute on Drug Abuse, over 52 million individuals have been reported to be using prescription medications for nonmusical purposes. While there are several reasons that make these drugs a looming threat, there are some factors that make prescription drugs even more dangerous than illegal street drugs. One of the more substantial elements of prescription drug abuse is their increased accessibility. Given that they are often found in abundance within the medical community, there are often more cases prescription for psychoactive medications are required for recreational purposes, rather than legitimate medical disparities. In addition, these mind-altering substances can often be underestimated due to the fact that it is “legal.” While this drugs are not considered to be an illegal substance, that does not mean that they are exempt from possessing addictive qualities. Because of s lack of knowledge or consideration regarding the dangers of addictive qualities of many prescription painkillers, there is an increased risk for recreational abuse to escalate in a fully fledged addiction.

How Dangerous Can Prescription Drugs Be?

While prescription drugs can assist individuals when taken under medical supervision Online Prescription 2and advised dosage, there are health risks that often arise when abused for recreational purposes. Even though many psychoactive substances may bring a certain degree of euphoria, there are almost always more harmful effects that follow. For most prescribed opiates, excessive dosages from abuse may often manifest as generally restlessness, anxiety, impairment concentration, difficulty sleeping, issues with breathing, compromised judgement, digestive issues and seizures. In addition, overdoses can also occur, which often results in comas or death. In addition, individuals addicted to prescription pain medications are at an increased risk of progressing to using even more harmful drugs, like heroin or methamphetamine. In most cases of severe narcotic use, many individuals often begin their addictive patterns with abusing prescription medications.

Considerations for the Future with Online Prescriptions

Online Prescription 3While the effects of prescription medication abuse may be devastating, the new laws in now place regarding the distribution of prescription drugs may help in curbing the prominence of misuse. Given that fraudulent prescriptions are often given out through the use of offline paper documents, online prescription requirements will further ensure more consistent and closely examined documentation; thus reducing the incentive and ability to distribute medications illegally. If you or someone you know is using drugs without the use of prescription or medical supervisor, it is imperative to get help immediately.

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    This is an amazing new law and I hope all the states starts doing this. I just hope they have great firewall protection so the hackers don’t start trying something.

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