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Finding Substance Abuse Treatment in Alabama

Alabama is the rocket capital of the world. It is home to the only space and rocket museum in the country and the best down home southern cooking in the region. As someone who is struggling with a substance abuse problem, or the loved one of someone who does, this is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Drug Addiction and alcoholism tend to take over and often become the focal point of your everyday life, making it hard to commit to relationships or hold a steady job. The normal activities in life become so hard for these people that if they do not consume drugs or alcohol, their body can barely operate.

Addiction is a family disease, while it may only affect one person in your family, every member of that family is affected by the actions of the addicted love one. If you’ve recognized that you need help with your addiction, and decided to make a positive change in your life, there are many great things your life has to offer. Identifying that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is the first step.

Your next step is to find a treatment center that suits your specific needs and encourages you to live a healthy, stable lifestyle that is drug free. Would you prefer an outpatient program so that you can do the majority of recovery at home? Maybe a Christian based program is more your style? Fill out the form or contact us by phone and we can help you choose one of the hundreds of treatment programs Alabama has to offer.

It is estimated that 233,000 people abuse Alcohol.

99,000 people
abuse illicit drugs

It is estimated that
736 people died
from drug overdose in 2015.


stop substance abuse.

If you are seeking help in the state of Alabama, then call us now. There is no reason to keep letting your addiction win when there are people who want to help you. You are not alone, there are many people who are in your corner and ready to help you though this. You can start fighting back now. Call us today, we want to help you help yourself by finding you the best addiction treatment possible. You can beat this addiction and we can help.

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Alabama Drug & Alcohol Detox

Detoxing will get your body on the path to recovery. Many times, a doctor will opt to give you medicine to help you detox more comfortably. Depending on your history of drug or alcohol abuse, your doctor may decide that the safest way for you to detox would be in a hospital under constant supervision. It is recommended that you find a doctor who specializes in drug and alcohol abuse, detox and rehab. In Alabama, you have plenty of choices.

Detoxification usually gets the reputation for being the worst part of the recovery process. In detox, withdrawal symptoms become an issue. The best way to get past withdrawal symptoms is to complete your detox at an inpatient facility. Having consistent medical attention can help alleviate the pain and discomfort that withdrawal symptoms can cause. Trying to detox on your own is very dangerous, and in most cases extremely unsuccessful.

Alabama Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Once your body is rid of the toxins that alcohol or drug abuse left behind, it’s time to focus on mental and emotional changes. You may be used to having a couple of beers at lunch because you’re having a stressful day at work. But not anymore. Now it’s time to replace that habit with something healthy. The right treatment program for you will be a great support system during your recovery. Alabama offers an array of rehabilitation and recovery programs, from Christian based programs to outpatient programs to luxurious accommodations for inpatient programs.

Alcoholism is a dangerous beast to go up against. Get the professional help you need. Because alcohol is socially accepted by so many different groups throughout the world, it can be hard to fight back against your addiction to liquor. It can be hard to know if you have a problem or you just drink to have fun with friends. But sometimes, your friends and gatherings that you attend are the problem. Step away from all the temptations to work on yourself. Alcoholism can lead to several problems finically, legally and health-wise.

Best Alabama Treatment Centers

Choosing a Treatment Program in Alabama

Alabama is home to hundreds of treatment facilities. With this kind of variety, it may be difficult to narrow down your choice to just one. However, that’s what we’re here for. Contact us for help choosing the right program for you. We’ll even limit your choice of facilities to the ones that are covered by your insurance or that take private payment if that’s what you need. We’ll help you go through the things that are important to you in a rehab facility. Do you want to stay close to home or change environments completely? We can help you answer this and any other questions you may have while choosing a facility. Contact us by using the form above or by calling us at (866) 578-7471. We’re always looking forward to hearing from you!

Should I Travel for the Best Addiction Treatment?

Choosing a facility that will help you overcome your addiction is a very personal choice.  If you live in a small town where it’s easy to run into old friends you used to drink with, removing yourself from your current environment may be a good idea. Do you have a job and a family to take care of? An outpatient program close to where you live may be a better choice. Your trust and comfort level with a particular treatment center is important too. Noting the pros and cons of each facility you consider, may be a good idea, hopefully making your choice easy and swift. The sooner you get started on your road to sobriety, the better. Removing yourself from your current situation will make it easier for you to recover from it. Get away from the triggers that urge your drug and alcohol use.

Need to Plan an Intervention?

While Alabama is the rocket capital of the world, home to the only space and rocket museum in the United States, you may have a loved one who’s seeing stars in a not-so-healthy way. If you have a friend or loved one suffering from addiction or alcoholism, an intervention planned with love and concern can steer them back on course before they crash and burn. If you see the warning signs, don’t wait, as addiction is progressive and will only get worse without help. Call (866) 578-7471 today to talk to one of our professional interventionists and find the best way to reach out to your loved one.

Showing that you love him or her and reinforcing that you’re there to support your loved one is critical at this juncture and a professional interventionist can help you convey the right message to your loved one and provides answers you might not be able to. Please, don’t wait. Your loved one needs your help to get started on the road to recovery today

If your loved one’s drug and alcohol use has gotten out of hand, then you need to step in sooner rather than later because he or she is going down a slippery slope. Show your loved one you care before you have to plan a funeral. Provide your loved one with the wakeup call that he or she needs to realize that rehab is the only logical way to recover from drug addiction or alcoholism.

Living Your Recovery

Once your body has flushed the alcohol or drugs from your system and you’ve gone through rehabilitation, it’s time to enter back into the world. While in detox and rehab, clients are surrounded by their support group and the safe environment provided by the facility. However, once the program is complete, they return to the real world, living in Alabama, and must face the same temptations that led to their addiction in the first place.

By utilizing the tools, they learned in rehab, these temptations can be resisted and recovery can continue. If relapse happens, it doesn’t mean the end of recovery, so don’t panic. The important thing is to learn from the relapse; what caused it and how can it be avoided in the future? Learn from your mistakes, go to meetings, talk with your sponsor regularly, and utilize the tools and support systems you have and you’ll be able to live the rest of your life in healthy, happy recovery.

Going to rehab does not mean you are cured of your addiction. There is no single method to make a substance abuse problem go away. In rehab, you will learn about how and why you fell under your addiction’s spell. This knowledge will, in turn help you recognize situations that might trigger you to use drug and alcohol. Once you learn what it takes to turn down cravings to get loaded, then you will be able to do so in your life.

Different Treatment Options in Alabama

Not many people know, but there are numerous programs to help those who are looking to recover from a substance abuse problem. One of the main topics we will go over with you when you call, is the difference between inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient programs tend to go more in-depth with therapy sessions. Most inpatient programs also offer living accommodations.

Outpatient is more geared toward people who suffer from a mild addiction, like minor drinking problem. Outpatient tends to be a meeting in a group setting. Outpatient is not recommended for those who are having a hard time with Heroin, prescription drugs or other narcotics. Inpatient rehab plans tend to be associated with better success rates. But everyone enters rehab with different needs. That is why you should call now to learn all of your options.

What Happens After Detox and Rehab?

Many people start drinking or doing drugs because they have unresolved issues in their lives. While you are recovering from this addiction, your counseling and therapy sessions help you to discover new ways to work through these issues. Many times, during rehabilitation these issues are resolved through your rehab therapy sessions, which makes it easier for you to maintain your new clean and sober lifestyle. After detox and rehab it is best to participate in some form of aftercare program. These programs may be offered through the treatment center you went to or through another source in your community. For more information please visit our aftercare page, recovery is a gift.

Getting involved in aftercare programs are great ways to stay focused on your recovery. The 12-step community holds AA and NA meetings daily. Connecting with others who are in recovery is a great way to conquer the feeling of isolation. You are not the only one who is having a hard time with drugs or alcohol. It affects millions of people a year. Reaching out to help others, and get help from them in return can help tremendously.

“Recovery is a lifestyle that I now welcome with each new day”

provide individual support while removing temptation so the addict can better focus on recovery. Inpatient rehab also works to treat the underlying causes of the addiction; psychological, history or environmental. This form of treatment has the best track record as it usually leads to lasting recovery.

The Moral Model of Addiction and the Disease Model of Addiction

Within the subject of addiction, there are generally two viewpoints; one interprets and acknowledges the causes and contributing factors of addiction. These two models are the Moral Model and the Disease Model; both of which contrast immensely from each other.

Learning About Interventions

Seeing a loved one battle an addiction is an awful situation to be in. If you find yourself in this predicament, know that you might be able to help him or her. Stop enabling and confront your loved one about the problem. Gather family and friends to hold an intervention. The goal of an intervention should be to convince your loved one that he or she needs to seek treatment for substance abuse. It can be hard to hold a successful intervention because people tend to get too mad or upset while expressing concerns about their loved one’s actions revolving around drugs and alcohol.

It is important in an intervention, to stay level-headed and as calm as you can. Do not criticize your loved one. You are not gathering people to judge or guilt him or her, you are holding an intervention to let your loved one know that people still care and want to see him or her get help. The best way to do this is to inquire about a professional interventionist. An interventionist is a substance abuse specialists who can help keep the communication flow of the gathering stable and relatable.

You should also already have a few rehab centers in mind for your loved on to attend if he or she decides to do so. You do not want to get caught off guard. Call us and we will help you narrow down to a few different options that will fit the needs of your loved one. Then in the intervention, if you loved one agrees to seek substance abuse treatment you will be ready to help him or her select a facility and get the ball rolling right away.

Are You Ready for the Help You Need?

You will never out grow your addiction. There are only three ways to cope with an addiction: you can get cleaned up, you can go to prison or you can die. Those are the only options once addiction has sunk its claws into you. Enrolling into rehab and getting clean the right way seems much better than getting clean in prison via cold turkey and it sounds much better than dying.

So, do yourself a favor and give us a call at (866) 578-7471. We want to help you get the help you need. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then now is the time to start fighting back against your addiction.

Alabama & Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is an equal opportunity employer, it has the ability to effect anyone, anywhere. It is a progressive and fatal condition. We see that drug overdose is the number one premature killer of Alabama, killing 11 people every day. With that staggering statistic in mind, take a moment to recognize your own efforts in taking action against your addiction.

Drug abuse is not something to be taken lightly. When someone is abusing drugs his or her entire life is centered around the getting, using, and finding ways and means to get more.

Give us a call and we’ll do our best to make sure you do not become a part of these statistics.

Alabama & Alcoholism

Alcoholism is an insidious condition within society. It doesn’t favor any one race, sex, culture or ethnicity. Alcohol is nearly everywhere you look in Alabama, whether it’s at a friend’s home, at a restaurant or grocery store.

In addition, it may be difficult to recognize when it’s time to seek help when social drinking, which is a common way to spend time with friends in Alabama, becomes out of control, progressing to addiction without any warning. When addressing issues of Alcohol use, you should carefully choose the rehab that’s right for you and your family.

Stats & Facts

  • Law enforcement officials report that young adults who abuse prescription painkillers switch to Heroin when prescription Opioids become too expensive or are not available.
  • Over 197,000 Alabama residents reported nonmedical use of pain relievers in the past year.

Nearly 90.4% of people who need treatment for drug abuse do not get the necessary care.

  • Within the past year, the increased accessibility of Heroin within the metropolitan area has immensely contributed to a surge of overdose deaths due to opiate use.
  • Alabama has seen a 19.7 percent increase in drug overdose death rates.

Approximately 21,000 adolescents reported nonmedical use of pain relievers in the past year.

21% of all fatal crashes involve Alcohol impairment

  • Only 5.3 percent of residents have received treatment for Alcohol dependence or abuse.
  • Some of the most common pain relievers in Alabama are Percocet, OxyContin and Lortab.

Getting Help in Alabama

If you or someone you know is struggling with problems of drug and/or alcohol abuse and addiction, please know that there is help available. Click the button to learn more about the rehab process and get the help you and your loved ones need.


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